Comment Policy

Here’s the thing about comments.

1. The Name Field:
Comments are supposed to be from real people with real names. I would love to give you the gift of a link back to your website, but the “name” field on the comment for is for your name. That which people call you, and I’m guessing, but I don’t think people call you “Diet Pills”, “Best Lawn Mower” or whatever.

2. The Website Field:
I will not allow this website to link to any pharmaceuticals of any soft. I teach my readers and clients how to improve their health so that they may end the cycle of drugs. I dont take them, dont believe in them and certainly won’t link to websites talking about or selling them.

3. The Comment Field:
I will not censor comments. Say whatever you like. You may very well have a different opinion than me and I respect that. I wont allow racism or hatred though. I respect any and all opinions. I believe it allows for learning, to see what others think on a topic, but that’s no reason to be mean or hurtful.

So, this being my blog, puts me in charge so to speak.

If you leave a comment with a keyword link phrase, it will either be deleted or changed to your name if I can see your name from your email. If it’s too much work for me to decipher, it will just be deleted, so dont bother wasting either of our time.

If the website links to something I dont link to, the website field will be deleted or the entire comment will be deleted.

If the comment itself falls into the category listed above, it will be removed.

In this age of automated blogging, comment entry and such, I hate to say this, but I have to be diligent with this policy so that the reading experience of real humans is a good one.

For 99% of readers who leave comments, this policy should not apply. For the 1% that it does, there you go. My policy.

Thanks for your understanding