50 Ways To Drink More Water

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  1. catros says:

    “1. Drink water first thing in the morning. Start every day by drinking a litre of water. If you have to sit down and finish the whole thing before you move on – do it.”

    YOu are right in this Rob…

    Actually if I may add… it would be better to drink warm water in the morning…one of my friend who has gastro problem… did that… he said he has never felt better and it also helps him eat less and as a result arrested his weight problem… amazing how a simple life essential can be so ignored…

  2. SonLitSoul says:

    Tips for Drinking Water!

    Learned this when I lived in AZ. A lot of people hate the “task” of remembering to drink water, so they replaced it mentally with a “novelty”. Lots of my AZ friends invested in water bottles – all shapes and sizes, some with logos, some with sayings, but the idea is that they’re cute, they’re conversation starters or proclamations of sorts,and thus easy to remember to tag along when preparing for the day, much like a watch or favorite jewelry item. I’ve seen NASCAR, Eddie Bauer, Starbucks, Camoflouge, Neon, Rockbands, etc but it works, especially for those that work in offices.

    For those that drink water for weight loss purposes (thus having a particular goal in ounces) bottles with specific ounce indicators work best. I’ve seen 20 oz, 50 oz, and 100 oz bottles carried on a daily basis.

    I personally add True Lemon to mine (comes in individual packets much like sugar/salt/pepper as seen in restaurants and is sold in grocery stores) for flavor and just refill my Aquafina bottle over and over and over….

    If it works, it works !
    .-= SonLitSoul´s last blog ..SonLitSoul: RT @BruceMcIntire: Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours. LOL! =-.

  3. Great tips but the one I have a problem with is tip 2 – Drink a big glass of water right before bed.

    At my age that means I have to get up at least once during the night to have a pee!

  4. Donor says:

    A very interesting read, but i’m doubtful about the science behind these claims – two statements stand out as factually incorrect:

    “lemon and lime are alkaline” and “Apple cider vinegar … promotes digestive and pH balance”. All three of these are in fact quite acidic as any high school student will confirm.

  5. Rob says:

    @Donor – Lemon and lime are acidic, but alkaline forming in the body. It’s not about what the food is like outside the body, but what effect it has on the body once consumed.

    Meat for many is acidic, but for certain body types, is alkaline forming inside the body.

    so, they’re not factually incorrect at all. They are indeed acidic. Never said they weren’t.

    I did update the post to add the phrase “lemon and lime are alkaline forming in the body”. Thank you for helping me to understand that it could be misinterpreted and allowing me to clarify.

  6. Vesone says:

    Great article about water.

    #15 is the one that has allowed me to accept water on a daily basis, rather than ignoring it because it’s too much of a chore.

    There are a couple that I hadn’t considered in this article as well like drinking after you leave the bathroom and before and after you take a shower…interesting, I might have to try those.

    I thought I would mention this as well, your comment policy for the linked websites is awesome. I work at a pharmacy and I would love to scream at people who think that taking pills is going to do the trick.

    Awesome content on your site.

  7. Amit Gupta says:

    For a past few months i have been trying to do the same, drinking almost 3 litres a day, but i have to run to the restroom continuously.
    Even in the night i have to go 3-4 times. Is there some problem?

  8. Rob says:

    That’s pretty normal Amit. You drink water, you pee it out. That’s how the body cleans itself.

  9. Such a detail on how to remind ourselves for water drinking. But, from your point of view, we shall drink more water before going to bed, don’t it could cause us keep going to toilet during the sleeping hour?

    I still think that we shall have optimum water consumption in a day, at around 8 glass per day (exclude exercise), and too much water will cause another health problem, don’t you think so?

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