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Weight Loss Story

New Years Resolution

It was the fall of 1989 when I had my episode sitting in the basement of my home. I was 21 years old, weighed nearly a quarter ton and knew absolutely nothing about health or nutrition. Where would I start and what could I do? I knew that fried foods were bad, everyone knew that, and also the salt issue. Both of these were in the news so to speak, so I decided to make a new years resolution to lose weight by exercising and give up salt. Now I had never made a new years resolution before so this was a whole new thing for me. In a way it was a step toward affirmations, which I later got into. If you write something down, you give it power. Just saying it is a desire, but putting it in writing gives it power! I eventually got into affirmations in a big way but I will get into that later on in the story.

Back on the Herbalife crap

I had carried around the final remains of some Herbalife products since 1985 so I started back on them. Drinking a mixture of that crap with a great big glass of milk, a shot of Aloe Vera juice and a bunch of horse pills twice a day. My one meal a day was a steak and baked potato at my local diner. After about a week of this, I got very very ill. I think I took a few days off from driving cab and got to the point of where I was not eating at all. It got so bad at one point that my roommates and a couple of friends were going to get a forklift and take me to the doctor. They were planning this when I finally snapped out of it. I had lost about 25 or 30 pounds quite rapidly and it seemed enough to re-enforce my goals.I started to cut back on the amount of McDonalds I ate too. I would only order one Big Mac, one shake and skipped the fries as they were a fried food.I was, and still am, not perfect. I really didnít think of a Big Mac as being a fried food, and being a cab driver, ate when I could. As for the rest of my diet, it consisted of lots of coffee, Molson Canadian, White Rum, Vodka and soda pop. I donít think I knew what fruit was! I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day but had given up my two month cocaine addiction when I found that I was two months behind in rent. Iíd just stick with marijuana and hash for now. Now I must state here that I did not have a final image in mind. I was not trying to loose 300 lbs, and I did not recognize that I was an addict. I just wanted to do something about my weight situation and so far I was being rewarded.

Food Combining...

I would sleep with a
bottle of pepto bismol
and sip on it through
the night