Build a Bigger Chest Fast

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  1. catros says:

    I think the most challenging for beginners is how to sustain something… this goes the same in all kind of pursuit as it is to body building program, so with any weight loss or fitness program… A coach is always a big help to that effect. So I would really suggest to anybody going into these programs to find a good, cheap, and reliable coach to see you through every step of the way.

  2. Rahim says:

    The one thing I would add is that for taller lifters (I’m 6’5″), I’ve found that some of the disparaged ‘isolation’ movements can actually be killer mass builders. The trend I’ve seen is that the longer the arms, the less emphasis is placed on the pecs during barbell bench presses. Now, I swear by db inclines, but I’ve also gotten a ton of mileage out of going heavy on the pec dec and machine flye.

  3. I’m definitely going to give it a try. I’ve always had it pretty easy to build a chest so I might will probably respond to it. I don’t see myself as a beginner but I like to have lifting partner that can push me making the last repetitions.

  4. ruksee says:

    pls how can i burn chest fat?

  5. Rob says:

    @Ruksee, it’s impossible to burn fat in one particular area of your body alone. All the chest presses, dumbell flyes or pullovers in the world wont accelerate burning chest fat.

    The body uses fat for fuel from all over your body, with no rhyme or reason. It uses fat as it sees fit.

    You must incorporate all muscle groups in order to burn fat, and if you want it to happen faster, focus on the big muscle groups. The Legs first, back second and chest last.

    NEVER skip a leg workout. Legs should be your primary objective every single week.

    Now, that said, never skip a back or chest workout either.

    Train every other day.. leaving a day between workouts for optimal hormonal release. Chest fat is more about hormones than anything else. You want to increase your testosterone, and decrease estrogen. Training increases testosterone, and cruciferious vegetables (is one way) to decrease estrogen. Alcohol is estrogenic… meaning it stimulates estrogen release. Let go of alcohol.

    that should get you started.

  6. Nitesh says:

    i think i’ll give it a try as well..i am into body building but only for fitnessand not aon an competion level..i concentrate mostly on chest and arms….thanks a lot..

  7. Hey man,

    I know certain people thrive on red meat to build their body…. Others not so much.. Want to know the difference between these people?

  8. Rob says:

    no, I’m good @Steve. I teach the reason in my book. Different people have different biology. It’s a science known as Metabolic Typing (otherwise been around for over 5000 years in a form known as Ayurveda) and was the foundation of my transformation about 20 years ago.

    Some people simply do better on high protein, high fat and low carb. Others not so much (as my wife). Others do well on high carbohydrate, low protein and lower fat (but fat included) and some simply need a balance.

    It’s about how each of our bodies deal with food, and not the actual content of the food itself (vitamins minerals).

    We should not just randomly pick foods that are “health” foods, but rather, eat foods that our body responds best to. When our body is treated well, it calms down, is less stressed and in a state of peace, creates harmony and wellness.

    That is why some do well on red meat and others… not so much.

    I eat steak with every meal. It’s the foundation of each of my meals about 95% of the time.

    thanks for your comment

  9. Troy says:

    Hey Rob,
    Great Article…
    good program have you ever tried using the total gym or gravity trainer. The GTS is awesome and a great workout. strengthening the core and all stabilizers.

  10. Lala Confair says:

    Good site. I constantly work out hard at least 3 times a week and following a tough session your body requires the finest quality protein to fix you for your subsequently workout. I at all times go for lean protein as the most effective muscle building food, mainly poultry, turkey as well as fish. I in addition consume scrambled egg whites for breakfast.I usually combine these meals with a complex carb and veg as well. I stay away from protein shakes as I see them as a waste of money, the body is designed to digest foods and drinks lack the thermic affect of food.

  11. Steve says:

    Hey Rob,

    I really enjoyed the article mate! Tom Venuto really knows his stuff! Hs book is awesome too. I’ve always wondered about combining low-rep sets followed by high-rep sets and thought it would be beneficial from a muscle-building point of view. Obviously it is. Just a quick questions: How much rest do you recommend having between each set of Exercise B? Is it the standard 1-2 minutes or is it a shorter rest period?

    Thanks for producing such an interesting and informative site.

    All the best.

  12. RUBEN says:

    i am a big fan of working out, but there are certain rules to adhere to when bench pressing if you want your shoulders to last thru the year.

    The bench press is considered one of the primary exercises used to strengthen and build muscle mass on the chest. Is it safe? Is it effective? Aram and Ruben share their side of the story.

    Let me show you what we mean

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