50 Ways To Drink More Water

Water is life and the better your water, the better your life. Dr F Batmanghelidj’s work on water is quite well known. In his book The Water Cure, Dr B says “you’re not sick, you’re thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication”. Most of us know that we should be drinking more water, but don’t. If this wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t be reading this now, would you.

Water is the basis of all life, including your muscles, your brain, your lungs, your bones and your lungs. A fully hydrated body has more energy, increases it’s fat burning capabilities, has reduced hunger levels, better digestion and ages at a slower pace so you look younger while you’re feeling younger.
drink more water
Most people reach for a coffee when they’re feeling low energy, when water would benefit so many other aspects of our health.

As I see it, the problem is twofold – firstly, that we must understand the need for drinking more water on a daily basis and then secondly, find ways to incorporate more water into our lifestyle. It’s often as simple as creating a new habit and sticking to it.

Here are 50 ways to create a new habit and drink more water.

1. Drink water first thing in the morning. Start every day by drinking a litre of water. If you have to sit down and finish the whole thing before you move on – do it.

2. Drink a big glass of water right before bed.

3. Every time you go to the bathroom, drink a glass of water. Replace the fluids you just lost.
Pre-fill enough bottles of water for your daily requirement in ounces. Keep them in various places around your house, office or workspace. Make sure they’re each empty before you go to bed.

4. Drink a glass of water each hour, on the hour while at work.

5. Set a countdown timer on your watch for a regular interval (such as an hour) and drink water every time it goes off.

6. Set a reminder in your electronic calendar to remind you to drink. Set your calendar or electronic organizer to remind you at noon and 3 o’clock. You should have consumed at least 1 litre of water by noon and at least two by 3 o’clock. If not, drink up right then and there.

7. Set “drink water reminders” around your house. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, turn over your salt shaker or other often used container. Have it remind you to drink a glass of water. Whenever you see a turned over salt shaker, drink a glass of water. Make it fun and mix it up – use something different every day so it catches you off guard. Set the reminder earlier on in the day before you even go to work.

8. Drink water while waiting in lines. If you know you’re going to be standing in line somewhere, take your water bottle with you and make it a point of drinking the entire bottle before you reach the front of the line.

9. Drink water in your car. Keep a bottle of water in your car and drink it while going TO work and coming home FROM work.

10. Drink more water while doing your skin care program. Drink, cleanse, moisturize, then drink again.

11. Take a glass of water to you when you shower. Drink half before you shower and half after you get out of the shower, but before leaving the bathroom.

12. Drink more water while you’re shaving. Drink half a glass before you shave and half a glass after you shave, but before leaving the shaving area.

Reduce or Remove Dehydrating Beverages

13. Replace coffee with water – coffee may act as a diuretic and place a larger need for water on your body. Eliminate and replace your coffee with water.

14. Replace soda pop with water – At the very least, have a big glass of water before you have the soda. If you’re going to drink something non nutritional as soda, first be pro-active and reach for the water.

15. Drink water before your meals.

16. Drink 2 or 3 ounces of water after your meals – but no more. Where water is required to digest food, too much water can dilute the digestive juices and hamper digestion. Limit your water intake after a meal to a few ounces only.

At the Gym

17. Drink a litre of water on your way TO the gym.

18. Drink a litre of water AT the gym.

19. Drink a litre of water on your way home (or to work) FROM the gym.

20. Drink enough water during your workout that you have to fill up your water bottle at least once.

Flavor Your Water

You can put some things into your water to flavor them while improving your quality of life at the same time. Where coffee and soda pop are acidic to the body, lemon and lime are alkaline forming in the body. By allowing your body to be in an alkaline state more often, you allow your body to absorb vitamins and minerals more effectively while eliminating wastes.

21. Add fresh squeezed lemon juice to your water.

22. Add a slice of lemon to your water.

23. Add cucumber slices to your water.

24. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to your water – Apple Cider Vinegar has been highly regarded throughout history. In 400 B.C. the great Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, used it for its amazing health qualities. Internally, Apple cider vinegar is rich in enzymes and potassium, supports a healthy immune system, helps control weight, promotes digestive and pH balance and can help remove toxins and lower toxicity. Dr Steven Gibb says “everyone in the world should be drinking Apple Cider Vinegar on a daily basis”

25. Add ginger to your water. Steep a little fresh ground ginger root in boiling water and then add it to your water bottles. You might also grate some fresh ginger and then simply put it into your cold water to cold steep.

26. Add salt to your water – however, use only sea salt. Dr Batmanghelidj of “The Water Cure” suggests:

It is very important you balance your sodium intake with your water consumption. Take 1/4 teaspoon of salt per quart of water – every 4-5 glasses of water. Be sure to get sea salt. The best is Celtic sea salt or Himalayan sea salt, both of which are readily available at any health food store.

Treat this flavoring with respect. Most people have too much sodium in their body as they’re getting salt from many many sources throughout the day. If you’re one of the rare individuals who does not add salt to their food, then this tip might be for you.

On the other hand, if you already add salt to any meal at all, then I would not advise adding more salt to your diet.

When heat goes up or your exercise output goes up, so must your water consumption.
If you’re more muscular, you need more water.

Track Your Water Consumption

Before you even begin the process of drinking more water, journal your water consumption for a few days or a week. Then set a goal number for ounces of water per day and continue to track it. Log how often you drink beverages that are NOT water and how much of them you drink.

It’s quite important to track that which you want to improve. Without knowing your starting point, or your progress, how will you know you’re getting results. Just as you track your body composition (body fat vs lean density) to understand your exercise and weight loss results, so should you track your water consumption.

One idea is to tape some plain paper to your favorite water bottle and track how many times you empty it each day. Put enough paper on it to last a week and then use little tick marks for each bottle you drink. Seems easy enough.

User Contributed Water Drinking Tips

Now you may have noticed that there aren’t quite 50 ways to drink more water here just yet. I’d like this to be a user contributed entry. Submit your tip of how you incorporate more water into your day and I’ll add it to the list. What have you found that works for you? What habits have you created around drinking more water?

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  1. “1. Drink water first thing in the morning. Start every day by drinking a litre of water. If you have to sit down and finish the whole thing before you move on – do it.”

    YOu are right in this Rob…

    Actually if I may add… it would be better to drink warm water in the morning…one of my friend who has gastro problem… did that… he said he has never felt better and it also helps him eat less and as a result arrested his weight problem… amazing how a simple life essential can be so ignored…

  2. Tips for Drinking Water!

    Learned this when I lived in AZ. A lot of people hate the “task” of remembering to drink water, so they replaced it mentally with a “novelty”. Lots of my AZ friends invested in water bottles – all shapes and sizes, some with logos, some with sayings, but the idea is that they’re cute, they’re conversation starters or proclamations of sorts,and thus easy to remember to tag along when preparing for the day, much like a watch or favorite jewelry item. I’ve seen NASCAR, Eddie Bauer, Starbucks, Camoflouge, Neon, Rockbands, etc but it works, especially for those that work in offices.

    For those that drink water for weight loss purposes (thus having a particular goal in ounces) bottles with specific ounce indicators work best. I’ve seen 20 oz, 50 oz, and 100 oz bottles carried on a daily basis.

    I personally add True Lemon to mine (comes in individual packets much like sugar/salt/pepper as seen in restaurants and is sold in grocery stores) for flavor and just refill my Aquafina bottle over and over and over….

    If it works, it works !
    .-= SonLitSoul´s last blog ..SonLitSoul: RT @BruceMcIntire: Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours. LOL! =-.

  3. Great tips but the one I have a problem with is tip 2 – Drink a big glass of water right before bed.

    At my age that means I have to get up at least once during the night to have a pee!

  4. A very interesting read, but i’m doubtful about the science behind these claims – two statements stand out as factually incorrect:

    “lemon and lime are alkaline” and “Apple cider vinegar … promotes digestive and pH balance”. All three of these are in fact quite acidic as any high school student will confirm.

  5. @Donor – Lemon and lime are acidic, but alkaline forming in the body. It’s not about what the food is like outside the body, but what effect it has on the body once consumed.

    Meat for many is acidic, but for certain body types, is alkaline forming inside the body.

    so, they’re not factually incorrect at all. They are indeed acidic. Never said they weren’t.

    I did update the post to add the phrase “lemon and lime are alkaline forming in the body”. Thank you for helping me to understand that it could be misinterpreted and allowing me to clarify.

  6. Great article about water.

    #15 is the one that has allowed me to accept water on a daily basis, rather than ignoring it because it’s too much of a chore.

    There are a couple that I hadn’t considered in this article as well like drinking after you leave the bathroom and before and after you take a shower…interesting, I might have to try those.

    I thought I would mention this as well, your comment policy for the linked websites is awesome. I work at a pharmacy and I would love to scream at people who think that taking pills is going to do the trick.

    Awesome content on your site.

  7. For a past few months i have been trying to do the same, drinking almost 3 litres a day, but i have to run to the restroom continuously.
    Even in the night i have to go 3-4 times. Is there some problem?

  8. That’s pretty normal Amit. You drink water, you pee it out. That’s how the body cleans itself.

  9. Such a detail on how to remind ourselves for water drinking. But, from your point of view, we shall drink more water before going to bed, don’t it could cause us keep going to toilet during the sleeping hour?

    I still think that we shall have optimum water consumption in a day, at around 8 glass per day (exclude exercise), and too much water will cause another health problem, don’t you think so?

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