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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tom Venuto Interview

tom venuto burn the fatTom Venuto author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle has turned 40, and was recently interviewed about the success of his book (being readied for a version 2.0 to be released later this year). I reviewed Burn the Fat a few years ago and got great results with it myself.

If getting into single digit body fat is your goal, and you’re serious about your training and nutrition lifestyle, then Tom’s book may very well give you the guidance you need to fulfill your dream.

Find out what’s new with Tom Venuto and read what he has to say about the Internets most famous and effective weight loss system.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Build Muscle Fast and Rapid Fat Loss (for free)

Who wants to build muscle fast while getting a rapid fat loss result at the same time?

Yesterday I told you about Nick Nilsson’s Fitness Bailout Sale where he’s slashed his prices by 50% for FIVE days – this week only, Monday through Friday.

Read about the fat loss and muscle building programs from yesterday’s post.

Get Them For Free

As a special treat, I’ve teamed up with Nick to give away one copy a day to a lucky commenter. Leave a comment on each blog post all week long (not this blog, my other blog) and tell me why you MUST have these programs.

Over the weekend I’ll decided who wins based on how inspirational your comment is.

I’m giving away one program each day, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out.

The first two give aways are:

rapid fat lossMetabolic SurgeRapid Fat Loss
Designed for the trained athlete to get rid of the last bit of fat you’ve been holding onto. Blast through it and get to the muscle in no time at all. I incorporate one very specific principle from this course on a weekly basis, whether I’m following it strictly or not. This is truly one of THE most effective training programs you can do if you're looking to burn fat fast while keeping and even building muscle mass.

Leave a comment on the Metabolic Surge Giveaway page



Muscle Explosion – 28 Days to Maximum Muscle Mass

This is a powerful program for building muscle as FAST as possible. It's a 28 day program that utilizes cutting-edge training and nutritional techniques to help trainers blast through training plateaus and gain 5 to 10 lbs of muscle in just 4 weeks. I will be using Muscle Explosion as part of my Body Transformation contest I’m currently involved in to get ready for my fall wedding. I EXPECT a gain of 8 pounds of muscle in the 28 days.

Leave a comment on the Muscle Explosion Rapid Muscle Building program giveaway page.

One last comment...

You do not want to miss out on this ultra low price on all Nick’s programs . Nick knows how to add muscle mass to anyone’s body. For those willing to put in the effort anyway.

Seriously... They're already highly under priced for their value and he's chopped another 50% off. Go get them.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Fitness Bailout Like You've NEVER Seen Before

If you’re a living breathing man or woman who wants to lose weight, one common denominator that you MUST have in order to do it as a rapid fat loss program is to build muscle, massive amounts of muscle. is definitely one of the leaders in the field of muscle building and has taken on the name of "The Mad Scientist".

Nick creates state of the art muscle building programs for the advanced and elite level fitness enthusiasts that kick the crap out of your endurance threshold.

Quite frankly, his programs scare me.

But they work.

They work like you’ve never experienced before, packing on between 6 to 9 pounds of muscle in as little as 28 days.

Training programs designed for adding slabs of muscle to your abdominals, adding size to your butt (glutes), rapid muscle building , exercise programs you’ve never heard of before, and his rapid fat loss program Metabolic Surge.

Here’s the great news…

Save 50% on all his courses for this week only!

In the Fitness Blowout of the Year, Nick is slashing his prices and letting his courses go for 50% off the regular low price.

Nick never really did charge for what his courses were worth, and instead focused on giving more to the athlete than he ever expected. Then, for this week only, as his Fitness Bailout, he’s taking another 50% off. Grab these courses right now

So, for ONE WEEK ONLY, get these 5 courses:

Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss
Designed for the trained athlete to get rid of the last bit of fat you’ve been holding onto. Blast through it and get to the muscle in no time at all. I incorporate one very specific principle from this course on a weekly basis, whether I’m following it strictly or not. This is truly one of THE most effective training programs you can do if you're looking to burn fat fast while keeping and even building muscle mass.

Muscle Explosion – 28 Days to Maximum Muscle Mass

This is a powerful program for building muscle as FAST as possible. It's a 28 day program that utilizes cutting-edge training and nutritional techniques to help trainers blast through training plateaus and gain 5 to 10 lbs of muscle in just 4 weeks. I will be using Muscle Explosion as part of my Body Transformation contest I’m currently involved in to get ready for my fall wedding. I EXPECT a gain of 8 pounds of muscle in the 28 days.

Gluteus to the Maximus – Add Inches To Your Butt Quick
This is an ebook about building larger, firmer, rounder glutes as quickly as possible. It contains exercises, programs and training advice targeted specifically to building up this area of the body. Not just “any type of training”, this very specialized approach, that Nick shares with you, will turn your body into a glute-building machine. Your glutes will have no choice but to grow bigger, rounder and firmer very quickly.

The Best Ab Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of
It’s a book about unique and innovative exercises devoted entirely to the abdominal area. It contains information on 77 extraordinary new exercises including pictures, videos, tricks for performing them, and common errors to avoid.

The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of
Just like Nick’s approach to abdominal exercises you’ve never heard of, this time he teaches you how to get maximum value out of every rep you do for specific body part training. Never waste another minute in the gym – get the most value for your time. The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of" can help you get far more results without any more effort than you're putting in right now.

Listen very carefully…

In order to receive the correct information on the 50% off pricing deal for this week, Nick is asking that you sign up for the free sample exercises. Go to the web site for each program, and enter for the sample exercises. You will be sent a link to get your program at the extremely low price, Nick’s Fitness Bailout Rock Bottom Pricing.

If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll know that I kick started this year with a challenge to get you moving and exercising more. It continues with these special rates.

Learning something new allows us to grow stronger mentally as well as physically and these targeted training programs will teach you fundamental principles that take your body to the next level. Make 2009 the year of your best body ever!

As I said, I’ve laid out my training program for the next 8 months leading up to my wedding in September and both Muscle Explosion and Metabolic Surge are part of it. I’m going to see if my Fiance will be willing to push herself even further and incorporate the Gluteus Maximus program as well (shhhh… don’t tell her I’m thinking about this).

Take advantage of the free offers on each of the program pages, sign up for the free exercise examples and training information. Each website has clear instructions on how to take advantage of that.

I would love to hear your feedback about the programs as well. Email me or leave a comment.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Original 300 Workout by Mark Twight

300 movieThe original 300 workout, designed for the actors of the movie 300, is definitely a challenge. Here’s how it goes:

a) Pullups - 25 reps
b) Deadlifts with 135lbs - 50 reps
c) Pushups - 50 reps
d) 24-inch Box jumps - 50 reps
e) Floor wipers - 50 reps
f) 1-arm Clean & Press with 36lbs Kettlebell - 50 reps
g) Pullups - 25 reps

And remember, there is NO scheduled rest between exercises. Although eventually, you’ll slow down.

has done this workout in 19 minutes and 7 seconds, but he cautions people, not to do this all the time. This is something you have to work towards and do as a “1 time” shot to test yourself every other month or so. Read Craig’s thoughts on the . The 300 workout was done against the clock, the quicker you could get it done, the higher you ranked. Mark Twight, the creator, used it as a way for the 300 movie actors to compete against one another in their fitness levels.

If you’re going to do this, train for it, then do it on the clock. Then train for it for a few more months, then try and beat your time. That’s how it works. If it takes you an hour the first time, then 55 minutes the second time, you got better. Get it?

My goal is simple: to just complete it, and then to do it in under an hour by the end of the year. I'm not in THAT great a shape yet, but I intend to be. This 40th year for me is going to be my best!

Craig Ballantyne, the creator of Turbulence Training, is sometimes credited with the workout because of his work with Mens Health magazine. He put together the 300 workout video and now gets credited for the actual workout.

Turbulence Training Author Interview

I didn’t actually create the 300 workout.

It was designed by Mark Twight. He trained the guys for the movie.

I just showed all the exercises in a video I did for Men’s Health.

... says Craig in part 4 of my interview with him.

turbulence training fat loss system
Craig has a passion for teaching people how to burn fat and train with fat loss in mind. He combines complimentary exercises into workouts A and B which you perform intensely resulting in strength building while maximizing fat loss.

The was paused due to technical difficulties a few weeks ago, but I decided to release the first four parts while I get things moving again.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ultimate Super Fantastic Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

Click here to Top Secret Fat Loss Secret"The reason your fat has nothing to do with overeating, lack of exercise or lack of will power on your part!

it has to do with plaque and parasites in your bowels

doctors are keeping this truth from you."

... the good Dr says


the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

Interesting video from inside the colon though showing a parasitic worm holding on for dear life as it was being blasted out by a doctor.

Gross though.

I just don't know about this. Comments?

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beginner Weight Training Program

I sent out an email to my subscribers asking for their opinion about what it is they wanted to learn more about.

It was overwhelmingly in favor of these top 6 items

1. Weight Loss Information
2. Weight Loss Tips
3. Fitness and Exercise Information
4. Exercise and Fitness Tips
5. Natural Health Information
6. Whole Food Recipes and Cooking Tips

Well, I’m happy to see those results because they’re all related. Natural health principle’s including whole foods, improving digestion and elimination, reducing stress and becoming more active in both weight bearing exercise as well as cardiovascular exercise all result in a healthy lean body.

Cleansing and Detoxification came in #7 on the list and will be a primary focus of my new book Fat Loss Fundamentals.

Of the 25 questions I asked, it’s #8 that is why I’m writing this post.

I’ve recently come across a great resource that I’d like to offer you for free.

There is no investment except for that of your time, which is required but I think you'll agree that anything valuable is worth your time and effort and than includes the body you want.

If it's a fit, lean, healthy body, then this is for you

When people first approach me and ask me for assistance in their weight or health and want to know what to do about it, I usually reply with a question:

"What do YOU think you need to do?"

Most people already know the answer.

It’s a change in lifestyle including beginning an exercise program and a change in eating habits from processed foods to whole foods.

In the survey I included a question asking about what sort of exercise and fitness
information my subscribers wanted.

I had no idea where they were at in their weight training program,so I asked.

I asked three specific questions ...

  1. Exercise programs and examples for beginners?
  2. Exercise programs and examples for intermediate?
  3. Exercise programs and examples for advanced?

The 8th most important thing they wanted to know about, of 25 questions asked was

Beginner Weight Training Exercise Program and Examples

no fat lies beginner weight training program

What if I told you that I could offer you a 7 day intro to a beginner weight training program, with no catches, that you can repeat at no cost and zero risk?

What if the 7 day course included pictures and videos of the 15 exercises, showing you how to perform them?

What if the 7 day course included ready to print workout journals that you can use over and over again at no cost?

What if this zero cost 7 day intro came with a shopping list taking you by the hand and guiding you through the best proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, veggies and fats for you to stock your cupboards with?

If you had access to the exercise videos, the exercise logs, the shopping list listing all the fruits, veggies, fats and proteins, would you make use of it?

My friend Rich Tweten is a personal trainer from Vancouver who
took his No Fat Lies 90 Day Rapid and Permanent Fat Loss Solution program and paired it down to the very basics for this FREE 7 day introduction so that you could take action and get started
right now.

You’ve heard me talking about the movie The Secret a lot.

Not only have I seen it numerous times, but I’ve worked personally with at least 2 of the teachers. I even ran a contest giving away 4 copies of the book "the Attractor Factor" by one of the teachers, Joe Vitale.

The secret to "The Secret" is taking action.

You put out your intention to the Universe, God, whatever you want to call it, then when presented with an opportunity, your only duty is to Jump, to take action!

Well, you asked for beginner weight training information and now you’ve got the opportunity.

I just want to repeat it again, that there is "no charge"

It's Free.

Rich has coached many clients including Kristen Daltan who starred in Stephen King’s "the dead zone" and played Jack Nicholson’s "girl" in the 2006 movie "The Departed" which won an oscar for Best Picture and writes a column for Fitness Experts, a fitness magazine distributed across Canada.

In short, he knows his stuff and is completely dedicated to his clients getting results.

Let me summarize what it is you’re getting in this beginner weight training program:

  • 15 videos showing the exercises and how to perform them
  • Exercise Journals - Ready to print and use over and over
  • Examples workouts
  • The Ultimate shopping list


  • Three 20 minute cardio burn workouts

That’s 7 days of workouts all at zero cost.


Wait, 3 days of weight training and 3 days of cardio burn workouts does not equal 7 days of workouts.

What’s up with that?

The 7th day is a secret. You’ll have to get the course to find out what happens on the 7th day, but let me say this:

If you’re subscribed to my blog, you’ll have heard that Jessie began a 6 day a week weight training and cardio program from scratch knowing nothing about exercise, food or the gym. In fact, she was afraid of the gym, but she busted through that fear because she knew she had to take action.

She took her 4 kids for a day trip to two local gyms and then bought a membership.

She’s dropping between 2 and 4 pounds a week steady, week in and week out and writing about her experience on my blog.

If Jessie can do this with 4 kids, what’s stopping you?

You’ve asked for this and now you’ve got your opportunity to take action

There is NOTHING stopping you.

No Cost

Zero Risk

It's all FREE.

If this is what you want, then this is time to take action on it and get started.

Click Here To Get The Free Beginner Weight Training Program

One of my favorite quotes is by Johan Von Goeth 1749 – 1832

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness, concerning all acts of initiative (and creation). There is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can,.... begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.


Take Action - Get The 90 Day No Fat Lies Intro Weight Training Program For Free

PS. a subscriber recently asked me a question about why I haven’t written my own book yet and about being able to trust the people I refer. I would not refer them if I didn’t know them, their integrity or their ability to put forth a product that they stand behind and that I know works. You’re trusting me and I’m not about to blow that trust by offering a shit product.

My passion is natural health and fitness. I love working out and I see it’s incredible importance in getting the body you truly desire. I'm not passionate about writing about it however, so that’s where Rich comes in. He’s passionate about it and I don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Get the 7 day primer . Take action

PPS: Rich’s 7 Day Beginner Workout Primer is almost exactly the same routine I began with myself after I lost 300 pounds, but I had to create my own journals rather than having them pre-made for me like Rich does

Get The Program Here

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Putting Intensity Into Your Workouts

exercise intensity
Scott Tousignant from The Fit Bastard recently wrote an article about how to exercise less and get better results on your weight loss program. Scott and I both agree that once you've passed the beginner stages of training and your body is ready for a powerful workout, the best way to get results is to lower the time in the gym and increase the intensity.

5 Rules For Getting More Out Of Your Workout

1) You need to have purpose and passion at the foundation of each workout.

Purpose comes from realizing that this individual workout is a step toward achieving your ultimate fat loss goal.

Passion comes from realizing all the benefits associated with accomplishing your fat loss goal, such as looking hot in a bathing suit, getting compliments from your friends and spouse, landing your dream job or getting a promotion, increased confidence and self esteem, knowing that you will be around to play with your grandchildren or see your own children get married, and so much more.

2) Make every workout count.

You’ve got to give maximum effort to every single rep of each set of every exercise you do. One way that you can do this is by having an intense focus on the individual muscle that you are working. Feel the muscle working and push it to exhaustion. You need to connect your mind with your muscle.

If you’re going to go to the gym, you’ve got to give it everything that you’ve got!

3) Choose a weight that is challenging and push it to momentary muscular exhaustion.

5 pound dumbbells usually don’t cut it. Stimulate those muscles and force them to change to give you the defined body that you deserve.

4) Cut your rest time right down.

There are times when I only allow 15 seconds rest between sets, and if I’m super setting or drop setting I may not rest at all. This is the reason why many of my workouts only last for 20 minutes. It’s also the reason why there isn’t a dry spot on my shirt at the end of the workout and my heart rate is higher than the people that have been on the treadmill for an hour.

I created The Fit Chic and The Fit Bastard workouts to be incredibly time efficient so you get the most out of your time in the gym or in your home gym so you can carry on with the rest of your life. Most of the workouts take less than 20 minutes. Some as little as 10 minutes.

When you increase the intensity you can cut your workout time way down and it will be much more effective than the long drawn out programs that most people are doing.

5) Continuous and consistent progress is a powerful way to increase your intensity.

If you are better this workout than you were the last and you plan on being better the next workout than you were this one, you will force yourself into increasing your intensity.

This is where using a journal really comes into play. Record the workout that you did, along with the exercises, reps, weight lifted, rest period, and total time that it took you to complete the workout. Make a note of how you feel and how challenging it was. Create a rating system and rate each workout.

When you follow the above strategies you will have no choice but to cut your workout time in half because you simply will not be able to keep up with that pace. Basically you are getting more work done in less time.

For more on this principle of exercising less and increasing results, have a read of Scott's article "Exercise Less For Fat Loss Success"

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Unstoppable Fat Loss Interviews For Free

free unstoppable fat loss
How would you like an entire collection of motivational audio clips with the worlds best physique transformation experts along with The Fit Bastard’s and The Fit Chic’s ebooks for free? These are not just inspirational, these are Unstoppable fat loss experts. The kind of people that show you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and truely want to make a change in your life. Scott asks a very simple question.

Just what exactly do you think it takes to achieve your dream body?

Think about that for a moment. Got any idea? Have no idea? Seriously, what do you think it takes?

That’s the question my friend Scott Tousignant is asking over on his blog Unstoppable-Fat loss and he's giving away his entire collection of motivational and inspirational audio interviews of which I am a part. He’s adding to that, his and his wife’s (the Fit Chic) ebooks for free. Part of what he's giving you is his $47 Unstoppable Fat Loss interview set.

I am very happy to be a part of his interview series where Scott interviewed me for a full hour asking what it was that got me started, kept me going and continues to inspire me to take action on my health and physique.

Now, when I say unstoppable, I really mean unstoppable. I've talked about this before, about people who always seem to come up with a reason that they can't do it. They're disabled, or they don't have the money to eat better, or they don't get the support from their spouse, or whatever.

well, who's life is it anyway?

unstoppable fat loss
What about Nino Savona? Nino is someone who is living the Unstoppable Lifestyle.

Nino was born 3 months prematurely. His parents were told that he was simply too small and underdeveloped to survive and that they needed to prepare for the worst.

A priest was called to the nursury and read Nino his last rights. But it looks like life had other plans for Nino!

Nino grew little by little until he was well enough to go home from the hospital after several months. In his childhood he underwent corrective leg surgery that was unsuccessful. Nino was left having to rely on crutches or a wheel chair in order to get around.

Later in life Nino decided that he wanted to become as fit as possible. When he tried to join a gym, he was told by a professional trainer that, “it would be unsafe for him to use the exercise equipment”.

What a good thing Nino decided not to listen to the “No’s” and to block out the negativity!

Nino decided that he couldn’t accept the limitations that others were trying to impose on him.

Was it easy for him to get where he is today. Absolutely Not!

Nino pushed himself physically and mentally to develop a body that was healthy, fit, and conditioned. He achieved his dreams!

Scott interviews Jon Benson, Tom Venuto, Dax Moy, Donna Krech and many others including

Dr. Joe Vitale
* Author of "The Attractor Factor." Lost over 80lbs applying the teachings of The Law Of Attraction.

Clark Bartram
* Creator of "Chisel Your Abs"

Jim Katsoulis
* Creator of "Addictive Health" and "Program Yourself Thin"

Fran Harris
* Author of "Will The Real You Please Stand Up", creator of the "Booming Women Conference", former WNBA Star.

Shane James
* Creator of "Weight Loss and The Mind"

Marna Goldstein
* Author of "Naturally Thin Secrets" and "Attracting A Thin You"

James Villepigue
* Author of "The Body Sculpting Bible" Series, "Mind Over Muscle", "Goal Mining", and "Zone Tone"

Kevin Gianni
* Creator of "The Fountain Of Youth World Summit" and "Live Awesome"

Scott York
* Creator of "Your Business Body", "Fitness Figure Reality", and "Bodybuilders Reality"

Roxayn Daniels
* Creator of the "Total Transformation Challenge"

Zach Even-Esh
* Author of "Real Man Fitness" and "Underground Strengths Manual"

Kyle Battis
* Author of "Home Gym Secrets" and "Traveling Trainers Guide"

I’ve been listening to the interviews when I go for my walks and truly, sincerely think that it will make a difference in your life. If you were to get just ONE piece of information that changes how you think and helps you get results, then it would be worth it wouldn’t it? Have a look at the Unstoppable Fat Loss interview series so you know what you're playing for at least.

What do you think it takes to create your dream body?

Scott’s contest is open until October 1st 2007, then he picks a winner and gives his entire product line away. Go enter your answer. You understand that when I say it's free, that I mean, it's absolutely free right? no cost to you? no charge. Free.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Dos and Donts for Effective Fat Loss

by Paul Becker

This seems to be the question on everyone's mind, and for good reason, fat is so easy to acquire and so hard to get rid of. Most bodies love to store fat, it's good security for when you run out of food. This is unlikely, but your body doesn't know that.

Unfortunately, the body loves storing fat so much that it will burn anything else available (muscle tissue, stored carbohydrate, etc.) before digging into the fat reserves. Unless you trick it.

The first thing your body will burn is stored carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. The next is muscle tissue, only then does it grudgingly dip into the fat stores. This is why most diets don't work, especially "starvation" diets. When you suddenly cut off the food supply, a survival mechanism kicks in causing the body to store every little bit of fat that it can! This results in weight loss, but not much fat loss, and as soon as you DO eat something, it immediately gets stored as fat to replace any that was used. This is NOT what you want, so you have to fool the body into thinking it doesn't need fat. Here is a list of effective ways to do this, and you won't even have to starve yourself! It's never easy though.

Change your eating habits

Don't diet! Make a permanent change in how you eat

1) Limit, but don't cut out high fat foods: Dietary fat can be stored if taken in excess, however, some fat intake must be maintained to prevent the body from storing every bit of fat it does get. (see #6 below).

2) Limit high sugar and high glycemic index foods (including fruit): Simple sugars (and many "complex"carbohydrates) get easily converted into fat, and can also be the cause of high cholesterol. Glucose, fructose, and sucrose are all simple sugars and maltodextrin (common in many "weight gainer supplements) has a very high glycemic index putting it in the same category as simple sugars. I'm not saying not to eat fruit, as they contain many beneficial vitamins, just don't overdo it. Keep it to 2 or 3 pieces a day.

3) Eat more frequently: Yes, you read that right! Eat 5 or 6 smaller meals a day (or 3 main meals and 2 -3 healthy snacks, protein shakes work well). There are several reasons for this, they are:

With smaller servings, your stomach will shrink and you will get full faster.

Digesting burns a surprising amount of calories, eat more often and burn more calories!

When you eat a large meal, the body takes what it needs, and saves the excess as, guess what? FAT. Smaller meals prevent this even if you eat the same amount overall.

4) Never eat before bed: Plan your last meal to be at least 2 hours before bed.

5) Eat slowly: It takes your stomach about 20 minutes to signal the brain after it is full. If you eat too fast you will think you are still hungry and eat more. If you're still a bit hungry after eating, do something to take your mind off food for at least 20 minutes and you'll most likely forget about the eating.

6) Don't totally cut out fat: Keep some fat in your "nondiet", as it helps get your body into a "fat burning mode". Keep it "low to moderate fat" not "no fat". try to stick to the "" such as those from fish, flax oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, olive oil, peanut oil.

[Rob's Note:] is also a fantastic Good Fat.

7) This won't be easy so give yourself a break sometimes. Allow yourself one "treat" a week, or even a day where you can eat whatever you want, and really enjoy it!

8) Eat foods that take lots of energy to burn: These include most vegetables (especially the fibrous ones) and protein sources such as meat. Cut the visible fat off of red meat and remove the skin from chicken. Water-packed tuna is very good (if you like it).

9) Take it easy on complex carbohydrates as any excess gets easily converted to fat. This includes rice, pasta, potatoes, and any "starchy foods". Eat these regularly, but not too much at one time. If you want to lose fat faster, cut down on these foods and replace with protein and fat.

10) The breakdown should be about: 40% protein, 30% complex carbohydrate, and 30% fat. This can be varied but keep the protein high and control your bodyfat by manipulating the carbohydrate content. Most of the fat in your diet will come from the protein sources (meat and dairy).

[Rob's note:] This one point about dairy is where I disagree with Paul. Cut the dairy. Say no to dairy. There is no reason to be using dairy products in my opinion. Take the for yourself. I have launched a new which will feature 3 tips that you can take action on and get a 3 day jump on those who wait until Monday to start things. Tips include weight loss tips, exercise tips, stress reducing tips, relationship building tips and on and on. Lots of good stuff, make sure you subscribe for daily updates.

effective fat loss

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tips On Losing Fat Without Really Trying

Aja Perkins Healthy Eating fat loss
by Aja Perkins

Healthy eating is very important. Here are some tips on losing
weight without really trying.

Fill up on fiber. Choose whole grains, fruits and vegetables,
high fiber cereals, dries beans, lentils, or other legumes. Your goal is 25 to 30 grams daily. Food hihg in fiber make you feel full without lots of calories.

Drink a glass of water before each meal and you'll get a feeling
of fullness. By sipping water throughout the day, you'll know when you're really hungry. Drink at least eight 8oz. glasses of water daily. I drink 1-1 1/2 gallons daily.

Eat more fish. Fish and poultry have less calories then beef,
lamb and pork. Veal has the lowest calories of the meats, but it is higher in cholesterol than beef or lamb.

Limit your salt intake. Instead spice up your diet with pepper,
lemons, basil and oregano (or Mrs.. Dash) and you'll never miss salt. Your blood pressure will improve and you'll lose fat faster! Buy salt-free salsa and sugarless jam as snacks. They taste great on baked tortillas or whole wheat crackers. Also
find lower fat substitutes that satisfy your taste preferences.

Think "healthy eating" instead of "diet". A "Diet" is an on
again off again thing, healthy eating is a life long process. So if you're still hungry and it's not time to eat, take a walk, call a friend, or put on a swimsuit and check on the airfare to Jamaica!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Weight Loss Community

There is no time like the present to get started, so here it goes.

After being on the net since 1996 (I believe) under the name "former fat guy", I finally launched a new version of my blog including an entire .

Formerfatguy.com has had a blogger blog, which you're reading now, included in my website and I've finally moved over to Wordpress to fully utilize it's features. Now, that blog is not here, but rather at www.formerfatguyblog.com, and with it, I finally made the jump to include an entire weight loss community forum in it.

I've set up some forums for discussion about various like Tom Venuto's Harvey Diamond's book and food combining. Also some sections on popular weight loss methods like , Sunrider, and .

I am working very hard at getting expert moderators in the specific forums such as Harvey Diamond for the Fit for Life forum. I'll let you know how it goes.

I think it's long overdue so I've been working the past few days to get it up (the website I mean), running and tweaked. It's still not perfect and will be a work in progress but I'm going to launch it anyway.

formerfatguyblog.com, the with community forum also features a for , , , , , and of course . If you've got a website related to any of those topics, you can get your link listed in the dirctory.

I wanted a better way to interact with users, answer questions from community members for everyone else to benefit from, answer visitors emails and display the answers for everyone else to read and comment on and just basically harness the power of Wordpress.

Please go have a look at the new weight loss blog. I'll still be active here as well, but right now, I'm putting a lot more attention on the new one.

It's been tested about as much as I can test it from my end, but I'd love readers to go have a look around and let me know about anything they see that's unusual.

I have a request for a graphics designer to create a new logo for the blog and for the forum. If you know what you're doing with photoshop and have examples of your work, then contact me for a possible designer project.

PLEEEEZZZEEE make sure you register for the community. There's not much in there now as It's just been started, but I'd sure like some initial testers to register and post some threads about their weight loss success stories. I will begin to feature some select stories for that blog as well as this one. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. Ah heck, there's a lot I've wanted to do with this website for along time and now I am able to in a much easier fashion.

I've also just posted my inaugural post entitled How I Lost 300 Pounds with subtitle my

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fat Loss Basics

fat loss basics
Nearly 60% of Americans are overweight or obese today. If you are struggling to keep your stomach from overlapping your belt then here are a few pointers for you. Listening to all the fat loss methods and messages out there can confuse you and make you forget about the very important basics.

Causes For Fat Gain

It is very easy this day and age to fall into a lot of habits that can contribute to your dreaded weight gain. Below are few of many reasons why so many Americans are becoming overweight:

Consuming 300 more calories a day then we did 20 years ago.

We are eating out a lot more than normal.
Eating larger sized portions of their meals.
Think that low fat foods are good and can eat as much as they want.
And the big reason, not enough exercise.

Many people that try to keep their weight down do so by only eating low fat foods. However, many low fat foods have more calories than the normal food. Be sure to read the labels on foods, although fat matters calories count.

Fat Gain Prevention

Physical activity is a factor too, about a third of Americans do not get enough physical exercise. Instead we spend most of our time sitting at our computers, watching TV, driving instead of walking, taking the elevator instead of the stairs, or taking any other kind of short cut that allow us to work less. It is recommended that you get 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day such as a brisk walk or a bike ride.

No weight loss program would be affective without the exercise. Or perhaps that should be worded differently - "a weight loss program is MORE effective with exercise". We all want to take the breaks or the short cuts, but only with exercise can we get the results we want. Mostly, it's about your metabolism. Dieting slows the metabolism while exercise and eating more often increase metabolism.

Consider that when we wake up, our metabolism is at it's lowest and slowly increases throughout the day, then slowing near dinner time. Changing this is as easy as exercising first thing in the morning and eating a larger meal at breakfast consisting of lean protein such as egg whites, plus good carbs such as oatmeal or Chia.

Chia Seed

For centuries this tiny little seed (Chia) was used as a staple food by the Indians of the south west and Mexico. Known as the running food, its use as a high energy endurance food has been recorded as far back as the ancient Aztecs. It was said the Aztec warriors subsisted on the Chia seed during the conquests. The Indians of the south west would eat as little as a teaspoon full when going on a 24hr. forced march. Indians running form the Colorado River to the California coast to trade turquoise for seashells would only bring the Chia seed for their nourishment.

By sticking with the above basics fat loss and maintenance can be achieved by adding a few simple minor changes to your lifestyle.

There are no quick fixes or magic methods. Losing fat and keeping it off does not come easy for many people. The idea of eating less and moving more should be the common approach.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Do I Do To Lose Weight

I get a lot of emails around the subject "what do I do to lose weight", and "what tips can you give me".

In the beginning, I'd respond with my thoughts and my advice or tips and we would start an email dialog about it. This would go on for a number of emails and I may or may not have heard back from them later. Some people give me regular updates as to their success on a monthly or yearly basis and it’s really nice to hear back from everyone with their results.

Then I decided to take another approach to the emails.

I now begin with by asking a question:

When someone asks me for tips or advice, I ask

"What are you doing now?"

Before I invest a lot of time answering their questions about what to do or what I recommend, I want to know what they’ve been doing so far. Originally I began to ask this question because I didn't want to duplicate what they were already doing, but rather improve on what they were doing, or look for their weak spots.

What does their program look like, what are they eating, what sort of exercise are they doing, how often etc.

Surprisingly, it’s cut way down on the rest of the emails and my time. I say surprisingly because I honestly expected a reply email with the details.

I could look at this in a number of ways :

1. People are not doing anything about their weight loss or their exercise right now
2. People don’t want to invest the time to write back
3. Unknown

Or they’re simply not doing anything about it and are looking to chat

There are some simple undeniable truths about losing weight.

You must eat less calories than you burn

You must exercise at least 3 times a week

Cardio and weight training must be part of your program

So what’s the deal? I’m curious. I’d like to have you post your comments about this here

The Question is: What are you currently doing in regards to your weight loss program?

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Burning A Lot Of Calories

weight loss

I got emailed this cartoon and I just had to post it. First of all, it's funny, second of all, I got a kick out of his choice of words "hopefully he's burning a lot of calories".

Most people Hope to burn fat and get into shape, but it's not wishing that makes it happen. There is a lot of work involved, which seems to go better when we're well informed on the topic at hand. He also uses the phrase "struggling", which is not in my vocabulary. I don't struggle at anything and neither should you. There's no such thing as struggling, but rather results. Everything shows results - in the mirror, one the scale and in how your clothes fit and how you feel about yourself. No matter what happens, you get results. It's up to us to interpret the results and make changes in our routine or program. Then monitor the new results.

If you're "struggling" as it were, then time to have a look at the post I made about 5 great ways to burn more bodyfat.

Add in or increase your weight training to obtain more muscle mass, Double up on your cardio etc.

Do something different and then test the results. Simple.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5 Great Ways To Burn More Body Fat

burn more body fat
1. Do not eat poor quality carbohydrates before going to sleep. Poor quality carbohydrates are those that contain sugar or are highly processed. These would include most breakfast cereals, breads, snack foods, candies, and even fruits and juices. Eating these foods immediately prior to sleeping will likely result in increased fat deposit and will prevent your body from maintaining a successful fat-burning mode. Read more about night time eating by Tom Venuto

2. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn even at rest. Muscle is extremely active metabolically. Do some resistance training, add some muscle, and crank up that metabolism.

3. Never let yourself get too hungry, or too stuffed. It really is all about moderation. Time your meals so that you eat before you are starving . . . doing this one simple thing will cause you to almost always eat less. When you do eat, stop when your satisfied not when you are so stuffed you cannot even get down another bite.

4. Double up on your cardio training. From time to time it may be beneficial to the fat-burning process for you to split your cardio training into two short sessions rather than one longer one. Studies suggest that people who do 30 minutes of morning cardio and then 30 minutes of evening cardio lose more fat than those doing just one 60 minute session.

5. Eat more high fiber foods. Most of us do not get enough fiber in our daily diets, and that's just a shame. Fiber not only promotes overall general health, but also can significantly aid in your fat-burning efforts. Leafy greens and salads are ideal sources of fiber.

Want more inspiration? Want to be Unstoppable in your fat loss? Check out the latest from "the Fit Bastard" Scott Tousignant - an audio package of 15 interviews with 21 Fat Loss Experts including Tom Venuto, Clarke Bartram, Jon Benson and others.

Zack Evan-Esh is someone I've seen around the net and on fat loss and bodybuilding program websites. I've read his material but never heard anything else about him. I was happy to have listened to his interview this morning.

check out the Unstoppable Fat Loss Program

Ever heard of Joe Vitale? Heard of "the Secret" ? Well Joe Vitale of "the Secret" is featured in this unstoppable fat loss package where he talks about "the Law Of Attraction" and how it applies to getting the body we desire.

there is an interview with John Riccio who was born with Cerebral Palsy and had to overcome 49 surgeries. Is he unstoppable? you bet.

unstoppable fat loss
And I'm proud to announce that an interview with me, Rob Cooper "Former Fat Guy" is featured in the package. Scott asked me about what it took to go from 500 pounds down to a lean impressive 240 pounds, what motivates me, what I do to motivate others, what do I believe is holding people back from achieving their goals and much much more.

I highly recommend you check out the Unstoppable Fat Loss Interview program by Scott Tousignant. Learn what it takes to get motivated, stay motivated and become Unstoppable!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tom Venuto Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success

free report skyrocket your fat loss successHere is a free report called Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success in which interviewer Tom Nicoli talks with Tom Venuto of Burn the fat. Mr Nicoli is a clinical hypnotherapist and is featured on Dateline NBC's "Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge". Mr Nicoli is an expert in Personal Success, and he describes a part of that as requiring physical fitness and health, as does my own view.

Mr Nicoli interivews Tom Venuto and shares Tom's views and advice on fat burning and nutrition in this Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success Interview.

pickup the free fat loss success report.

here are a few snippets from the interview:

Tom Venuto: I think that details matter, and there are some nutrition methods you could certainly call secrets that most people in the general public aren’t aware of. But before you get into those details, I think it’s more important to focus on the more “obvious” fundamentals.

There’s something called “The Pareto Principle,” which is also
known as the 80/20 rule. It was created by the Economist Vilfredo
Pareto in the beginning of the 16th Century, and to paraphrase
him, he said that you have to separate the vital few things from the
trivial many things. In other words, the very first thing you have to
do is master the fundamentals before you worry about little details
or “secrets.”

In my fat loss system, there are four fundamental pillars that must
support your program. The first one is Strength Training; the
second is Cardio Training; the third is Nutrition; and the fourth is
Mental Training, which we already touched on. If you’re missing
any one of those four, then all the attention to details and all the
cutting edge nutrition secrets in the world aren’t going to help you.
Most people just go on diets, and what we don’t need is another
diet. We need to change our habits, change our behaviors, and
change our lifestyles.

What’s missing from most weight loss programs is the exercise
part. I believe that it’s better to burn the fat than starve the fat.
When you starve the fat with strict diets and you cut calories too
low, it works initially, and you see that very gratifying initial drop
on the scale. But what happens to everyone eventually is you
plateau, because your body adapts, and your metabolism adjusts to
the reduced food intake. Your body thinks you’re starving, so your
body just starts burning fewer calories. Strength training and
exercise help because strength training increases your lean body
mass. It helps you keep your muscle, which prevents your
metabolism from slowing down. It also allows you to eat a little bit
more. So instead of a severe cut in calories, you’re burning the fat
instead of starving the fat.

Tom then talks about the ...

4 pillars of fat loss

... the foundation of your success.

free report skyrocket your fat loss success

Read more about that in the free skyrocket your fat loss report.

The interview then continues...

Mr Nicoli: Now is that information difficult for people to understand and apply?

TOM VENUTO: It’s very simple. You know, some people have complex nutrition systems where they talk about metabolic typing, and they may have you go and get blood tests, or you may have to fill out a complex questionnaire. Those things are fine and can be helpful, but what I do is much, much simpler.

What I recommend is to start with a baseline. This baseline consists of fundamentals that apply universally to almost everyone. Without these fundamentals in place, the fine tuning will have much less impact on your results. Once you have your baseline in place, you can simply begin to systematically adjust your intake one variable at a time, things like grams of carbohydrates, for example, and by getting in a feedback loop, you can figure out exactly how your body processes and responds to
food in a very, very short period of time.

Get your free fat loss success report.

The free report is 32 pages long and provides a great insight into the mental aspect of fat loss as well as Mr Nicoli's own advice and information from his own personal success program. This Tom Venuto interview on Fat Loss Success is not to be missed.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Forget Calories Diet

forget calories dietHere's a diet that proposes that you forget calories and instead eat more food using their system of fat burning foods, self absorbing calories and foods that signal your brain that you're satisfied and not hungry any more.

the forget calories diet proposes that if you're currently eating less than 6 meals a day, you're losing a chance to burn more fat. When you eat a meal, your bodys metabolism turns on and you burn more calories. You burn more calories on a per meal basis rather than a per day calorie diet.

the forget calories diet combines foods into groups and then their diet schedule shows you which calorie groups to combine together at each meal to maximize your dieting results. The forget calories diet claims 10 pounds in 10 days. I think that's possible because I've done it myself.

The complete forget calories system shows you:

* what food groups to eat together to maximize diet results

* what foods to eat so that your brain signals your body that it's no longer hungry.

* what foods to eat to reduce blood glucose levels after your meal. With lower blood glucose, your body will seek out and destroy fat cells.

* what foods are self absorbing calories. The foods that require more digestion to burn them than they provide, hence self absorbing calories.

In theory, the forget calories diet seems technically sound. Eat 6 meals a day which maximize metabolism, eat negative calorie foods, eat foods that send satisfaction signals to the brain and drastically cut back on overeating because you never feel hungry.

sounds perfect actually.

Have a look at the Forget Calories Diet

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Aerobic Cross Training for Weight Loss

By Greg Landry, M.S.

Tip! Decrease daily calorie value by a couple of hundred calories per day and no more. This will generate slow weight loss and the majority will be fat loss only.

Do you sometimes get bored with your
aerobic exercise? Do You sometimes
feel like you're not getting the results
you should from your aerobic exercise?
If so, then aerobic cross-training is
for you.

Aerobic cross-training refers to using
two to three different types of aerobic
exercise during an exercise session. For
example, if you plan to exercise for 60
minutes, you might start with 20 minutes
of walking or jogging, followed by 20
minutes of biking, and finish with 20
minutes of rowing.

Now, please don't get the impression that
you have to be in great shape to do this
or that it has to be 60 minutes long.
You can start with something as simple
as a ten minute walk followed by ten
minutes with an exercise video. This is
cross-training too. You can gradually
build up from there.

Here are some of the exercises you can
use in your cross-training program;
walking, jogging, biking, rowing, stair
climbing, swimming, exercise videos, etc.
Any combination of aerobic exercises
will do. You simply go from one to the
next with very little time between

Aerobic cross-training is beneficial to
you in several ways:

1. It provides variety which eliminates
the monotony often associated with doing
the same exercise for a long period of

Tip! If you take a real fat loss aid like green tea (and there are many weight loss products that don't work at all - that's another entry), have an understanding of what you can expect. And remember, you must have a complete fat loss plan in place.

2. If your exercise sessions are
less monotonous and more enjoyable, you
are much more likely to exercise more
often and for longer periods of time.

3. You are less prone to over-use
injuries that sometimes occur from
doing the same exercise movements over
and over again.

4. You tone more muscles because you are
using more muscles. For example, walking
tones mostly the lower body muscles and
rowing tones upper body muscles also. Even
exercises like walking and biking that
both tone lower body muscles, tone them
at different angles and each tones some
small muscles that the other doesn't.

5. Aerobic conditioning is very specific
to the muscles being worked. For example,
you can walk ten miles a day and still be
somewhat breathless after climbing stairs
because you haven't trained the muscles
for that specific movement. Aerobic
cross-training allows you to develop
more comprehensive aerobic training.

Tip! So go ahead, by incorporating these three simple fat loss steps into your everyday life you will not have to change your lifestyle or be subject to time constraints.

6. Aerobic cross-training is effective
for weight loss because your are toning
and training the fat-burning systems
of more of your muscles. It turns more
of your muscles into 24-hour fat-burning
machines! You are also more likely to
exercise on a regular basis and for longer
periods of time. this also promotes
weight loss and fitness.

Author and exercise physiologist, Greg Landry,
offers free weight loss and fitness success stories
and targeted, highly affective weight loss programs
for women, men, type 2 diabetics, and people with
slow metabolisms and hypothyroidism. http://www.Landry.com

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cardio Enthusiasts: Discover a More Effective Training Method for Fat Loss and Heart Health!

By Mike Geary

Tip! Many of the complex carbohydrates in a fat loss diet contain significant amounts of fiber. Fiber is known to reduce cholesterol in your circulatory system and improve heart health.

It is common to hear fitness professionals and medical doctors prescribe low to moderate intensity aerobic training (cardio) to people who are trying to prevent heart disease or lose weight. Most often, the recommendations constitute something along the lines of "perform 30-60 minutes of steady pace cardio 3-5 times per week maintaining your heart rate at a moderate level". Before you just give in to this popular belief and become the "hamster on the wheel" doing endless hours of boring cardio, I'd like you to consider some recent scientific research that indicates that steady pace endurance cardio work may not be all it's cracked up to be.

First, realize that our bodies are designed to perform physical activity in bursts of exertion followed by recovery, or stop-and-go movement instead of steady state movement. Recent research is suggesting that physical variability is one of the most important aspects to consider in your training. This tendency can be seen throughout nature as all animals demonstrate stop-and-go motion instead of steady state motion. In fact, humans are the only creatures in nature that attempt to do "endurance" type physical activities. Most competitive sports (with the exception of endurance running or cycling) are also based on stop-and-go movement or short bursts of exertion followed by recovery. To examine an example of the different effects of endurance or steady state training versus stop-and-go training, consider the physiques of marathoners versus sprinters. Most sprinters carry a physique that is very lean, muscular, and powerful looking, while the typical dedicated marathoner is more often emaciated and sickly looking. Now which would you rather resemble?

Tip! There is a huge variety of fat loss supplement products available in the market nowadays. Because there is no scientific proof of the effectiveness of most of the fat loss supplement products, there is no suitable way to help the patients compare the different fat loss products available on the market.

Another factor to keep in mind regarding the benefits of physical variability is the internal effect of various forms of exercise on our body. Scientists have known that excessive steady state endurance exercise (different for everyone, but sometimes defined as greater than 60 minutes per session most days of the week) increases free radical production in the body, can degenerate joints, reduces immune function, causes muscle wasting, and can cause a pro-inflammatory response in the body that can potentially lead to chronic diseases. On the other hand, highly variable cyclic training has been linked to increased anti-oxidant production in the body and an anti-inflammatory response, a more efficient nitric oxide response (which can encourage a healthy cardiovascular system), and an increased metabolic rate response (which can assist with weight loss).

Furthermore, steady state endurance training only trains the heart at one specific heart rate range and doesn't train it to respond to various every day stressors. On the other hand, highly variable cyclic training teaches the heart to respond to and recover from a variety of demands making it less likely to fail when you need it. Think about it this way -- Exercise that trains your heart to rapidly increase and rapidly decrease will make your heart more capable of handling everyday stress. Stress can cause your blood pressure and heart rate to increase rapidly. Steady state jogging and other endurance training does not train your heart to be able to handle rapid changes in heart rate or blood pressure.

Tip! When someone is using some type of fat loss supplement product, it is important that you also follow some type of exercising program. Exercising is a key for most of the weight loss programs.

The important aspect of variable cyclic training that makes it superior over steady state cardio is the recovery period in between bursts of exertion. That recovery period is crucially important for the body to elicit a healthy response to an exercise stimulus. Another benefit of variable cyclic training is that it is much more interesting and has lower drop-out rates than long boring steady state cardio programs.

To summarize, some of the potential benefits of variable cyclic training compared to steady state endurance training are as follows: improved cardiovascular health, increased anti-oxidant protection, improved immune function, reduced risk for joint wear and tear, reduced muscle wasting, increased residual metabolic rate following exercise, and an increased capacity for the heart to handle life's every day stressors. There are many ways you can reap the benefits of stop-and-go or variable intensity physical training. One of the absolute most effective forms of variable intensity training to really reduce body fat and bring out serious muscular definition is performing wind sprints.

Tip! This doesn't mean you have to eliminate carbs from your nutrition plan. The right carbs are a vital part of your fat loss efforts, not to mention your health.

Most competitive sports such as football, basketball, racquetball, tennis, hockey, etc. are naturally comprised of highly variable stop-and-go motion. In addition, weight training naturally incorporates short bursts of exertion followed by recovery periods. High intensity interval training (varying between high and low intensity intervals on any piece of cardio equipment) is yet another training method that utilizes exertion and recovery periods. For example, an interval training session on the treadmill could look something like this:

Warm-up for 3-4 minutes at a fast walk or light jog;
Interval 1 - run at 8.0 mi/hr for 1 minute;
Interval 2 - walk at 4.0 mi/hr for 1.5 minutes;
Interval 3 - run at 10.0 mi/hr for 1 minute;
Interval 4 - walk at 4.0 mi/hr for 1.5 minutes;
Repeat those 4 intervals 4 times for a very intense 20-minute workout.

Tip! 10) Supplementing you diet can make fat loss easier. A diet high in protein can help preserve muscle (more muscle means an increase in metabolism).

The take-away message from this article is to try to train your body at highly variable intensity rates for the majority of your workouts to get the most beneficial response in terms of heart health, fat loss, and muscle maintenance.

Visit http://truthaboutabs.com/Training-and-Nutrition-Articles.html to receive your own personalized metabolic rate calculator as well as a free training/nutrition ebook that will revolutionize your fitness program.

Michael Geary is a nationally dual certified personal trainer (NCSF-CPT, AFAA-CPT), and author of The Truth about Six Pack Abs �2004-2006.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Aerobic Workouts For Weight Loss

By Gary Gresham

Tip! On a fat loss diet you will be eating more food than when you were gaining weight. So forget about being hungry and feeling deprived.

Aerobic workouts are an effective way to control your weight, exercise your heart, strengthen your muscles and just make you feel healthier. It can also help you live a longer, healthier life and enhance your well being.

Aerobic workouts are any exercise that helps your body use oxygen more efficiently. This is done by increasing your heart rate and breathing harder for an extended period of time.

Regular aerobic activity can increase your ability to take in and transport that oxygen improving your aerobic capacity.

A regular aerobic routine gives your heart the kind of workout that helps it do a better job of delivering oxygen to all your organs. It makes your heart more efficient and stronger.

Tip! Many of the complex carbohydrates in a fat loss diet contain significant amounts of fiber. Fiber is known to reduce cholesterol in your circulatory system and improve heart health.

When you raise your heart rate your body begins to used stored carbohydrates and fatty acids for energy. That boosts your mood, helps you with weight loss and can even lower your blood sugar levels.

Aerobic activity makes you feel better about yourself so you can enjoy life more. It can also help increase your stamina and even help you manage stress.

A session of exercise and cardiovascular fitness can help you relax after a stressful day at work and help you sleep better at night. When you exercise, the brain releases endorphins that put you in a better mood so you feel good.

As we get older, if you maintain a regular aerobic exercise routine your muscles will stay stronger and help you avoid fractures and falls. This helps keep you independent for a longer period of time. People who exercise on a regular basis live longer than those who don't.

If you think aerobic activity has to be expensive, think again. If you don't belong to a gym or have a exercise machine at home, try taking a brisk walk, swimming laps, riding a bicycle or even go out dancing. Any activity that raises the heart rate for at least 20 minutes is considered aerobic.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Exercise can help you live longer, stay healthier and feel great. The benefits of regular aerobic workouts are not just good for weight loss but good for your body, your mind and even your soul.

Tip! It is important to use the cream only as directed and not to exceed twelve weeks of continuous use to decrease the possibility of side effects. Some of the most common side effects with the use of fat loss gels are tremors, loss of appetite, nervousness, dizziness, irregular heart beat, restlessness, excessive sweating, nausea, and diarrhea.

Copyright � 2005 Treadmill Info.com All Rights Reserved.

This article is supplied by http://www.treadmill-info.com where you will find valuable information, ratings, reviews, articles and buying tips before you make the investment in quality fitness equipment. For more fitness related articles go to: http://www.treadmill-info.com/articles_1.html

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Aerobics For Fat Loss

By Michael Russell

Tip! From now on tell people you are on a fat loss program and not a weight loss program. That you are on a correct eating habit instead of just simply dieting.

If you want to lose body fat, you need to burn more calories then you take in, in other words you need to create a calorie deficit. There are two ways of achieving this: reduce your calorie intake or increase how much calories you burn through exercise. The best way is actually to use both methods so your results can remain more permanent. Unlike what most people think, it is always better to eat more and exercise more rather than starving yourself. Starvation slows down the metabolism and actually burns fewer calories. Exercise increases the metabolism and helps to burn much more fat.

Tip! 10) Supplementing you diet can make fat loss easier. A diet high in protein can help preserve muscle (more muscle means an increase in metabolism).

Aerobics really means "with oxygen," because it takes oxygen for fat to be burned and for oxygen to be used, the aerobic exercise must be held for an extended period of time. Aerobics is a cardiovascular activity, which is why most people refer it to cardio.

There are different intensity levels when doing aerobics. Lots of people are convinced that low intensity exercises are the ultimate way to losing fat. When doing low intensity aerobics, the body tends to use the body's fat as energy whereas when doing high intensity aerobics, the body uses carbohydrates for its energy needs. But if this were the case then everyone would be sleeping twelve hours a day to burn fat. Sleeping is a very low intensity activity, but it barely burns any calories. Overall at the end of the day you don't burn enough calories to really affect fat loss. At high intensity aerobics, such as sprinting, the body uses carbs as the primary fuel source for energy, but it also burns a lot more calories and helps by actually increasing the metabolism.

Tip! Make sure that you focus on fat loss not weight loss. Your goal should be to lose weight by burning fat, not losing water from your muscles.

The duration of aerobic exercise is very important, the longer you maintain the work out, the more calories you'll burn and in the end the more fat you'll lose. The best way for effective fat loss is using a combination of low intensity and high intensity exercises. Low intensity exercises should last from 30 to 45 minutes and work best first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. High intensity exercises should last as long as you can but no more than 30 minutes, but an hour or two after a meal which contains carbs would be best to give you the energy needed to finish the work out.

Depending on your goals, you should always do three aerobic exercises per week as a minimum. Its part of a healthy lifestyle that will help you in the long run and also keep your body fat low. Most cardiovascular exercise equipment these days have a heart rate monitor that you attach onto a finger and also track the number of calories you're burning. Everyone's heart rate is different because of their height, weight and age. So the number of calories shown on the screen isn't always accurate. As a guide line it is important to remember that if you're breathing heavier than normal then you're generally in your target zone, but should not be breathing too heavily in a way that you wouldn't be able to speak a full sentence. With these guidelines you should be burning those extra fats in no time.

Tip! If you take a real fat loss aid like green tea (and there are many weight loss products that don't work at all - that's another entry), have an understanding of what you can expect. And remember, you must have a complete fat loss plan in place.

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Aerobics.

Related Fat Burning Information

Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is an important souce of information for burning fat while keeping your important and hard earned muscle. Read more about Burn the Fat and keep your muscle

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Jump Rope

jump ropeOne of the hottest fitness trends today involves a toy that many of us played with as children. The jump rope is an age-old piece of equipment that can be found in nearly every home that has children. Many adults are picking up the jump rope to get into great shape in relatively little time.

This activity is not for everyone. You probably want to discuss taking up the jump rope routines with your doctor before running out to the store to pick out your equipment. Anyone who has problems with joints and people who have other health-related problems will benefit from talking to a physician.

Though it may seem quite innocent, the jump rope is a demanding piece of equipment that can really take a toll on your body. The simple design is deceiving and the jump rope’s connection to childhood play is also deceptive. You may find that you are ready for a break after a few minutes. Some of us need a break after a few seconds of jump roping.

Just like any other physical activity, the more you work out, the more benefits you will see. Unlike many other routines, the jump rope promises excellent results in relatively little time. The reason for the quick results lies in the nature of the seemingly simple activity.

Most of us are aware that the best way to burn fat is to engage in aerobic activity. The jump rope is the perfect vehicle for targeted aerobic activity that also involves isometric holds. The jump rope routine is also a weight-bearing exercise that not only gets your heart pumping but also builds muscle in the process.

Another great benefit of using a jump rope is that the weight-bearing exercise also builds strong bones. Some ladies who find themselves on the path to osteoporosis can help themselves by taking supplements and using an activity like jump rope to build bones.

The benefits of the activity are numerous and include convenience. The jump rope is a rare piece of equipment. It can be taken just about anywhere with no hassle at all. You never need to assemble it and you can use the jump rope in all kinds of weather.

One word of caution for the ladies: make sure that you find a good sports bra that has excellent support when engaging in any jump rope activity. It is always a good idea to make sure that you are comfortable and able to concentrate on your workout.

Incorporating a jump rope into your workout routine will make you feel like a kid again. Adding a little youthful fun to your exercise program will insure that you will stay on track.

I carry my jump rope with me when I travel so that I have a way to get lower body, calf and cardio training in when I don't have access to a fitness facility. I highly recommend a jump rope.

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