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Friday, February 08, 2008

Weight Watchers Core Program

I started a a few weeks ago and got very little response about it. I’m wondering, and if people are happy with the program. If you’ve been on weight watchers, I’d LOVE some help understanding it.

weight watchers

I have a small discussion going on in my weight loss forum about weight watchers as well.

I was on it in grade 5 but know very little about it because it was my mom who handled all the logistics around it.

I’ve since come to learn more about the program, mostly from television and hearing people talk about the weight watchers points system.

However, I’ve also recently come to learn about the core program.

Weight watchers describes it this way:

The Core Food List is based on the science of energy density. It contains foods that are low in energy density, meaning they contain a small number of calories per ounce. That means they’ll make you feel more satisfied while you are actually consuming fewer calories. You can mix and match these foods as much as you want, and you’ll learn to stay aware of hunger and fullness, so you won’t overeat.

Along with eating any Core Foods you want, you get a "Weekly Allowance" for foods that aren’t on the Core Plan. You can use them for daily treats, a night on the town, or a special occasion--so you can still indulge sometimes, without going off track.

I find this very interesting as my own understanding about food is that we must eat what I’m referring to as . If we eat more nutrient dense foods, we can nourish our bodies, reduce or eliminate cravings, feel fuller on less food and improve our health through the increase in fiber. Health improvements include lowering of cholesterol, reverse or eliminate heart disease and of course lose weight.

I’d like to know what sort of results you’ve gotten from the core program and if you’ve actually learned anything about healthy eating in the process.

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