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Weight Loss Tips

Burning fat is extremely hard to do. It requires a lot of energy as fat is very hard to break down. Your body would rather use muscle for it's energy requirements. Secondly, the digestion of food is the most energy consuming thing the body does.

Specific Fat Burning Tips

Dairy Products

The best tip I can give is to eliminate Dairy products from your diet. Even if you don't do it for a long period, you can greatly reduce the amount of fat in your diet simply by doing this. The Dairy industry tells us that you can by milk in a low fat version (1%). The thing is that this is a trick. Milk is advertised as 1% (or whatever) by volume. That is true. But, it is 70% fat by calories! It is mostly water, so it is low fat by volume. It is High fat by calories. If you eliminate or greatly reduce Dairy products, you can quickly reduce fat! Dairy products are also very mucous forming in the body.  This mucous slows down digestion and elimination.  

There are a lot more reasons not to drink your milk, or eat dairy products.

  • The animals need antibiotics to keep them well. The antibiotics are transfered to us through the milk.
  • Milk is then pasteurized so any enzymes are destroyed.
  • Synthetic Vitamin D is toxic to the liver.
  • FDA has approved the use of BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) by dairy farmers to increase their milk production.

Make sure you Supplement with a probiotic too.

You can read the article Dont Drink Your milk here. Dairy is bad, but dont take just my word for it. Educate yourself!

Essential Fatty Acids

There is good fat! Flax Seed oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. It is known to reduce cholesterol and play a part in burning fat. It is also an important part of a health diet. It improves immune system functioning, strengthens the heart and plays a part in the building of hair, fingernails and skin.

From Udo Erasmus's website:

Weight reduction

EFAs ability to increase metabolic rate helps us burn more calories. Instead of being used as fuel, they are converted into hormone-like prostaglandins. These fats keep us slim! EFAs help our kidneys dump excess water in tissues, which constitutes significant extra weight in some people. Cravings which result from not getting the nutrients we need, subside. EFAs satisfy that craving.

In fact, EFAs are exceptionally good at satisfying hunger. EFAs elevate mood and lift depression-a reason why some people overeat. Elevated mood and increased energy levels make us feel like being active.

Here's a key point on fats and body fats.

The commonly held belief that fats make you fat is completely wrong. Those who are seriously overweight are almost always fat-phobic carbohydrate junkies. They avoid fats, develop food cravings, and eat sweet and starchy foods. The body does not need the carbohydrate fuel that sweets and starches provide. The body turns into fat all carbohydrates that are not burned for energy.

It is not easy to convince people who want to lose weight to eat more fat. But consider this. In the last 10 years, our intake of fats has decreased from 42% of calories to 35%. This in response to national dietary goals set by experts who operate on only half of the story on fats. It is clearly the wrong advice to give, because in those same 10 years, obesity has gone up, from 20% of the population to 33%. What does that tell you? It's common sense!.

Eating less fat is making us fat. We should be eating more fat. But remember, it should be the right kind of fat. Not the processed fats, but the essential ones.

Read more about EFA's - the healing fats

I use 4 to 5 tablespoons of EFA's per day, more in the winter. I have been for over 10 years now.

Decrease the amount of dead food

Get rid of anything in your diet that is non-nourishing.  Mayonnaise and other condiments, salt, vinegar, white flour products and canned foods.  This is a tall order.  Start by cutting back on the amounts and eliminating those that you can.  Realize that when you do eat them, they have no nutritional value and will slow your fat loss goals.

Raw Foods

Increase the amount of whole live foods in your diet.  Start adding a meal of fruit or a meal of raw vegetables.  I would like to note the following here and now:

The principle of proper fruit consumption

Fruit by itself requires no digestion.  It must be eaten on an empty stomach and given 20 minutes to an hour by itself to simply slide through the stomach.  It immediately starts to provide nutrients as long as it is un-impeded by other solid foods.  Adding fruit to a stomach with food in it causes it to sit on top, ferment and be very bad for you.  Always drink a glass of water before eating fruit and an hour after to rinse the stomach of any traces of the fruit.  Different fruits have different rates of digestion with bananas being the longest at about 45 minutes to an hour.

I found that when I learned this about fruit, I was finally able to eat strawberries again. I used to get hives when I ate them, but by eating them properly, had no problems.  This rule of proper fruit consumption is from the theory of natural hygiene which you could read about in many locations.

Whole Food Enzymes

Raw foods are more alive enzymaticly (if that's a word).  Enzymes are heat sensitive.  By processing foods, the enzymes are heated to extreme temperatures and are killed.  This allows canned food to keep for years, but does us no good.  The fiber in the raw foods also help to move the wastes out of our bodies.  You may find that if you immediately increase the raw foods, you may become constipated or get the runs.  Think of this as your body responding to changes and be happy with it.  It is temporary and a good thing (in the long run).  If it is too uncomfortable, start to drink hot water by itself to aid in moving things along.  A cup of hot water in the morning signals the colon to move.  Try it sometime!  Here is a great article about what to expect when adding whole foods to your diet.

Another benefit of the raw food meals is that there is no fat in them.  By having these meals of raw fruit and veggies, you have eliminated the room for fatty meals.  "Two birds with one stone" comes to mind.


As I say on the muscle building page, "Water is your life, the better your water, the better your life!".  I read once that a body that is 5% low on water is 25% low on energy levels.  Your body will be extremely low on water before it signals you of thirst.  Keep your water levels maintained.  Water is also used in ridding the body of waste.  By having a cleaner body internally, digestion improves, energy levels increase and fat loss can continue.

Caution: For the longest time, I promoted and recommended distilled water as the answer to "the best water" source. I no longer believe this. New research suggests that distilled water is acidic and throws your alkalinity balance off. Our body wants and needs to be alkaline. For this reason I no longer drink or recommend distilled water. Read the article on it as well as how and why an alkaline diet is best.


A quick word about salt.  Too much salt causes you to retain water.  I'm sure you've heard that expression before.  Do you know what it means?  When the blood is moving through your veins, carrying nutrients to the cells, those nutrients must pass through the cell wall by osmosis.  Salt stops that process.  Nutrients can't get in and wastes can't get out.  Water is retained, waste is retained.  Ease up on the salt!  Eliminating salt was the first thing on my list of new years resolutions in 1990!

Fried Foods

I have nothing good to say about fried foods.  How high can you count?  That's how much fat is in it. And what do you need it for anyway.   By getting rid of fried foods, you eliminated an enormous amount of fat, fibreless food and a lot of salt. Fried food elimination was high on my list of things to stop eating back in 1990. Read "The Road Down From 475" for more about this.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

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Read my review of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle


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