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Increase Your Reps Tip 10

Increase Your Reps Tip

When you’re laying on your back and you’ve got a spotter helping you force out one more rep, it’s pretty easy with him yelling at you. What if you’re by yourself though? then what? This exercise tip will help you get more reps on any lift you perform and it’s stupidly simple. More reps equal more muscle, so begin using this tip and get lifting.

Cardio Training Tip 1

Cardio Training Tip

Cut your cardio time in half or more simply by doing it immediately after weight training. Take a few amino acids if you are trying to build muscle, then hit the cardio. Cut your time in half – try that first. During weight training you release fatty acids, and cardio immediately after weight training can burn them off as energy before being “recycled” into places you don’t want them to go.