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How To Make Kombucha Tea 52

How To Make Kombucha Tea

It’s quite easy to make your own Kombucha tea at home from a few basic ingredients found in your kitchen along with a SCOBY and a little starter. Kombucha tea is the result of a fermentation process which converts a sugary tea solution into what many cultures referred to as the elixir of life. This step by step Kombucha tea recipe should have you fermenting in no time at all.

How To Increase Water Absorption 44

How To Increase Water Absorption

Drinking more water is an important aspect of life. While many people realize this and make an effort to actually drink their required amounts of this precious fluid, drinking more water by itself might not be enough. In principle, it seems simple, but what may actually be a more important question to ask is, am I absorbing the water I’m drinking?

Whats Really In Chicken McNuggets 28

Whats Really In Chicken McNuggets

McDonalds chicken McNuggets are a favorite food like substance for many people, including children, but do you know what’s really in them? Chicken isn’t the only thing and even at that, you can barely call it chicken. Mostly, chicken McNuggets are made from ….

50 Ways To Drink More Water 9

50 Ways To Drink More Water

Water is the basis of all life, including your muscles, your brain, your lungs, your bones and your lungs. A fully hydrated body has more energy, increases it’s fat burning capabilities, has reduced hunger levels, better digestion and ages at a slower pace so you look younger while you’re feeling younger. We all know we should be drinking more water, but how to drink more water is the real question. Here are 50 ways to drink more water.

Boozing Harms Losing Belly Fat 5

Boozing Harms Losing Belly Fat

As we attempt to cope and deal with the pressures in our lives, alcohol consumption is becoming too much of the norm. We release our stress sometimes via an alcoholic beverage or two without thinking about the cause and effect it can have on your waist line, appetite and overall health. I am not here to bash having a drink or two, but I am going to encourage anyone who wants to lose body fat to rethink their drinking habits. First and foremost, alcohol is a poison and your body must fight to get it out of your system. It...