Boozing Harms Losing Belly Fat

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  1. privatestudmuffin says:

    yeah this is so right, if like me you drink to much then am sorry you have to stop the boozing FULL STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not only for the reasons put above but also for the fact if you wake up hungover, you wont get outta your bed and go train, so guys quit the beer for a few months and see the results, which are awesome :) lee 😉

  2. BlueKayak says:

    Great article, so true.
    .-= BlueKayak´s last blog ..Body Weight Exercises =-.

  3. I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to rob :)

    I have never hidden the fact that I have an addiction to alcohol, and have struggled for maybe 5 years to try and end this addiction with limited in no results…
    see I could give it up for a month but after that I was drunk again, now I didnt wake up a drink lol I just drank every night
    I wish I had found this site and rob 5 years ago as within a short space of time rob has given me my life back, Rob advised myself to use L – GLUTAMINE so I did and 2 weeks later I no longer think about beer, in fact I went shopping and stood in the beer isle, now 2 weeks ago I would have been like a kid in a sweetshop and also checking which wines and cider had the strongest %, now I look at them like an ex that I once couldnt live without but now think ” what did I find so sexy about it” I treated myself to a bol of sparkling water as a treat..
    How far I have come in such a short space of time thanks to rob and his website….
    Rob set out with this site to help people, so I just wanna say good work mate you have SAVED me, so your site works, keep it up :)


  4. Thanks Lee, and you’re welcome. I would love to use what you’ve said to inspire others as well. I have a detailed post about glutamine coming out soon and would love to share your results with everyone
    .-= Rob – @formerfatguy´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  5. man I thought you would be sick of me by now I have been tweeting,posting and blogging about this ha ha, this has been amazing, if i had paid 100 pounds i would have been happy in truth it cost £15 wow i love this stuff he he, man you know me use anything i say as i never lie so you know its the truth
    thanks again
    lee :)

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