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The EDT Fat Loss Solution 15

The EDT Fat Loss Solution

Escalating Density Training, or EDT for short, is probably the single most effective method to shred fat from your body while building muscle at the same time. They claim that it’s possible to actually drop 1/2 a percent of body fat per week without any other dietary changes. Couple Escalating Density Training with my Fat Loss Fundamentals book and you’re got one of the best natural methods to drop fat, improve your health and your strength at the same time.

Lose Belly Fat With Green Tea 39

Lose Belly Fat With Green Tea

Drinking green tea, and its cousin black tea or oolong tea, has been a custom in many countries for thousands of years. Everyone world wide enjoys a good cup of tea, however the benefits of drinking tea are not as well known as they should be. Tea is great for your health as it helps with high blood pressure, keeping your heart ticking, aids in blood flow and building strong bones, trims your waist line, gobbles up belly fat and helps clean your kidneys.

The benefits of drinking tea are documented and more studies are in progress to help us understand the great benefits of tea. It helps with all kinds of ailments and should be part of anyone’s overall health plan.