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Friday, April 04, 2008

Vitamix Blender Question and Answer

vitamix blenderI've gone 18 years now since I first began my natural health journey, and for the full 18 years I've not yet purchased a Vitamix blender or other similar whole food processing blender. I'm now in the market for one and have been researching the various models, the pro's and cons etc. During my research, I was happy to receive Organic Annie's monthly newsletter in which she answered a question about this very subject.

When I do buy one, I'd either get the Vita-Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 or BlendTec HP3A

Q. I have some questions for you... I'm looking into buying a blender such as VitaMix or KTec and wondered if you have any thoughts on how these perform. Also, I've read that with some juicers/blenders the nutrition oxidizes faster and so you need to drink it soon after making. Will you share what you know about this, too? Thanks! Sherri

A. Hello Sherri, Vita Mix is recommended because the blade rotates in both directions therefore, supposedly, protecting the magnetic polarity of the food molecules. But I'm not impressed with the way it works for everyday tasks, including grinding flax and chia seeds. I've found that the Oster model #6855, 14 speed blender is very well designed and works efficiently for all of my blending tasks. It has a glass container too which I would definitely insist upon.

To realign the polarity, I usually place the blender on a large magnet for a brief period--a minute or so. But honestly, I don't know how important this really is. As far as oxidation is concerned, I'm not aware of one blender being better than another. Any time food is broken down and pieces exposed to air there will be oxidation. And of course, it's best to consume raw foods while fresh or enzymes will break it down. I hope that this is helpful. ;-) Be Well, Annie

organic annieAnnie Miller-Cohen, a.k.a. Organic Annie, is a certified iridologist, special diet (wheat/dairy/gluten-free) counselor and green gourmet chef/author. Her publications include OA's Fresh Tastes for Breakfast and her monthly Green Gourmet e-newsletter. All are available from her website:

I've know about the Vitamix blender for years. My buddy owned one years ago, but I never dived into . I've been using my own blended to make my , but want to kick it up a notch, get the vitamix or Blendtec blender and give them a go.

Vitamix blenders are what you see at the local smoothie shops around your town. We have Booster Juice's here in Edmonton and they use the commercial version. The blenders are roughly $300 to $500 dollars and are quite different than a juicer.

I'll be doing a full report on the differences between a juicer and a blender in another post.

While I've got your attention, leave a comment with your experiences if you've got the vitamix or the Blendtec blender please. I'd like to hear from you.

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At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Website!
You are right, there is nothing like the Vita-Mix.

I can’t say enough about this amazing kitchen tool. Find out more on the Vita-Mix website.
They just posted a blog site to bring the whole Vita-Mix community together….It’s called Vita-Village. (also found on the Vita-Mix Website)

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Delphene said...

So Rob, did you get a vita-mix? and if so are you still loving it and using it. Since marrying me, my husband has no dark circles under his eyes though is now having health issues only in the form of lack of energy like before he turned 40. I work in the office at Costco in Edmonton here and Vita-mix is demonstrating Starting Sept 1. I understand they are selling the 5200 model (at least that is what the computer is showing)...just wondering your thoughts. Delphene

At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

@Delphene, no, I did not get a Vitamix. I was offered a Blendtec by the company itself and am waiting it's arrival right now.

Very happy to hear about your husband's health improvements. There's nothing like improving your diet as a simple way to improve your health.

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Delphene said...

I am on my first day of THE SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE and I can see I am already addicted to them and it will be more so when my Vitamix is in my kitchen. Have you heard of this challenge? the website is: and there are FAQ's etc. I love their explaination as to why we need this form of food as we just do not have 'the taste' for greens like we did years ago. Mostly because of the prolific use of sugar and such intense tastes at restaurants as well as manufactured or processed food.


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