My Current Eating Style

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  1. fbi_lee says:

    Great post :)
    I will adopt the drinking once per month and planning where and who i drink with, thinks thats a great tool to use :)

    thanks rob


  2. Christina says:

    Hey Rob, thanks for putting it down in print for me to read. I knew some of the things you were eating and have been implementing them into my routine again. The hardest thing for me is getting back when I have fallen off. Once I get on, I’m in the groove. Words of advice? C.

  3. Shar says:

    Hi Rob,
    I just want to say that this is the first time I’ve ever come across your site…Man am i ever proud of you. Really, its a strange feeling as i dont even know you haha. I have never been ‘overweight’ necessarily, i’ve always been athletic, however after high school i got lazy and rarely do anything so of course i gained the overlaying chub. I wish i could get my head in your mode. What an inspiring journey. This is really informative and the whole site makes me motivated to get HEALTHY! Basically, i just want to say thanks. So thank you Rob!! :)

  4. David says:

    Rob this is another great post and I think your site can be such an incredible tool for so many people. I own a gym in Denver, Colorado and I have actually turned people onto your site to show them that the fight against obesity is not hopeless. Thanks.

  5. Tee says:

    I especially appreciate this post because eating is something that I am trying to get down. My problem is I am not always hitting my calorie intake everyday and I know thats a problem. I do a lot of high intense workouts so I know that I need to hit it. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work. You are really goin in!


  6. I’m shocked you need to eat sooo much.. I know your burn a lot of calories, but have you ever thought about eating for your Blood Type?

    Anyway, it sounds like you have a great system going. I’m excited to keep following you and tracking your progress. Please keep updated your site.


  7. Rob says:

    Spend a week with me @Steve and you’ll see why I need to eat so much. My BMR is 2800 and then with 2 training sessions per day, it increases to 4000. If I dont eat 4000 minimum per day, i’m starving myself. Starvation is not very good. When starving, the body catabolizes itself.

    Whether you’re eating for your blood type, or your metabolic type, you still need to eat enough calories to satisfy your basic energy needs Steve.

    My wife is 110 lbs and exercises now and again. She can get by on 1400 calories per day.

    I’m up at the 240 pounds, over double her weight and carry 205 pounds of muscle. My body is VERY metabolically active. Then… stimulate that muscle twice a day, for an hour each time and the engine revs far and beyond 1400, 2000, 2500, 3500 calories. MIght even say over 5000 per day.

    The leanest people in the world eat enough to supply their muscle with the energy it needs. When the energy needs are met, the body releases stored fat because it no longer needs it.

  8. Linda says:

    Metabolism is different in every person so, we should check our body condition regularly. It is important that everything is in moderation.
    Thanks for this share.

  9. Melo says:

    Hey I love your site, very informative. Have you heard of ?? Your two site have got to be the best weight loss blogs on the web! They are launching a campaign called, “Death to the Yo-Yo Life” and lemmie tell you a lot of people are getting inspired!! You should go check them out if you haven’t yet…

    Love your post


  10. Rob says:

    @Melo, yep, I’m quite familiar with Israel. I’ve interviewed him on my blog here, and he’s interviewed me on his. I’ve been asked to provide articles for his website as well. Quite familiar. I’ll check out the campaign

  11. Mike says:

    Hi Rob,

    I’ve been visiting your sight periodically for awhile. You’ve achieved great success. I like the calorie cycling. Interesting ideas and very imformative. Thanks!

  12. Hi Rob,

    I noticed you do not eat anything after 6pm. Is there a reason for that?

    Om another note, I have enjoyed visiting your web site FormerFatGuide and would like to congratulate you for continuing for more than a decade to inspire people with your incredible transformation. Not only did you lose an enormous amount of weight, you also developed a great physique.

    I would like to write an article for your site. The article will be unique, very informative, and relevant for your visitors to enjoy.

    Given my medical science background, I closely follow the research in the field of nutrition and diet and would love to share some interesting information.

    Please reply to this email and I will write and send the article.

    Best Regards

  13. Wil Possible says:

    Thanks for putting this all down. That’s some transformation you went thru and I am sure many others would benefit from your insights. It’s amazing how a change in attitude and health can change a person so much :-)

  14. Renea says:

    I am struggling with dropping the pounds even though I eat a clean diet.I have lost 20 pounds and have another 40 to go. My diet consists of…
    brown rice
    steel cut oats
    egg beaters
    whole grain bread
    chicken breast
    soy milk
    some cheese
    and no sugar added ice cream with honey..which is my down fall. I stick to a 1200 calorie diet but have decided to start increasing it to 1600 once or twice every 2 weeks to see if it changes things.
    Any advice???

  15. Rob says:

    hard to advise Renea. Nothing really to go on other than your food component and caloric load. 1200 is incredibly low though. If I go below 1800, any sort of fat loss comes to a grinding halt and my body begins to eat up muscle tissue. Begin with the increase in calories. Ideally from protein sources. Whole food protein sources, and or a single scoop of a good quality whey protein with each meal. I use which has 2 ingredients… undenatured whey and ionic alfalfa (minerals). There’s nothing better. If you eat 4 meals a day, a single scoop would add 400 calories. You could begin with that plus add a few extra ounces of animal protein. Then measure, monitor and modify based on results

  16. Michael says:

    Carb cycling? Three days high carb 250-350 grams 4 days lower card (not low card lower carb) about 75-125 carbs, works wonders

  17. Coach Rollie says:

    Interesting way of setting up your diet.

  18. Larry says:

    I always carry a handful of almonds with me if I am inclined to snack. Gobble up the almonds and the hunger pangs just disappear. I read your post about the almonds. Quite a LOT of info there.

  19. Toney says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed reading your post.
    I will try to folow your program as much as possible.

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