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My Current Eating Style 19

My Current Eating Style

My system of eating that I’m following for the summer months of June through Sept 2010. For curiosity sake and so that my training buddy Brandon has a better handle on what this looks like.

Coconut Yam Soup With Ginger and Lime 8

Coconut Yam Soup With Ginger and Lime

A wonderful combination of flavors makes this coconut yam soup light up your mouth. Making use of both an excellent carbohydrate along with one of the best tasting and healthy fat sources on the planet, this soup recipe will have you energized all day long. The lime and ginger add just the right amount of zing.

Overtraining May Prevent Fat Loss 3

Overtraining May Prevent Fat Loss

Rest and recovery is just as important as the training stimulus. Working your body too hard can cause your body to hold onto fat. Pace yourself. Understand the signs of overtraining. Plan in cycles of rest

How To Make Kombucha Tea 52

How To Make Kombucha Tea

It’s quite easy to make your own Kombucha tea at home from a few basic ingredients found in your kitchen along with a SCOBY and a little starter. Kombucha tea is the result of a fermentation process which converts a sugary tea solution into what many cultures referred to as the elixir of life. This step by step Kombucha tea recipe should have you fermenting in no time at all.

The EDT Fat Loss Solution 15

The EDT Fat Loss Solution

Escalating Density Training, or EDT for short, is probably the single most effective method to shred fat from your body while building muscle at the same time. They claim that it’s possible to actually drop 1/2 a percent of body fat per week without any other dietary changes. Couple Escalating Density Training with my Fat Loss Fundamentals book and you’re got one of the best natural methods to drop fat, improve your health and your strength at the same time.

Butternut Squash and Almond Butter Soup 3

Butternut Squash and Almond Butter Soup

This is a great squash soup recipe that uses either butternut squash or pumpkin as it’s base while adding almond butter to pump up the nutrients, fat and protein profile. Optionally spicy or very spicy, this butternut squash soup is perfect for the colder fall or winter months. Make extra and freeze it because you’ll want to eat it all week long.

Coconut Flour Bread 30

Coconut Flour Bread

This dairy free, gluten free coconut flour bread recipe is perfect for anyone wanting to cut carbohydrates and increase their protein. Slightly sweet, this bread is perfect for eating with a green soup and topped off nicely with a little nut butter. Coconut flour is a wonderful way to increase fiber and lower your net glycemic load of any meal. Wonderful recipe that anyone can make.

My 6 Egg Omelet Recipe 41

My 6 Egg Omelet Recipe

When asked how many eggs I eat, I respond with “at least 6 a day, and up to a dozen whole eggs”. This is my traditional morning breakfast of 6 whole eggs, with greens cooked in coconut oil, fresh ground pepper and sea salt. Washed down with a big glass of chia gel of course.

Increase Your Reps Tip 10

Increase Your Reps Tip

When you’re laying on your back and you’ve got a spotter helping you force out one more rep, it’s pretty easy with him yelling at you. What if you’re by yourself though? then what? This exercise tip will help you get more reps on any lift you perform and it’s stupidly simple. More reps equal more muscle, so begin using this tip and get lifting.