Author: Tom Venuto

Build a Bigger Chest Fast 12

Build a Bigger Chest Fast

If you want to build a bigger chest fast, if your pecs are a weak body part, or you’ve hit a plateau in your chest development, this chest workout program is a technique you can use on rare occasions to shock your body into growth. This is a high intensity bodybuilding workout guaranteed to pack on slabs of muscle after just 3-4 workouts. Be warned though, it’s for advanced bodybuilders only, no beginners!

Front Squats For Big Quads 2

Front Squats For Big Quads

The best mass building exercises are always the ones that nobody wants to do, and front squats are no different. They’re one of the best quad builders because they introduce an additional level of challenge. Front squats require flexibility, technique, and core strength because the bar must be held and balanced on the front of the shoulders. As such, the front squat does everything the back squat does and more.