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Author at 475 pounds

Me at 475 Pounds

In 1989 I weighed 475 pounds and at the tender age of 21, had a near heart attack.

When I made the choice to do something about my weight, it wasn't a "weight loss" program that I figured I had to go on, but instead, I focused my attention learning everything I could to improve my health. By improving my health, one step at a time, I got the weight loss I was looking for. It was a Jan 1st 1990 New Years Resolution that got me started on my journey.

I certainly didn't expect to lose 300 pounds, but that's what happened.

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After Photos

Author at 187 pounds

Me at 187 Pounds

After 2 and a half years (or roughly 28 months), I was 288 pounds lighter, weighing in at 187. I had learned a great many natural health principles and applied them all in what became a great big physiological experiment I performed on myself. With a total weight loss of 288 pounds in 28 months, I averaged 10 pounds a month and the only exercise I did was a 20 minute walking program. Some days, I walked 20 minutes twice a day, but that was it. No weight training and no body weight exercise at all. I'd do it a lot different if I had to do it all over again, but that's another story (that I teach people).