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Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Former Fat Guy Logo

rob cooper former fat guy

My New Logo

What do you think? I came to the realization that my website colors are Canada's colors, red and white. Then on pages where I feature other authors articles, I make their headline blue so you know it wasn't written by me. That makes me red, white and blue so brings some US flavor to the mix.

I whipped up this ideas for a new logo. I'll post more as I color and mix them.

Zigfield Man Boobs Roy Experiment

I also started the Zigfield Man Boobs Roy experiment to see how many websites I could get that term on, with the Man Boobs part being a link to this page (How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs) as the Man Boobs part.

it might look like this:

a Proud part of the Zigfield "Man Boobs" Roy experiment

every few days I'll report back with the results of how many occurances that term comes to on google. You may even consider creating a tag with that the term "zigfield man boobs roy" and tagging your blog or website. Then bookmark it with www.onlywire.com too

Update: one short day later and 6 occurances of "Zigfield Man Boobs Roy" has shown up (search it in google with the quotes around the phrase). You can search the term yourself on google and see how many returns there are:
Search Google for Zigfield Man Boobs Roy

Netscape Experiment

As a second experiment, I'd like you to go to Vote For My Story On Netscape and click the vote icon. I'm doing an experiment to see how many votes I can get through viral email and rss marketing. Pass the link around to your friends and family and get them to vote as well. Lets work together and have it crack 100 votes. Or, how about 1000? ya!

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