Increase Your Reps Tip

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10 Responses

  1. BlueKayak says:

    I like to mix it up with some Interval Training form time to time. Resistance training is great, but mixing it up, say every 60 – 90 days can lessen the plateaus.

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  2. John says:

    I’ve been using the backward count technique for a while now and glad to know there’s actually an explanation for it. Sometimes I alternate counting forward and backward on alternating sets to break the monotony.

  3. Rob says:

    the next increase your reps tip is to simply “not stop” when you’re finished counting. Let go of the attachment to the number and stop when you can’t lift anymore.

    Muscles are stronger than any “limit” we place on them by a number.

  4. Seifer says:

    @ John: Counting tricks work well, but I’ve discovered playing songs that have the same speed as my reps are also excellent for taking my mind off the exhaustion, breaking the monotony and increasing my workouts. 😉

  5. Bill says:

    Jeff I’m liking this idea and I’ll definitely try it. In general I find that the psychological aspects of lifting are critical when I’m in the gym.
    I also find that counting upward has always limited my success… instead I focus my attention on the muscle groups that are being activated and thinking positive words in my mind such as “strength.” May sound a bit cheesy, but I swear it works wonders for me. Also, before I begin a set, I like to remind myself that I embrace my pain, that pain is my ally and teacher. This puts me in the proper mindset and seems to help me push through that final rep when I feel like my muscles are ready to give up.

  6. David says:

    I like to post pictures of models with shredded abs and use that as inspiration in my workouts. Imagining myself with a six pack like the ones on the pictures somehow fires me up and helps me increase the reps. = )

  7. John Fontana says:

    I like to count by sets of twos. So if I am doing 10 reps I break it down to 5 sets of two. For some reason I always feel like I can get two more reps so by counting by twos I never feel like I can let myself stop even if I am on the 4th rep.

  8. Syfer says:

    @ David: Your method actually works well for me also! It’s all about “mind over matter” as they say, and imagining positive images during the more difficult reps are effective. Optimizing our workouts to facilitate rapid fat loss is important also because nothing motivates us more than seeing fast results.

  9. Rob,

    that is a great tip I never thought of! I will try it next time during my bench press session. I have a feeling it will work.

  10. This something that I have heard about before? I understand the logic in it…the next time I will try it out for myself. I need any edge that I can get. Will let you know if it works for me.

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