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Muscle Building With Supplements

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Muscle building With Supplements Tips

I certainly do not claim to be an expert on muscle building or personal trainer, but I've done this and it works for me.  I know the value of muscle building and muscle tissue having a result on fat loss and how my life improved when my body became stronger.  My lowest weight was 187 and I now weigh 240. I have had my own personal trainer since Febuary of 2004 and it's one of the top 10 best decisions I've made in my life. I highly recommend her if you're in the Edmonton area. She is totally against body building supplements and I assure her I only use the highest quality supplements and NO steroids.

Supplements or Natural

Now, depending on what your background is, the term body building Supplements might mean as simple a thing as Whey Protein, creatine, Hydroxycut or it might be a little off the deep end and include steroids. I do not consider steroids to be a body building supplements, but rather a body building drug. Steroids are not natural and I do not use them. I stick with some very basic weight gain supplements like creatine, whey, Glutamine and along with Sunrider Sports line (sport caps, metabooster, sunbars and fortune delight) and that's it.

We could talk forever about body building supplements and how they play a role in muscle building performance, but lets start with some very basics before we delve into supplementation ok?

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A very important aspect of being able to build muscle with or without supplements, aside from doing the exercise, is to be consistent in your efforts. On again off again exercising proves to be more disappointing than anything else. To truly get results, you need to commit yourself to daily exercise! Human history has us in the fields chopping trees, plowing fields, planting food, hunting animals. We have come a long way from that, but our bodies still need the level of movement that was associated with those times. Get up from that computer, away from that desk, out from behind that steering wheel and spend some time doing some vigorous basic movements for the chest, back and legs! That in itself seems out of reach for a lot of people. The problem is that we tend to think about how much work it will be and how much time it will take and those numbers are too big. Instead, do this. Plan to do 15 minutes. That's all. You will find that once you start, and 15 minutes have passed, you can easily do 10 or 15 more. The trick is to initially think small. Trick your brain into thinking of it as a small event. The second part is to continue with this daily. Well almost daily. Time off to recover is important too and supplements can help. In order to maintain consistency, choose a routine that you will be able to continue with. Plan to do a small routine daily. The small amounts, compounded daily, and then monthly produces results. If this means just using dumbbells then that is fine. The point is to stick with it. If lack of consistency sounds like your problem, then put this into practice and see how you improve. Think smaller, become more muscular. Remember, being lean is the body's natural state. It strives for it.


The most important aspect of food in relation to gaining lean muscle is in the timing of food intake. That comes in two parts. Firstly, to have enough energy for your workout, you would want to eat at least 1.5 hours before that workout. No sooner. Digestion is the most energy consuming thing our bodies do. If we eat just before getting to the gym or starting our workout at home, our body is busy digesting. In order to get energy from the food we eat, it must first be digested. This takes at least 1.5 hours. Carbs are the primary source of energy. I suggest rice and vegetables, or some other grain. Secondly, during exercise, our body uses the glycogen stored in our muscles for energy. Once we finish our workout, that glycogen must be immediately replaced within a short 20 minutes or our bodies go in a catabolic state. Before leaving the locker room after a workout, it is important to consume some sort of carbohydrate. I suggest fruit. I personally eat two oranges and a banana. This is easily digested as I have an empty stomach (following the rules of proper fruit consumption ) This assures I am Anabolic until I can get home and cook my next meal. The easiest way to assure both proper energy before your workout and to replenish that glycogen afterwards is to consume a whole food nutrition supplement both before and after a workout. The Nourishing formula that I use is pre-digested, easily assimilated, and easy to carry in your gym bag! (for more information, contact me) Most people are not aware of this aspect of the 20 minute window. If you don't eat within those 20 minutes, your body breaks down other muscle to use to replace that that was used. Not very good if you want to build muscle. If you try this, you will be immediately rewarded with results.

Protein: The need for protein could be argued back and forth for years (high protien vs low protein diets). I was vegetarian for about 10 years during my nutritional education journey and consumed no animal protein at all. The only body building supplement I used was creatine. It was in November of 2002 that I ended a year long personal debate of moral, ethical and financial questions to begin eating meat again. (there was a girl involved too). I had been weight training for about ten years a the time and always wondered what effect animal protein would have on my physique and health. I was immediatly impressed. I noticed the thermogenic effect and an increase in energy. I noticed my blood sugar regulate even more and I dropped my bodyfat another "considerable" notch. Being Vegetarian, I learned a lot about protein sources from plants. All plants have protein in them so being vegetarian was not a concern, but I did notice a considerable difference for me when I began with the meat. I have learned much in the past two years about protein and it's effect on training, thermogenics, energy, blood sugar, but I'd like to point you to this article written by Tom Venuto about protein. Every breakfast consists of an 8 egg omelette, while the rest of my meals include free range organic chicken. They're either in a wrap with some mixed greens or just the chicken breast with veggies and some whole food organic basmati rice.

Once getting back into animal protein, I added Whey as a good body building supplement. I've tried various Whey protein's and find interestingly enough, that quite a few of them affect my skin. I've been using Optimum Nutrition Whey protein to supplement my diet for a few years now.

Whey Protein Supplement Controversy: Having been such a key player in the natural health movement, I get a lot of flack from the purists regarding my use of body building supplements. Most of this flack comes from some very close friends, but who happen to be women, quite devout and dont train at all. I assure them and you, that I have done my due diligence and find that I simply feel better when I'm eating a higher protein diet, when I include body building supplements like Whey, Creatine and Glutamine. I have gone years without Whey, then years eating whey daily, then a year without and now I've been back eating it for quite a few years and I simply feel better. As for the controversy, it centers around Whey being a by-product of milk. I'm totally against milk, so I've struggled with this, but as I say, the "proof is in the pudding". Now, just recently, the very people telling me not to eat Whey have had some personal body-type testing done and Whey comes up as being recommended to help burn fat for those individuals as well as it increasing the vitality of those same people. This has stunned these purists. A simple truth about body building supplements that I have held since giving it the ultimate try myself.


Quite simply, the work you do is only rewarded if you give your body the rest for it to grow. Growing occurs when you sleep. "Work the muscle, feed the muscle, rest the muscle!" should be your motto. To get results, at least 8 hours of sleep is required daily. You can't bank the sleep either. That is to say, get 10 hours two days in a row, then cut back to 7 hours for a couple of days... sorry, doesn't work that way.  This is your bodies time to recover, or "recovery time" which I'm sure you've heard of.

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People are not aware of the need for pure clean water in their lives.  The body is made up of 70% water and many bodybuilders and coaches recommend water as your number one supplement. Your blood, muscles, ligaments, joints and tissues are all made up of water.  Water is used as a medium to transport nutrients into the cells for processing.  I bought a distiller a long time ago and have it running almost all day.  I drink at least 10 litres a day and almost always 1.5 litres or more during my workouts.  When I first wake up in the morning, a glass of pure clean water starts my day.  Distilled water by itself will help your body with natural detox.  Now there is a lot of controversy over spring water or reverse osmosis processed water vs distilled.  I have tried them all and find that distilled simply tastes the cleanest!  "Water is your life, the better your water, the better your life" said Norman Walker who lived into his nineties. Begin to consider water as a supplement.

Important Update: I no longer recommend distilled water

How Do I Gain Weight

I get asked periodically about gaining weight and what to do about it. There is no simple answer becuase there are so many variables involved. First it depends on your body type.. are you able to gain weight based on your body's ability to carry it (are you genetically able to do so)?, are you exercising regularly? is your body in the correct hormonal state to gain weight? Have you tried any body building supplements? The first thing I tell people is the whole food program I recommend. It's designed to nourish the various systems of the body including your endocrine system so that no matter what program you're following you'll be able to support it. The rest revolves around the amount of weight training you're doing and the foods you're eating. My Trainer told me in no uncertain terms that if I wanted to gain mass, I'd have to spend more time in the gym. Yes I have a personal trainer! If all conditions are then correct (endocrine system is being supported nutritionally, you're exercising regularily and you have the body type that will support it) then you would want to consider a system of calorie dense foods. Not only eating more, but the correct combination of foods. The program that I have used since 1991 involves nutritionally dense foods designed to support my health. I eat a small amount of these whole food concentrates and I get the advantage of maximum nutrition without the bulk. I then eat calorie dense foods based on Tom's article for weight gain. This additional lean muscle tissue then supports my fat loss goals. It all comes down to changing your body composition. I might also recommend a free fitness analysis as well to see where you're at. I have a fitness analysis done every three months to monitor my goals.

Some Weight Gain Information.


When I was almost 500 pounds and began my nutrition program, I had no abs to speak of. I remember getting down on the floor and trying to do a situp. I remember getting to five I think. When I decided to do something about my weight, fitness had not entered my mind, but, I did begin with situps. I remember thinking that "if I could just do 5 situps per day, eventually I'd be able to do 10, which would lead to even more over time". I thought about the whole compound effect of fitness. Do things consistently over time and you'll get stronger.

Well..., after 14 years of training, I was up to over 30 minutes of ab work 3x a week. Result: pretty good abs. Great abs? I'm not sure.. Low back pain? YEP. Lots. Sometimes it's been hard to even get out of bed. I finally got my own personal trainer at the beginning of 2004 and she refuses to let me do any crunches. She's about "functional muscle", and all my training revolves around "core work" now. I train my core with every exercise I do, even dumbell presses. I've gotten rid of my back pain, getting much stronger abdominals and the weight of all my lifts and presses has increased due to stronger stabilizer muscles in my core. I've talked with a couple of other guys who do core work now and they say the same thing.. all their lifts have increased.

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I met a fellow through my Fitness Talk Radio show, Bodybuilder Interviews named David Grisaffi. He's written a book entitled "Firm and Flatten Your Abs" in which he teaches the specific routines for developing a six pack of defined muscle through core work. Work the entire abdominal region in a very specific maner to target all areas in a very well designed weekly routine. There are ab exercises in the book I had never considered, and some my trainer was already using. The very first day of adopting some of the new routines, I noticed pain in my core that I had never experienced before. You know, the good pain like "My Abs have been worked...". There are principles in the e-book "Firm and Flatten Your Abs" that I have now incorporated, reduced my ab training time and am getting much better results.

Here's an interview with David, Author of Firm and Flatten Your Abs done by Tom Ventuo, the author of the article "building a six pack Bodybuilder Style Old School".

David has revolutionized the whole abdominal training business. This works.

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