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Fat Burn Files by Tom Venuto - Book Review

The Fat Burn Files - Secret Uncensored Fat Loss Interviews Book

A book review of "Fat Burn Files" by Rob Cooper, Formerfatguy

I’m proud to say that my insider secrets interview with Tom Venuto from Bodybuilder Interviews made it into the Fat Burn Files book. Tom and I spoke in 2005 regarding bodybuilding, fat loss, getting in shape and what to do on a day to day basis about getting into low single digit bodyfat condition.

The interview has been available in MP3 format on my Bodybuilder Interviews website since, and now has made it into Tom’s Fat Burn Files uncensored secret interviews e-book.

I have had the pleasure to look the book over, read the interviews and am in great company.

Where Tom’s burn the fat, feed the muscle is all about the techniques involved in getting to single digit body fat or just as a way to get rid of any unwanted fat in the same style that bodybuilders use, Tom’s new book The Fat Burn Files is a selection of interviews done with Tom in which he shares all his insider secrets to fat loss and bodybuilding.

It’s like having Tom sitting at the other side of the table and you get to ask him anything you want.

Dive into his daily routine to see what he does to stay in shape and burn the fat.

I’ve said for a long time that if you want results, then duplicate the thoughts and actions of someone who’s already done it. Duplicate the steps of someone who’s had success and you should get the same results. To do this, you have to know how they think and what thoughts and actions they take on a daily basis to get what they got. Know how they think, become them as it were... "act as if you were the worlds greatest fat burning machine" and you will get the results.

In this book, Tom shares all his thoughts and actions and insights to fat burning. How he trains, what he eats after he trains, how he cycles his carbs and his diet to produce the best metabolic engine in his body that he can. What he advises to do and not to do to get the fat burning results.

The Fat Burn Files is not the same as Burn the fat, feed the muscle.

Burn the fat, feed the muscle is the bible where The Fat Burn Files is a look inside the mind of the guru.

Find your fat burn role model and then find out how he thinks. That is what The Fat Burn Files is all about.

The Fat Burn Files is an excellent companion to Burn The Fat, you'll be happy you got the book.

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fat burn files

  • Chapter 1: Mission Abdominals – Training and nutrition secrets to burn fat and chisel your six pack abs… plus the telltale warning signs that instantly expose all the diet and weight loss frauds (pgs 8 – 50 – note: A few “insiders” have already seen this interview, and anyone who has already read “mission abdominals” is going to go bananas over the other 9 interviews!)
  • Chapter 2: Superstar fat loss tips – Diet, cardio and weight training secrets to get you leaner, faster… learn fat loss tips, fat loss mistakes and Tom’s fat loss advice for getting an overweight actor ready to be a Hollywood action hero (pgs 41 - 58)
  • Chapter 3: Extreme and controversial fat loss techniques – Uncover the pros and cons of aggressive, advanced fat loss tactics and hear critiques of current fat loss trends (pgs 60-70)
  • Chapter 4: Succeeding in fitness, in business and in life – An exciting new viewpoint on motivation that could hurl you towards total success – more career success, more fitness success, more life success (pgs 72-94)
  • Chapter 5: The fat loss guru’s guidelines – Fat loss simplified for daily life… forget the confusing scientific stuff, this is what you actually have to do every day in the real world to get lean (pgs 96-115)
  • Chapter 6: All natural bodybuilding and fat loss secrets – how to get a movie star, fitness model or bodybuilder physique without drugs, pills or plastic surgery (pgs 118-144)
  • Chapter 7: The bodybuilder’s method to maximum muscle and minimum fat – What every man and woman can learn from bodybuilders about losing weight and gaining muscle (pgs 146-166)
  • Chapter 8: Overcoming fat loss and muscle building challenges – How to triumph over adversity and achieve your biggest fitness goals, this year, no matter what! (pgs 168-192)
  • Chapter 9: Inside the life and mind of a natural bodybuilder – Street-smart diet, training, lifestyle and mental toughness strategies - a fascinating look at how an elite-level body is really developed (pgs 194- 222)
  • Chapter 10: A Dissertation In Muscle Mass Construction – a PhD exercise physiologist picks Tom’s brain for his best nutrition and training strategies to pack on the lean muscle (pgs 224 – 249)

    Get The Fat Burn Files

    Fat Burn Files Update

    Fat Burn files isn't supposed to even have been know about or mentioned yet!

    Here's what Tom has to say about it:

    This wasn’t supposed to get announced until July, (for the august release date), but it already leaked out, so what the heck…

    I told a small group of “insiders” (people who are already on the burn the fat program who get the private “clients-only” newsletter), that THE FAT BURN FILES would be coming out in August.

    It turns out, a bunch of them started talking about it on some forums and message boards, and next thing you know, I’m getting deluged with emails about how people can buy a copy, and other emails asking for more information.

    It’s not even for sale on the new website yet, and I got so many emails I cant even answer them all! So… instead of even attempting to reply to them in private, I’m publishing this public “sneak preview” announcement… but I can’t give ALL the details yet.

    What is “THE FAT BURN FILES?” What’s the big secret?

    Well, like I said, I’m not going to give you all the details yet. You will have to wait until August like everyone else before I spill the beans on the complete story and announce the launch of the new website… but here’s what I can tell you now:

    THE FAT BURN FILES is my brand new, uncensored, “secret” interviews e-book.

    All I can say about it now is that I was interviewed by some of the top fat loss, fitness and bodybuilding experts in the world – some of them just in the last month or two - and these uncut, revealing interviews have been transcribed and compiled into what is probably going to be the internet’s hottest new fitness ebook of 2006.

    This thing is going to blow the lid off (and really piss off) the diet industry and supplement companies… but to heck with em’!

    Update: Jan 3, 2007: Fat Burn Files had been released and is available at an introductory price

    Don’t let the name (THE FAT BURN FILES) lead you to thinking that this ebook is only about burning fat. Tom covered fat burning exhaustively in his #1 bestselling ebook, BURN THE FAT, FEED THE MUSCLE . This new ebook is also a book about gaining muscle!

    In addition to de-bunking the myths about supplements and other fitness industry gimmicks, and on top of detailed discussions about fat loss, THE FAT BURN FILES answers dozens of questions about bodybuilding training and nutrition and how to build muscle the healthy and natural way - without steriods.

    You will get answers to questions about functional training versus bodybuilding training, using supersets and high density training for increased fat loss and muscle growth, pros and cons of high intensity interval cardio, secrets of weight training progression, how to maximize recovery and avoid overtraining, how to work around injuries and much, much more!

    THE FAT BURN FILES is such a unique collection of information because of the way it reveals everything that DOESN’T work as well as what DOES work for burning fat and gaining muscle… all in a fascinating, entertaining personal interview format.

    [Rob's Note:] Now that the Fat Burn Files has been officially released, go get your copy of the Fat Burn Files

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