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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tom Venuto Interview

tom venuto burn the fatTom Venuto author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle has turned 40, and was recently interviewed about the success of his book (being readied for a version 2.0 to be released later this year). I reviewed Burn the Fat a few years ago and got great results with it myself.

If getting into single digit body fat is your goal, and you’re serious about your training and nutrition lifestyle, then Tom’s book may very well give you the guidance you need to fulfill your dream.

Find out what’s new with Tom Venuto and read what he has to say about the Internets most famous and effective weight loss system.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Weight Loss Blog Interviews - Andrew Scott

I had to opportunity to interview Andrew Scott, a Scotsman living in Indonesia about his weight loss program. I met Andrew when he answered the call to be a beta tester for the 12 week course in whole food eating I'm developing. In a post I did the other day about other , I quoted from Andrew's website Discipline or Regret where he says:

It’s time to think for myself, it’s time to educate myself about my body and the foods that I eat and how exercise affects it. And that’s what I did, for months I read and asked people and read some more. Then the time comes when all that knowledge has to be turned into actions to be come wisdom. I had to initiate all the information I had, and I am ... I am embracing the pain of discipline because I don’t want to suffer the pain of regret!

RobHi Andrew, thanks for doing the interview. Lets start with your age.

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI'm 29 Rob.

RobWhere are you currently living?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI live in Surabaya, Indonesia, but I'm originally from Scotland

RobAnd what do you do in Indonesia?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI'm a happily married English teacher with an eleven month old son

RobWhat was your reason for starting your weight loss program?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI went on a Dr. visit in January and he told me if I don't lose weight I probably wont see 40. I have a beautiful wife and son, heck I have got lots to live for!

RobWow, powerful motivation. What was your starting weight when you began?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comMy starting weight 15 weeks ago was 302lbs and now it's 282lbs

RobCongratulations - well done Andrew! 20 pounds down in 15 weeks, a safe and effective weight loss. Do you have a weight loss goal? Is it a weight number or body fat number you’re shooting for?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comMy weight loss goal is 220lbs, I am going home to Scotland in June for a holiday and I'll be having my body fat checked out. I also have a goal of a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.92

RobWhat sort of exercise program are you following?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comAt the start I was using the Abs Diet and then I started making my own workouts. But now I am following the Turbulence Training workouts

RobYes, Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne, excellent. I'm in the middle of an right now. How often do you workout / train?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI am doing 3 strength training workouts per week (Mon, Wed & Fri) and then 3 interval training workouts on the other days (Tue, Thu & Sat), with Sundays off. I do all my workouts at 4am in the morning, not because I want to but it's the only time I have.

RobWow, 6 workouts a week, awesome, and 4 am! now that's commitment. Someone who's driven to get results, to get to their goal will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Nice to see you putting in such a huge effort. What's your favorite exercise?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI enjoy working my back and chest muscles, so anything that works them and gets them burning.

RobAre there any obstacles you had to overcome to begin exercising / keep exercising?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comGetting up at 4am! If I try to do my workouts after work I get lazy and then inconsistent.

RobWhat is your goal in regards to exercising?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI am really digging into the science of exercising, before I would focus on small muscles but now I am targeting the big muscle groups to blast my fat!

RobYes, once you begin exercising or make a change in your eating program, it's always fun to read more and discover the science of it all. I like science, but I like the ancient / natural approaches too. The natural approaches seem to get forgotten by maney. What sort of nutrition program are you following?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI started off with the Abs Diet program. But now I am happy to say that I am beta testing your "12 weeks to a Former Fat Guy" course; coming away from processed foods and sugar.

RobYes, that's kinda how we met, you're a subscriber of my newsletter and when I put out the request for beta testers, you answered. Thanks for being involved. What is one of the cardinal rules of nutrition that you have learned, always follow or never break?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comThere are many that I don't want to break with my new lifestyle; I drink bottled water (about 2.5 - 3 liters per day). Eating more protein, and low carbs. One thing I have learnt is that not all carbs are bad.

RobYep, it's mostly processed carbs that are bad, not all carbs. Do you have a food tip that you’d like to share?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comEat between meals!! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't eat between meals. If you have healthy snacks between your meals then you'll spike your metabolism into burning fat throughout the day.

RobDo you allow for a reward meal? A reward day?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI have a Cheat Meal usually on Saturdays for my dinner. Everything can be on the menu, but I am usually still very careful.

RobAh ha, I see you're regarding it as a cheat meal, not a reward meal - interesting. How important do you regard proper rest and sleep in your weight loss program?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comIf I don't get a good nights sleep then my muscles wont get the recovery they need. I would like to be getting about 8 hours per night, but at the moment I am getting about 7 hours. I try to have a 30 min nap on workout days at about 4pm.

RobWhat sort of nutritional supplements do you use?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI am using Whey Protein.

RobWhy did you start blogging your journey at http://www.disciplineorregret.com?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comI started the blog to keep myself accountable and to encourage others.

RobAwesome. Tell the world your story and your goals and you have a huge audience to keep accountable to. Nice. If you had any advice to anyone who’s considering starting a weight loss journey, or someone who knows they should start but haven’t yet, what would you say?

Andrew - DiscipleOrRegret.comBe very careful with all the weight loss lies out there. Start to educate your self with eating & exercise. I have but myself into this formula.

Educate + Initiate + Evaluate = Success!

People can motivate you but you really need to take yourself seriously and know what you want and how to get there.

Evaluation is the key to show you where you have come from (mini successes) and also how you can build upon and improve what you are doing.

RobThanks for taking a moment out of your busy day to share your story with us Andrew.

You can visit Andrew's website at Disipline or Regret

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Speed Linking - Weight Loss Blogs

A few weight loss blog's that I've come across lately or interacted with.

Fat Man Unleashed

Israel was always a gym rat, and in his best shape weighed in around the 220 pound to 235 pound mark. For one reason or another, Israel lost touch with the gym and didn't train for a good number of years and reached his maximum weight of 348 pounds, 120 pounds heavier than he wants to be.

Israel is also interested in promoting health related stories, through his latest venture Health Ranker where members can vote on stories they like giving them more exposure. check it out.

As of this writing, Israel is down 44 pounds on his quest to regain his lean mean physique.

No More Fat Dad

Steve, a former Navy man, woke up one day to realize that his weight was affecting his family life. A 38 year old father of 2 boys, Steve realized that he wasn't being as active with his boys and when his kids’ friends told him he was fat - that was part of the beginning. Steve's highest weight was 208 pounds and at 5'11", he feels that he's about 18 pounds heavier than he wants to be. His goal is 180 and he's doing it with a simple and sensible eating program, along with .

Discipline or Regret

Andrew Scott is a 29 year old Scottsman living in Indonesia who’s starting weight was 302 but he's down 17 over 6 weigh ins. His blog isn’t clear when he decided to start his little project, nor how far apart his weigh ins occur (I’d guess weekly), but it’s nice to see a daily food journal on his website.

Andrew came to the realization

It’s time to think for myself, it’s time to educate myself about my body and the foods that I eat and how exercise affects it. And that’s what I did, for months I read and asked people and read some more. Then the time comes when all that knowledge has to be turned into actions to be come wisdom. I had to initiate all the information I had, and I am.

He continues "I am embracing the pain of discipline because I don’t want to suffer the pain of regret!", hence the name of his blog Discipline or Regret!

Andrew is a subscriber to my newsletter, and when I put out the request for beta testers of my 12 Week Course to better health and better eating, he responded quickly.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Weight Watchers Core Program

I started a a few weeks ago and got very little response about it. I’m wondering, and if people are happy with the program. If you’ve been on weight watchers, I’d LOVE some help understanding it.

weight watchers

I have a small discussion going on in my weight loss forum about weight watchers as well.

I was on it in grade 5 but know very little about it because it was my mom who handled all the logistics around it.

I’ve since come to learn more about the program, mostly from television and hearing people talk about the weight watchers points system.

However, I’ve also recently come to learn about the core program.

Weight watchers describes it this way:

The Core Food List is based on the science of energy density. It contains foods that are low in energy density, meaning they contain a small number of calories per ounce. That means they’ll make you feel more satisfied while you are actually consuming fewer calories. You can mix and match these foods as much as you want, and you’ll learn to stay aware of hunger and fullness, so you won’t overeat.

Along with eating any Core Foods you want, you get a "Weekly Allowance" for foods that aren’t on the Core Plan. You can use them for daily treats, a night on the town, or a special occasion--so you can still indulge sometimes, without going off track.

I find this very interesting as my own understanding about food is that we must eat what I’m referring to as . If we eat more nutrient dense foods, we can nourish our bodies, reduce or eliminate cravings, feel fuller on less food and improve our health through the increase in fiber. Health improvements include lowering of cholesterol, reverse or eliminate heart disease and of course lose weight.

I’d like to know what sort of results you’ve gotten from the core program and if you’ve actually learned anything about healthy eating in the process.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shredded At Last

get shredded
By Dr Clay Hyght

The only thing harder than starting an exercise and nutrition plan is following through till the bitter end, without giving up or giving in to the "this is too hard" or "I'm just not meant to be lean" excuses.

Sometimes, however, even perseverance is not enough. It often takes something more high-tech to enable you to get rid of that last little bit of body fat that seems permanently affixed to your body.

You know the fat I'm talking about. The last few pounds that seem to defy physiology, calling your body home no matter what you do. For men, those pounds tend to linger at the belt-line, either in the front or on the lateral aspect of your lower back. Women tend to find those pesky last few pounds in the lower glute/upper hamstring region, or just out to the side on the widest part of the hips: the saddlebag region.

Regardless of your gender, where you find these pounds, or how long you've had them, they can be gotten rid of! That's right, you don't have to settle for accepting that they're always gonna be there, and you certainly don't have to resort to something invasive like liposuction to get rid of those unwanted fat cells.

Read the whole article on T-Nation

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Calorie Restriction Weight Loss Program For Longevity

Since the 1930’s studies show (in rodents, dogs, cows, mice, worms, spiders and monkeys at least) that by restricting calories, we can extend life. Calorie restriction also reduces the incidence of virtually all diseases of aging such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, auto-immune disorders, neurological decline and diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. (source)

calorie restriction

No tests have yet to be done on man, however, in 1991, quite by accident, 8 scientists sealed themselves up in a giant airtight terrarium in the Arizona desert for a 2 year experiment on self sustaining ecosystems called Biosphere 2 and quite quickly found that indeed, they could not grow enough food to support themselves.

Roy Walford, the team’s physician, had been studying calorie restriction diets for a number of years and convinced his fellow scientists to give it a try.

I don’t really think they had a choice.

When their project ended and they exited the bubble …

tests proved them healthier in nearly every nutritionally relevant respect than when they’d gone in

Walford is the author of The Anti-Aging Plan: The Nutrient-Rich, Low-Calorie Way of Eating for a Longer Life--The Only Diet Scientifically Proven to Extend Your Healthy Years, but himself passing away at the age of 79 from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Ironically however, caloric restriction may have accelerated the course of ALS for Dr. Walford, as mice genetically engineered to develop ALS experience faster disease course and shorter lifespan when placed on a calorically restricted diet

I’ve done my own bit of calorie restriction as part of an experiment of ABCDE, Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet and Exercise I did back in 2003. ABCDE is about two week cycles of diet and exercise. Two weeks of double caloric intake plus 1000 calories along with heavy lifting 3x a week and no cardio. This is immediately followed by two weeks of lower calories (in my case, 1800 per day) along with cardio and light weight training just enough to keep the muscle built during the first phase.

The idea behind ABCDE was presented to my by Bill Phillips during an interview he did with the ABCDE designer and I followed this program for 2 months. In a way, I experimented with a version of the calorie restriction program.

Calorie Restriction Test

What would it be like to follow this program for 2 months?

That’s the premise behind a story done by New York Magazine writer Julian Dibbell who did an entire 2 months on a calorie restricted diet. Her account leaves her 20 pounds lighter, an improved sex drive, dreams of immortality and, well, hungry.

I’m not sure if it’s worth it really.

I enjoy food and I always have.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the junk food I ate when I was younger, but have now come to love whole foods, imported beer and great wine.

I’ve often said that the reason I train so hard is because I like eating. I love training hard for all the benefits it provides both physically, mentally and emotionally and then I get to eat more too.

Is calorie restriction something you do or would consider doing? Read the Ultra Extreme Calorie Restriction Diet Test and make up your own mind. Personally, I’d like the freedom of earning my food because of the work I put in.

But hey, that’s just me.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Why Have I Not Written A Book?

weight loss book
I got this question today from a subscriber to my weight loss and natural health newsletter

Q: Hi Rob,

a question has been bothering me about your site and newsletters, and i thought it best to go straight to the source.

Why have you not written a book, rather than give away this information for free?

Please don't take this the wrong way, Its just I'm hyper-sensitive to possible Snake Oil peddlers, and trust is a difficult issue for me.

Best wishes


A: Simple answer Jim. Fear.

It’s a tiny bit of fear and a big part of "who the hell would want to listen to me anyway" issue.

Just recently, and I mean just in the past week, have decided to do just that. Write my book. I've been talking about it for years and have never come through with the finished product. I’ve started it a few times and then just left it.

I've spent the better part of the past two years thinking each and every day about what I'd say, what's important to know about and in what sort of format I'd present the material.

Partly I'm a bit of a perfectionist, that the book has to be just right, in a format that I'd be happy to put my name behind, so that's been part of the delay.

Partly it's a bit of struggle about "the truth" of food, how the body works and busting through beliefs. There are a lot of big truths about food that people just don't want to hear.

Jim, I'm all about health as the primary focus to gaining your ultimate physique, not weight loss for the sake of weight loss.

Health is way more important.

By striving for health, constantly learning and applying the principles, we will gain our best looking body, along with some very positive side effects.

You see, I've been a student of health for many years. I'm a guy's guy so don't get me wrong, but some of the principles that I will suggest and promote aren’t in a typical "guy's" book.

However, I can't argue with results. What I'm about to describe in the book works.

I always seem to see new things, new principles that take me to the next level and then I delay the book some more while I experiment with the new thing. It's like the pieces have been coming to me year in, year out and I hadn't gotten a complete picture yet.

Am I using that as an excuse? Maybe.

The truth is though, that the book has to be written.

I know it's time and I believe that I'm finally ready

I have enough pieces to finally put it into words, which is exactly the next step.

Now comes the commitment part.

Can I commit to a date? That's a tough one.

I don't think I can. I don’t know how long it will take to put into words that which I want to say. I mean, "how long does it take to write a book?". I don't know. Depends on the book, the content and what flows out. When I'm flowing, other things may come up, extending it. I'm not sure I can commit to a date.

I will say this.

I have committed to writing the book, so it is coming out.

The book name is "Fat Loss Fundamentals"

The website will be www.fatlossfundamentals.com

I can give an approximate target date of June 1st 2008 for sure, but know that it will be out much earlier. How's that sound?

In the mean time Jim, I'd like to thank you for being a subscriber and trusting ME enough to ask the question. It makes me proud to know that you trust me enough over the people that I recommend. I thank you for that.

It's readers like you that ask me for my opinion, my help and tell me that you trust me that allow me to take the steps I need to take to write the book.

The people that I recommend on my website are the people that I know and that I trust. They’re either friends, people I know or products that I use myself.

I've been eating Sunrider foods for going on 17 years now and it will always be my primary source of nutrition.

Because of the ranking and traffic that my website gets, I am approached almost daily to promote the newest drug or the latest diet. When I turn them down, their immediate come back is "think about all the money though" to which I respond "it's not about the money, it's about trust".

I don't recommend things that I have not personally tried. I say this to the best of my knowledge and I can’t speak for the Google ads on my site.

Health and fitness are my passion Jim

I will make it my personal commitment to you to get this book out of my head, off the drawing board and into the hands of the many people who need it, now more than ever.

Thank you again for taking the time to write and thank you for being a subscriber.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Biggest Loser Not Realistic

new york times biggest loser
I received an email from an editor of the New York Times (NY Times) regarding an article they were doing about the television show "The Biggest Loser".

They wanted my opinion about the show and it’s impact on the general viewing public.

Do I have an opinion about "the Biggest Loser" ?


First and foremost, I want to say congratulations to all those who have been on the show and have dropped the weight they have. Well done. I would love to hear from them and find out how they’re continuing in their lives after the show.

My biggest issues with the concept of this show is that it isn’t realistic.

The healthy way to lose weight is through a combination of

  1. Change in eating habits to whole foods

  2. Increase in movement, both cardio and weight training

  3. A change in belief systems

It’s an entire lifestyle change. In my opinion, doing this for the sake of losing weight is not the correct approach. I believe that we have to make changes in our thinking and being a program of health.

A goal of becoming healthy includes a change in eating habits, television viewing habits, eliminating smoking, drinking responsibly, improvements in water consumption, food supplements like the (the cornerstone of my health program), movement like walking and beginning a weight training program. The goal of becoming health has the same effect but lasts a lifetime, not just until you’re 50 or 100 pounds lighter.

The NY Times quoted me in their article about the biggest loser where I suggested that someone with a healthy continued weight loss of 2 to 3 pounds a week may become disillusioned about their success after seeing the contestants dropping 10 or more pounds a week.

A weight loss of 2 to 3 pounds a week is fantastic. It’s healthy and it proves that you’re making gains on your goal weight. It’s important to know what kind of weight you’re losing though as you want to keep your muscle.

If there’s one thing I could impress upon you it would be to keep track of your body composition, not your weight.

I think you’d agree that 180 pounds at 12% body fat is healthier than 180 pounds at 25% ore more body fat.

Muscle helps you burn fat even during sleep, increases your energy levels and makes you feel better about yourself.

2 to 3 pounds of fat loss is fantastic, realistic and doable for someone who’s committed to their new lifestyle.

Here’s a quick little list of what I’d recommend

  • Turn off the TV.
  • Get out of that chair, get active
  • Do something physical every day even if it’s just a 20 minute walk. Do this every day regardless of rain, shine, sleet or snow.
  • Read a book on natural health or fat burning, learn what others who are successful with their fat loss program have done and duplicate it. I recommend Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle as a great resource.
  • Read another book and work the teachings into your new lifestyle, don’t take one book as gospel. Atkins may work for some body types, but throw others out of balance.
  • Learn about Food Combining
  • Consider a short stint of vegetarianism to reset your digestion and give your digestive system a break
  • Learn and create some Whole Food Recipes
  • Learn about detoxification which includes Probiotics and pure water such as Distilled

This is just a few suggestions of where to start. I will go into more detail about each of them over time.

The New York Times article on the Biggest Loser got picked up by another writer and appeared in the entertainment section of MSN as well and then a fellow blogger went on a rant over at Elastic Waist. We both agree, even thought the contestants get results, they’re not necessarily sustainable, nor healthy and show the viewers unrealistic results.

Focus on your health, you’ll be a great role model for your family and kids and get the results you want 2 to 3 pounds at a time.

Be Well

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Alcohol and Weight Loss - Your Choice

Can you drink alcohol on your weight loss program? I have to admit that I love a good red wine and an imported beer, so I’m no different than anyone else, however, when I’m fully committed to getting results, quick results, I have to cut alcohol from my diet.

We know that a glass of Red wine is good for us with all the antioxidants they contain, but what place does it have in your diet when you have other goals?

If you’re happy burning 1 pound of fat per week while drinking a glass of Red wine every other day, then fantastic. If you’re not though, and 1 pound a week isn’t cutting it for you, then you have to make a choice.

It’s all about choices. Life is about choices. Getting results is a choice as well.

Before even getting into alcohol, lets discuss whole foods briefly.

I heavily promote the importance of eating a diet rich in whole foods vs processed foods. Processed foods are cheap and lacking in nutrition. They are easy to prepare though, but what’s the trade off.

The choice is Time and Money over Quality

Eating processed foods are cheap and easy to prepare but lack nutrition

Eating whole foods cost slightly more so may increase your monthly budget for foods and take longer to prepare, but they are plentiful in nutrition, nourish the body, eliminate cravings, provide dietary fiber, facilitate weight loss and improve the ability to gain important fat burning muscle.

The choice is again Time and Money FOR Quality

In choosing to make the majority if not all of your meals from whole foods, if you don’t have the room in your budget, you have to make a choice of cutting something else, or increasing your income.

What would you choose to eliminate from your budget so that you may eat a diet primarily of whole foods?

  • Eliminate Movies?

  • Cut off the TV?

  • Cut out Smoking ($150 a month or more, and that’s being reasonable)

  • Eliminate drinking?

  • Eliminate shopping?

  • Eliminate eating out?

  • Quit drinking your daily Starbucks or Second Cup Coffee ($150 a month)

See it’s a choice. If you want something, you have to decide what you really want and what you’re willing to do about it. I wrote about sacrifices in this article and it applies here.

So now about alcohol. That’s a choice as well

I introduced this post saying that I love Red wine and import beer. I too have to make a choice when it comes to my health and my weight loss results.

The first question is about how much of a role alcohol plays in weight loss. Tom Venuto recently wrote about and came to the conclusion that the is not related to alcohol, but rather to the lifestyle of the drinker. We might be able to drink a moderate amount of alcohol as long as we’re completely in control of the rest of our diet. Personally, I believe that alcohol has no place in the diet of someone looking to achieve their best physique, but that’s just my position.

If you have truly committed to attaining your best physique, then alcohol does not have a place in your diet. Drinking changes our mood, our behavior and we begin to make poor decisions. Alcohol leaves us with a hangover which then affects our ability to train properly and without full intensity.

This is a tough one and I’m no different. After a night out playing floor hockey with the team, it’s nice to finish it off with a few beers at the local pub. A few beers leads to nachos and chicken wings, believe me, I know how it goes. This situation just came up for me after I said I was going to put 14 days between my drinks and limit myself to just 2 drinks. Last night I had 3, but I’ll tell you what, I enjoyed the social time, I enjoyed the beer and I knew what my choices would result in. I was fully aware.

I’ve always wanted to go to an Oktoberfest here in Edmonton. I’ve never been out to one ever. I’ve now got tickets to go with my girlfriend and we’re brining along a few other couples. I fully intend to socialize, have a good time, enjoy David Wilcox, one of my favorite performers and yes, have a bunch of beer. My plan though is to not have another drink until then, and then get back to work, and go another 14 days without another drink. It’s a good 14 days away from now and I have no alcohol in the house, so notwithstanding another social night out, I should be good on my intention.

What are the benefits of eliminating alcohol?

  • By eliminating alcohol, we drop a bunch of calories of which we can then replace with whole foods.

  • By eliminating alcohol, we have more money to spend on whole foods.

  • By eliminating alcohol, we can train harder and are more likely to get out of bed to do cardio in the morning

Eliminating alcohol is a choice, much the same as eliminating spending money on movies, coffee, shopping or cigarettes. The money you save could not only improve your health by eliminating the acidic foods, low quality foods and alcohol, it could be the single thing you needed to add 1 extra pound per week of fat loss.

The choice is yours, it always was and it always will be

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Unstoppable Fat Loss Interviews For Free

free unstoppable fat loss
How would you like an entire collection of motivational audio clips with the worlds best physique transformation experts along with The Fit Bastard’s and The Fit Chic’s ebooks for free? These are not just inspirational, these are Unstoppable fat loss experts. The kind of people that show you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and truely want to make a change in your life. Scott asks a very simple question.

Just what exactly do you think it takes to achieve your dream body?

Think about that for a moment. Got any idea? Have no idea? Seriously, what do you think it takes?

That’s the question my friend Scott Tousignant is asking over on his blog Unstoppable-Fat loss and he's giving away his entire collection of motivational and inspirational audio interviews of which I am a part. He’s adding to that, his and his wife’s (the Fit Chic) ebooks for free. Part of what he's giving you is his $47 Unstoppable Fat Loss interview set.

I am very happy to be a part of his interview series where Scott interviewed me for a full hour asking what it was that got me started, kept me going and continues to inspire me to take action on my health and physique.

Now, when I say unstoppable, I really mean unstoppable. I've talked about this before, about people who always seem to come up with a reason that they can't do it. They're disabled, or they don't have the money to eat better, or they don't get the support from their spouse, or whatever.

well, who's life is it anyway?

unstoppable fat loss
What about Nino Savona? Nino is someone who is living the Unstoppable Lifestyle.

Nino was born 3 months prematurely. His parents were told that he was simply too small and underdeveloped to survive and that they needed to prepare for the worst.

A priest was called to the nursury and read Nino his last rights. But it looks like life had other plans for Nino!

Nino grew little by little until he was well enough to go home from the hospital after several months. In his childhood he underwent corrective leg surgery that was unsuccessful. Nino was left having to rely on crutches or a wheel chair in order to get around.

Later in life Nino decided that he wanted to become as fit as possible. When he tried to join a gym, he was told by a professional trainer that, “it would be unsafe for him to use the exercise equipment”.

What a good thing Nino decided not to listen to the “No’s” and to block out the negativity!

Nino decided that he couldn’t accept the limitations that others were trying to impose on him.

Was it easy for him to get where he is today. Absolutely Not!

Nino pushed himself physically and mentally to develop a body that was healthy, fit, and conditioned. He achieved his dreams!

Scott interviews Jon Benson, Tom Venuto, Dax Moy, Donna Krech and many others including

Dr. Joe Vitale
* Author of "The Attractor Factor." Lost over 80lbs applying the teachings of The Law Of Attraction.

Clark Bartram
* Creator of "Chisel Your Abs"

Jim Katsoulis
* Creator of "Addictive Health" and "Program Yourself Thin"

Fran Harris
* Author of "Will The Real You Please Stand Up", creator of the "Booming Women Conference", former WNBA Star.

Shane James
* Creator of "Weight Loss and The Mind"

Marna Goldstein
* Author of "Naturally Thin Secrets" and "Attracting A Thin You"

James Villepigue
* Author of "The Body Sculpting Bible" Series, "Mind Over Muscle", "Goal Mining", and "Zone Tone"

Kevin Gianni
* Creator of "The Fountain Of Youth World Summit" and "Live Awesome"

Scott York
* Creator of "Your Business Body", "Fitness Figure Reality", and "Bodybuilders Reality"

Roxayn Daniels
* Creator of the "Total Transformation Challenge"

Zach Even-Esh
* Author of "Real Man Fitness" and "Underground Strengths Manual"

Kyle Battis
* Author of "Home Gym Secrets" and "Traveling Trainers Guide"

I’ve been listening to the interviews when I go for my walks and truly, sincerely think that it will make a difference in your life. If you were to get just ONE piece of information that changes how you think and helps you get results, then it would be worth it wouldn’t it? Have a look at the Unstoppable Fat Loss interview series so you know what you're playing for at least.

What do you think it takes to create your dream body?

Scott’s contest is open until October 1st 2007, then he picks a winner and gives his entire product line away. Go enter your answer. You understand that when I say it's free, that I mean, it's absolutely free right? no cost to you? no charge. Free.

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Knowing Your Metabolic Type For Weight Loss

metabolic type and weight loss
So why does the latest diet not work for you? The latest weight loss craze has hit and your buddy gets results, but you don't. "But the diet made the front page of the New York Times?" Yep, it's your genetics or your destiny to be fat right? More psychological pain and distress because again... everything you've tried for weight loss has failed. Miserably.

Well, here's the deal.

Each of us is different! Surprise surprise. We're each a collection of hormones and chemicals, water, bone and muscle. We've each got things going on a little different than our buddy in the next cubicle. You know the type, eats all the fruit he wants and drops pounds like he was melting.

What's the solution?

Eat for your body. Your body, not your buddies body. Eat the food that is designed to keep you balanced, alkaline and feeling great.

Did you know that in some cases, lack of nutrition, inner starvation, the starvation of your very cells and dna can lead to what seems to be mental illness? My friend and Inner Biochemist had this to say on a recent post about this subject

...I bet you didn’t know inner-starvation-induced neurosis and psychosis cannot be differentiated clinically - from functional mental illnesses? Many mistakenly believe this to originate in much more complex psychological conflict, and trauma?

So how do you find out what foods to eat?

My Ultra Homeopath physician is now writing for my new weight loss community and posted her first article in a series about this very thing. From what I understand (and she will correct me if I'm wrong), is that there are three basic metabolic types:

Sugar Burners, Fat Burners and Sympathetic

Sugar burners will need to eat more protein, more fat and fewer carbohydrates, eliminate wheat and favor certain vegetables with protein. And here's a kicker.. Sugar burners should be AVOIDING certain multi vitamins because they take us further out of balance. I say us because I believe I'm a sugar burner.

Find out all the details about what to eat, and especially what to avoid to get results. It's not as complicated as you may think, even though the explanation and the science behind it does. Find out .

My Ultra Homeopath has a simple online test that can determine your metabolic type and a bunch of us from the weight loss community are already involved. Myself, my girlfriend, Jessie and a few others will be writing about what sort of results we got, what we found out and how we're applying it.

So, where one mans food is another mans poison, wouldn't it be easier to find out exactly what you should be eating? Skip the testing and guessing and finally get to the root of the issue.

Read this first article that describes , sign up for the daily blog posts and then follow along with her next explanations of the Fat Burner type. Find out more about the simple point and click online tests that you can take to determine your metabolic type.

You'll be glad you did

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tips On Losing Fat Without Really Trying

Aja Perkins Healthy Eating fat loss
by Aja Perkins

Healthy eating is very important. Here are some tips on losing
weight without really trying.

Fill up on fiber. Choose whole grains, fruits and vegetables,
high fiber cereals, dries beans, lentils, or other legumes. Your goal is 25 to 30 grams daily. Food hihg in fiber make you feel full without lots of calories.

Drink a glass of water before each meal and you'll get a feeling
of fullness. By sipping water throughout the day, you'll know when you're really hungry. Drink at least eight 8oz. glasses of water daily. I drink 1-1 1/2 gallons daily.

Eat more fish. Fish and poultry have less calories then beef,
lamb and pork. Veal has the lowest calories of the meats, but it is higher in cholesterol than beef or lamb.

Limit your salt intake. Instead spice up your diet with pepper,
lemons, basil and oregano (or Mrs.. Dash) and you'll never miss salt. Your blood pressure will improve and you'll lose fat faster! Buy salt-free salsa and sugarless jam as snacks. They taste great on baked tortillas or whole wheat crackers. Also
find lower fat substitutes that satisfy your taste preferences.

Think "healthy eating" instead of "diet". A "Diet" is an on
again off again thing, healthy eating is a life long process. So if you're still hungry and it's not time to eat, take a walk, call a friend, or put on a swimsuit and check on the airfare to Jamaica!

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