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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The NEW Former Fat Guy Website

new former fat guy websiteA brand new version of this Natural Weight Loss website has been released, transforming it from web 1.0 to a full on web 2.0 Wordpress blog, complete with a health, nutrition and fitness discussion area.

I began this weight loss blog in 2004 using Blogger and tacked it onto the back end of my natural weight loss website on this page you see here. I never really knew where it was going to go, or what blogging was all about, but after 5 years, I've finally upgraded to Wordpress.

It's taken a bit of tweaking to get things all running nice and smooth, but after testing out 3 different servers that were supposed to run both Microsoft Active Server Pages (.asp) and PHP, I've found a home on a server I'm happy with.

While writing Fat Loss Fundamentals, I've also been building the new version of Former Fat Guy behind the scenes and testing things out without anyone really knowing it was even there. Well, the mighty Google found it, indexed it, and traffic began to flow to the "secret" pages.

I decided to finish the tweaks on the theme I'd had installed and finally release it to the world.

So, there will be little if any blogging here on this page (/weblog/blogger.asp) as I've now transformed the front of the site into a much more robust system.

However, the RSS feed is only showing short excerpts of the content, not the whole thing, so until I get that issue fixed, I don't want to change the RSS source location and as such, you dear reader do not get my updates delivered to you by email just yet.

So consider this your alert.

Some of the initial posts include:
I've also redirected the links at the top of the old website for my before and after weight loss photos to the new website where I have better control over them. And, as a big plus, my "Current Photo" section, which hadn't been updated in a bunch of years (because it was a pain in the butt to be quite honest) has been improved and will be regularly updated over time. There are current photos on there from my Kilimanjaro climb, my Mt Everest hike, Singapore and my Mens Fitness photo shoot from last year.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Abraham on Natural Weight Loss : Video

Abraham, translated by Esther Hicks, responds to a question from a woman has tried every diet, done every exercise, and still cannot lose weight.

Effortless Weight Loss

Sidestepping the usual - and often frustrating - approaches to the problem, Abraham lays the foundation of a mental attitude that brings to bear the power of Law of Attraction to create the most effective technique ever presented for losing weight.

Excerpted from the 2 hour and 20 minute program "Think And Get Slim: Natural Weight Loss" which is available on DVD and CD from Amazon.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Fitness Bailout Like You've NEVER Seen Before

If you’re a living breathing man or woman who wants to lose weight, one common denominator that you MUST have in order to do it as a rapid fat loss program is to build muscle, massive amounts of muscle. is definitely one of the leaders in the field of muscle building and has taken on the name of "The Mad Scientist".

Nick creates state of the art muscle building programs for the advanced and elite level fitness enthusiasts that kick the crap out of your endurance threshold.

Quite frankly, his programs scare me.

But they work.

They work like you’ve never experienced before, packing on between 6 to 9 pounds of muscle in as little as 28 days.

Training programs designed for adding slabs of muscle to your abdominals, adding size to your butt (glutes), rapid muscle building , exercise programs you’ve never heard of before, and his rapid fat loss program Metabolic Surge.

Here’s the great news…

Save 50% on all his courses for this week only!

In the Fitness Blowout of the Year, Nick is slashing his prices and letting his courses go for 50% off the regular low price.

Nick never really did charge for what his courses were worth, and instead focused on giving more to the athlete than he ever expected. Then, for this week only, as his Fitness Bailout, he’s taking another 50% off. Grab these courses right now

So, for ONE WEEK ONLY, get these 5 courses:

Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss
Designed for the trained athlete to get rid of the last bit of fat you’ve been holding onto. Blast through it and get to the muscle in no time at all. I incorporate one very specific principle from this course on a weekly basis, whether I’m following it strictly or not. This is truly one of THE most effective training programs you can do if you're looking to burn fat fast while keeping and even building muscle mass.

Muscle Explosion – 28 Days to Maximum Muscle Mass

This is a powerful program for building muscle as FAST as possible. It's a 28 day program that utilizes cutting-edge training and nutritional techniques to help trainers blast through training plateaus and gain 5 to 10 lbs of muscle in just 4 weeks. I will be using Muscle Explosion as part of my Body Transformation contest I’m currently involved in to get ready for my fall wedding. I EXPECT a gain of 8 pounds of muscle in the 28 days.

Gluteus to the Maximus – Add Inches To Your Butt Quick
This is an ebook about building larger, firmer, rounder glutes as quickly as possible. It contains exercises, programs and training advice targeted specifically to building up this area of the body. Not just “any type of training”, this very specialized approach, that Nick shares with you, will turn your body into a glute-building machine. Your glutes will have no choice but to grow bigger, rounder and firmer very quickly.

The Best Ab Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of
It’s a book about unique and innovative exercises devoted entirely to the abdominal area. It contains information on 77 extraordinary new exercises including pictures, videos, tricks for performing them, and common errors to avoid.

The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of
Just like Nick’s approach to abdominal exercises you’ve never heard of, this time he teaches you how to get maximum value out of every rep you do for specific body part training. Never waste another minute in the gym – get the most value for your time. The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of" can help you get far more results without any more effort than you're putting in right now.

Listen very carefully…

In order to receive the correct information on the 50% off pricing deal for this week, Nick is asking that you sign up for the free sample exercises. Go to the web site for each program, and enter for the sample exercises. You will be sent a link to get your program at the extremely low price, Nick’s Fitness Bailout Rock Bottom Pricing.

If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll know that I kick started this year with a challenge to get you moving and exercising more. It continues with these special rates.

Learning something new allows us to grow stronger mentally as well as physically and these targeted training programs will teach you fundamental principles that take your body to the next level. Make 2009 the year of your best body ever!

As I said, I’ve laid out my training program for the next 8 months leading up to my wedding in September and both Muscle Explosion and Metabolic Surge are part of it. I’m going to see if my Fiance will be willing to push herself even further and incorporate the Gluteus Maximus program as well (shhhh… don’t tell her I’m thinking about this).

Take advantage of the free offers on each of the program pages, sign up for the free exercise examples and training information. Each website has clear instructions on how to take advantage of that.

I would love to hear your feedback about the programs as well. Email me or leave a comment.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

World Record Weight Loss - Manuel Uribe

Manuel Uribe holds the title of worlds fattest man according to Guinness World Records, weighing in at his highest weight of 1,235 pounds. Now he’s shooting for a second entry into that record book with his new mission, a world record weight loss!

Since making his plea for help in 2006, Mexican native Manuel Uribe has lost 518 pounds on a diet of grapefruit, egg-white omelets, fish, chicken, vegetables and peanuts, as customized by USA’s Dr Barry Sears.

Current Guiness World Records for weight loss are held by and American woman Rosalie Bradford at 907 pounds lost, and a British man Jon Brower Minnoch who lost 924 pounds.

I first heard of Manuel when I saw him on a TV show about one year ago in 2007. I then googled him and found his website. As far as I can tell, he does not have an English version of it, but it can be translated into english.

I take one day at a time. The doctors told me I had a choice. To choose life or to choose death. I chose life

Manuel made it out of his house for the first time in years once he got to the 840 pound mark, but it was short lived when the truck that was carrying him hit a bridge.

manuel uribeManuel is now 717 pounds and has to crack 311 pounds before he makes the Guinness book of world records for greatest weight loss for a man. His goal, according to wikipedia, is 265 pounds and he’s well on his way to reaching it. Last year alone, he dropped 400 pounds!

Manuel figures it was his unending diet of burgers, pizza’s and fizzy drinks that he consumed while living in Dallas, Texas for 14 years.

Original Story, and BBC

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weight Loss Interviews - Steve

Steve was 160 pounds when he graduated from high school and entered the Navy but years later, at 38 and being married for almost 13 years, he broke the 200 pound mark topping out at 212. Steve says he started burn the fat, feed the muscle on my recommendation and dropped 25 pounds. A knee injury a few months later stopped him in his tracks and the weight began to creep back on.

He started blogging about his journey on the website No More Fat Dad, and says his turning point was in 2005 when he overheard one of his young sons friends say "Your dad’s fat!"

After dropping 21 pounds in the past 11 weeks, he's on a mission to pass the Navy SEAL fitness challenge.

Steve, aka No More Fat Dad, is a 38 year old sales engineer for a small company that sells Google Enterprise solutions to the U.S. Federal Government and hails from Cleveland, Ohio.

RobThanks for taking the time to do the interview Steve. I'm glad I had an impact on you - it's why I run the site here. I know you're married, so tell me a little about your wife.

SteveI'm lucky to be married to Christine, the best wife ever. Nobody else would put up with me as much as she does. We've been married for 12, going on 13 years.

RobAwesome. I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a very good woman too. What about the kids?

SteveAs if having the best wife wasn't enough of a blessing, I have two great young boys. Zach is 8 and Alex is 6. They enjoy all types of sports, playing tag, riding their bikes and scooters, Pokemon (ugh!) and reading and their Nintendo DS'.

RobTell me more about why you started your weight loss program. Did you have a specific reason to start?

SteveSeveral actually, but two that are the most important to me.

A few years back, 2005 I think it was, I knew I was overweight. I topped out at 212 pounds and decided to do something about it. Your site was one of the first I came across and your story was very inspirational. You also led me to Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle and that helped me drop around 25 pounds.

Unfortunately, I hurt my knees on a trampoline (that's when I realized I'm not 18 anymore) and was unable to keep running, which was my main cardio workout. I tend to be an "all or nothing" kind of guy, so when I couldn't run anymore, I gave up all together.

Fast forward a few years. I put back on the weight I'd lost and was now at 208. This past fall, during my boy's flag football season, I was messing around with the kids and one of them told Zach "you're dad's fat"! That absolutely floored me. I'd never been called fat in my life. Heck, when I joined the Navy, I was 160 pounds and I'm 5' 11".

That comment made me re-evaluate my health and fitness. I didn't want to be known as the fat dad and I'm sure my son's didn't want to hear me getting called names like that. I knew it was time to do something, but with the holidays coming, I decided to wait until the new year.

The second reason is because I haven't slept with my wife for the better part of 5 years. I found out that when I hit 190-192 on the scale, I snore every night. And when I say snore, I mean bring the house down snore. Not only do I snore on my back, I snore on my side, front, no matter the position I'm in, I snore. Christine wasn't able to get any sleep and with her being a stay-at-home mother, she really needed it. So I've been relegated to the guest room these past 5 years.

I finally realized that our "arrangement" wasn't too good for our marriage. We're like all the typical couples, we have our ups and our downs. But not sleeping together really changes the dynamics. It's more like we're live in friends with benefits than husband and wife. I wanted to be husband and wife again.

RobWhat was your starting weight and your current weight?

SteveThis time around, my starting weight was 208 pounds. Currently I'm at 187 for a total loss so far of 21 pounds in 11 weeks.

Rob21 pounds in 11 weeks - Congratulations, well done. Do you have a weight loss goal? Is it a weight number or body fat number you're shooting for?

SteveI have a few goals, both mini-goals and ultimate goals. My weight goal is 180 pounds, but I'm re-evaluating that right now. Since I'm just 7 pounds a way, I can see in the mirror that I can stand to lose more so I'm going to adjust that down to 170.

I typically set mini-goals at the 5 pound marks. So right now, I'm at 187, my mini-goal is 185. After that, my mini-goal is 180. It's a lot easier to focus on the smaller goals that ultimately get you to the big goals.

Just this past week, I put down a body fat percentage goal of 20%. That's my current goal, with my ultimate goal being 15%. When I get there, I may want to get leaner, but I'm pretty sure that's the leanest I've ever been in my adult life so I'll be extremely happy with that.

My final goal is to fit back into size 32 jeans. It was pretty embarrassing to have a waist size that is 20% bigger than the length of my pants. As of yesterday, I'm comfortably in 34s and when I started, I was busting out of my 36's (I refused to buy 38s).

RobNice goals. I like the idea of mini goals that you're setting. Instead of looking at the "big picture" and being overwhelmed with 50 pounds to lose, shoot for 5 pounds at a time. Awesome stuff. What sort of exercise program are you following?

SteveI started off with the Men's Health Belly Off program. It's kind of funny, in December I received a copy of Men's Health in the mail. I hadn't subscribed, and nobody I know admitted to subscribing me, but I'm glad I got it. That issue had a short mention of the Belly Off program. Since I knew I was going to start something at the beginning of the year, I decided to check it out.

I loved it! Short workouts that relied on body weight and just a few pieces of simple equipment (fit ball, chinup bar) that I could do at home. I signed up, printed off the materials and got started on January 8th.

The Belly Off program is 8 weeks long. As I was nearing the end of the 8 weeks, I started looking for something else. Since I'm no fitness expert, I knew I couldn't do it on my own. I needed a plan like Belly Off.

The creator of Belly Off, Craig Ballantyne, has another program called Turbulence Training. I decided to stick with what was working and downloaded Turbulence Training which I've been doing since the beginning of March.

RobI'm in the process of interviewing Craig Ballantyne right now. Excellent program, that Turbulence Training. Tell me more about your experience with Turbulence Training.

SteveYou could say I'm a gym rat now. I'm in the gym 4-5 times a week. But the beauty of Turbulence Training is that I'm only there for an hour at the most each time. All told, I spend 5 hours a week in the gym.

Three days a week I do resistance training and then interval training. Once a week I'm in the pool swimming laps getting ready for the Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge in May. If I'm feeling like I need some extra work, I'll throw in one extra interval session for the week.

RobWhat's y our favorite exercise?

SteveI really enjoy the swimming. Having been born in Miami and growing up on the water, I was always a strong swimmer. After years of being out of the water, it's been fun getting back into the water on a regular basis.

Out of the exercises I do for resistance training, I'd have to say pullups are my favorite. Simply because, when I started I couldn't do a single one. Over the past 11 weeks I've been able to build up my strength to the point that I can do 5. I love the challenge of trying to improve on something I wasn't able to do at all before.

RobOh I know how that is - I love seeing the progression of strength - to be able to lift something that you couldn't before, to be able to do more pushups than when you started, it's awesome. When I began back in 1990 I could only do 3 pushups and I had to do them incline on the stairs. Are there any obstacles you had to overcome to begin exercising / keep exercising?

SteveIn the beginning it was all mental. I had to overcome the lazy habits I'd developed over the years. It was a struggle to wake up in the mornings to go do my intervals. Or I would make excuses for not getting the bodyweight workouts in at night. It was all an internal mental battle.

But over time, that changed. So much so, that if I couldn't get a planned workout in when I wanted, I'd get grumpy and feel miserable. After overcoming the mental obstacles, I looked forward to working out and started seeking new challenges.

RobWhat is your goal in regards to exercising?

SteveObviously, this is a lifestyle not a short term program. Keeping that in mind, I've been looking for challenges to keep me motivated to stay healthy.

For example, I've signed up for the Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge taking place in May. To pass the challenge you have to complete the following test;

500M swim (breast stroke or side stroke) in 12:00 minutes or less
40 pushups (or more) in 2:00 minutes
40 situps (or more) in 2:00 minutes
6 pullups (no time limit)
1.5 mile run in 12:00 minutes or less

I figure if I can pass that, I'm in good shape. And, it's a great reason for me to keep going. I don't want to get to the challenge and embarrass myself and it would be fun to do better than some of the kids trying it.

I'm also doing a triathlon sprint this summer. It's just one more event that will keep me motivated.

That's my plan for staying in shape. Constantly seek out new challenges that will push me to stay fit and get better all the time.

RobGreat goals - I wish you the best of luck with the SEAL fitness Challenge. Be sure to let us know how that goes. What sort of nutrition program are you following?

SteveNone really. At least not any book type of plan.

In the past, I'd obsess over each calorie, measuring out everything. I kept track of everything I ate and worried all the time. That was just too much for me and I couldn't sustain it.

This time around, I decided to count calories for the first few weeks to get a baseline. Once I had that, I was able to figure out what I could eat for my meals and snacks and I've stuck with that.

My basic approach has been to eliminate all the processed foods, the junk food, the sugars and the sodas. I've replaced all that with whole natural foods, lots of fruits and veggies. One of the immediate benefits I noticed was that my sweet cravings (I'm a HUGE chocoholic) were gone within a week.

When I eat out or I'm in a situation where I don't control what I'm eating or how much is put on my plate, I just rely on portion control.

RobWhat is one of the cardinal rules of nutrition that you have learned, always follow or never break?

SteveDump the sodas & drink lots of water! I went cold turkey on January 1 and it's made a huge difference. It was nothing for me to go through a 6 pack a day (with no water), and there was usually a twinkie or a little debbie or a chocolate bar going down with each one of those sodas. That is the one food item I do not allow myself to have any more.

RobDo you have a food tip that you'd like to share?

SteveSure. Have fun with your food. I was a picky eater vowing I'd never eat "rabbit food" (aka salads). The only veggies I'd touch were beans, peas and corn.

Living this new lifestyle required me to get adventurous with my food. I've since learned that I love avocados, spinach, salads, mangoes, carrots, figs and a lot more. Each time I go to the store, I look for something new to try out from the fruit and veggie isle. I've discovered a whole new world and it's made eating a lot more fun since I'm not having the same old thing day in and day out.

RobNice. Greens are good! Do you allow for a reward meal? A reward day?

SteveNot really. I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of anything so I don't think I need to have a reward meal/day.

The one indulgence I do allow myself when I reach a goal or after being good for a few days is a square or two of dark chocolate. As I mentioned before, I'm a chocoholic. One of the lessons I've learned is that just one or two small squares of dark chocolate is enough to satisfy me, I don't need the entire bar or bag to enjoy it.

RobHow important do you regard proper rest and sleep in your weight loss program?

SteveRest and sleep are very important to me. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night allows your body to release chemicals that help in weight loss and muscle building. If you get any less, your body will release stress hormones which can sabotage your weight loss. I'd rather work with my body than against it.

RobWhat sort of nutritional supplements do you use?

SteveNot a single one. Besides being cheap, I just don't think they work. If they did, we wouldn't have this obesity epidemic going on while the supplement industry continues to set revenue records. Everyone taking the supplements would be fit and slim and the companies pushing them wouldn't have any more customers. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think the pharma companies, and others, are in this for themselves, not to help me or anyone else truly get in shape.

RobWhy did you start blogging your journey at www.nomorefatdad.com?

SteveMy original goal of www.nomorefatdad.com was to share my experiences doing the Belly Off program with everyone else on the program. I figured if I was going through something, others were too and it may help them to know they're not alone. It was also a way for me to share my success with them so they could see that the program works.

Obviously, this put pressure on me to keep going because I couldn't live with myself if I just gave up with others watching. So it was great for accountability. Once I started getting some readers and feedback it made me want to keep going and do the best I could.

It turns out, what I started for the purpose of helping others ended up helping me. I've received quite a few messages and comments telling me how motivational I am. ME! That's very humbling to have others say you've motivated them and I'm happy I could do something for them. I never thought of it that way, but just knowing I was motivating even one other person really made the blog worth it and pushed me to succeed.

I've also received great feedback when I needed help. The power of the web community is amazing and I'm always very appreciative when someone offers advice. Thank you to all the NMFD readers and people who comment, I owe a lot to each and every one of you.

RobIf you had any advice to anyone who's considering starting a weight loss journey, or someone who knows they should start but haven't yet, what would you say?

SteveStop thinking, start doing and realize it will be hard work.

A favorite quote of mine is "To have more, you must first be more", written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. That quote sits on my desk and stares at me every day. To me it means, if you want to be fit or in shape you have to put in the hard work. Nothing comes easy and nothing is handed to you. You have to go out and get it. When you've put in the work and you've given it everything, you'll eventually become the person you want to be, you'll be "more".

RobAwesome Steve, thanks for all the insight into your new lifestyle. Thanks also for the heads up on the Navy SEAL fitness challenge - I'll have a longer look at it in the future.

For more information on what was discussed here in the interview, check out my interview with Turbulence Training author Craig Ballantyne, the Navy SEAL fitness challenge and Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto. Steve's exercise program this time around was inspired by his participation in the Mens Health Belly Off Program.

My last weight loss blogger interview was with Andrew Scott, another blogger doing Turbulence Training.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fuhrman's Eat For Health

Dr Joel fuhrman has a new 2 set book out entitled "Eat For Health" available at Amazon for $46. It's a two book set, part one being about the mind makeover and part two being the body makeover. His first book Eat To Live is a fantastic read that I recommend to anyone.

I'm looking forward to the new two book set and have it in my shopping cart right now.

furhman eat for health

Tonja R. Nansel, PhD has this to say about Eat For Health:

Dr. Fuhrman's nutritional prescription is a greatly-needed antidote to the US way of eating which has become a leading cause of disease and premature death. Despite all the sophisticated medical technology available today, the sobering truth is that the greatest tools for preventing and reversing disease are your fork and spoon. This way of eating will greatly benefit those in poor health as well as healthy persons desiring optimal wellness and vitality. Further, unlike most weight-loss approaches based on will-power and difficult to sustain, Dr. Fuhrman's approach corrects the underlying causes of excessive hunger and cravings, resulting in permanent, naturally-occurring weight loss. I have had the privilege of personally seeing the tremendous disease reversal that occurs with this way of eating, and whole-heartedly recommend this book.

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