When I was desperate and depressed, I found Former Fat Guy and you gave me hope that despite my failures in the past, this could be done.I want to make sure you realize that you’re having great impact on lives with your powerful story.


I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to Rob. I have never hidden the fact that I have an addiction to alcohol, and have struggled for maybe 5 years to try and end this addiction with limited to no results.

I wish I had found this site and rob 5 years ago as within a short space of time rob has given me my life back, Rob advised me to use L – GLUTAMINE for carbohydrate and alcohol cravings and so I did.

2 weeks later I no longer think about beer, in fact I went shopping and stood in the beer isle, now 2 weeks ago I would have been like a kid in a sweetshop and also checking which wines and cider had the strongest %, now I look at them like an ex that I once couldnt live without.

How far I have come in such a short space of time thanks to rob and his website. Rob set out with this site to help people, so I just wanna say good work mate you have SAVED me, so your site works, keep it up :)


I am writing to thank you for keeping me alive, for helping me grow, for being positive influences I can always count on, for everything I’ve ever read of your work, for the amazing flow of riches from you. I can’t at this moment give you cash, although I have in the past, but I’m about to get rich, and I want to express my gratitude from just side of that experience: the struggling, monetarily impoverished, depression-laced, unhealthy ways you have all helped me to leave behind. You are a part of me, a big part of my success, my hope, my thinking and behavior, my future. You have given me, and made of me, a gift I can pass on to others as an example of your wisdom and beneficence

Bless you a thousand times for every blessing, every book, every lesson, every workout, every piece of nutritional advice, every teleconference, every audio file, every image, every video, every reading, every blog, every newsletter I’ve received. You are noble and generous of spirit, and you have, time and again, raised me up.

Your sister in spirit, your student, your ally,

Hey Rob, just wanted to say thanks for what you do here with the website. Ive been incorporating your techniques and have lost 71lbs so far. I have a ways to go, but Ive now got the ball rolling. Thanks again.