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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Going Green On St Patricks Day

st patricks daySt Patrick's day is know for green beer, shamrocks and green underwear, at least in my mind. I think I've had green beer once, just to say that I did it, but this year my interest is more on green foods for St Patrick's day.

A very simple habit to begin is to eat green food every day, and I think St Patrick's day is a good time to start.

With that in mind, I offer some tips for going green this March 17th.

1. Start your day with a green smoothie. Smoothies offer up their nutrients in an easy to digest format, are usually high in water content and can be spiked with ground flax seeds for increased fiber and EFA's. A recent poll on brought some interesting comments and opinions.

2. Eat a green salad every day. Choose from the wide variety of nutrient dense foods on the top 10 super foods list along with high water content vegetables like peppers and cucumber. Choose a over store bought and you're good to go.

3. Make green soup. Combine over 7 green vegetables and 1 green bean into this . Made with nutrient dense, vitamin rich vegetables and "creamed" with cashews instead of dairy, this is a perfect and one of my all time favorites.

4. Replace oranges with kiwi fruit. Instead of getting your daily dose of Vitamin C from Oranges, choose instead. Kiwi fruit has more vitamin C than oranges and is considered to be one of the healthiest fruits you can consume and makes it into position four of the .

5. Eat Broccoli. Learn more about how to steam vegetables and then add steamed broccoli to your meals. Broccoli is a great base for a green soup as well.

6. Consider increasing your fiber with heart healthy green lentils. This is a regular around our house and is not only great fresh, but goes well as the main content of a wrap. Grab an Ezekiel wrap, lay down some hummus or red pepper spread, some day old lentil loaf, a handful of fresh mixed greens, some avocado, a pump or two of Braggs liquid amino's and it's "green lunch" time.

I'm restricting my alcohol consumption this month to a few select days. St Patrick's day is one of them, as I'm looking forward to the yearly tradition. Then, back to the bulk of my diet - green foods.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

20 Nutrient Dense Foods

There are a lot of Top 10 lists of around the internet. They promise to improve your health or help you with weight loss and they make it to this top 10 list for various reasons. Some lists include groups of foods such as "citrus" or "vegetables" while one list even includes milk and microwaveable brown rice.

If I was to put together a list of top foods to eat for health, it might include the crisp breads that I eat or the almond milk that I choose to use to replace dairy.

This list of 20 foods that I’m about to list are actually based on a nutrient density score devised by Dr Joel Fuhrman author of Eat To Live, but they’re not the top 20, they’re the bottom 20 of a list of 30 top foods.

The were first published on my other and I’m now continuing them here.

20 Nutrient Dense Foods

20 super foods
11. Bean sprouts – Nutrient score: 444
12. Red peppers – Nutrient score: 420
13. Romaine lettuce – Nutrient score: 389
14. Broccoli – Nutrient score: 376
15. Carrot Juice – Nutrient score: 344
16. Tomatoes and tomato products – Nutrient score: 190-300
17. Cauliflower – Nutrient score:295
18. Strawberries – Nutrient score: 212
19. Pomegranate juice – Nutrient score: 193
20. Blackberries – Nutrient score: 178
21. Plums – Nutrient score: 157
22. Raspberries – Nutrient score: 145
23. Blueberries – Nutrient score: 130
24. Papaya – Nutrient score: 118
25. Brazil Nuts – Nutrient score: 116
26. Oranges – Nutrient score: 109
27. Tofu – Nutrient score: 86
28. Beans (all varieties) – Nutrient score:55 – 70
29. Seeds: Flaxseed, sunflower, sesame – Nutrient score: 45
30. Walnuts – Nutrient score: 29

Please see the with the vegetables you should be consuming on a daily basis. Eat more of the fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds from this list and your body will thank you.

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