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Friday, March 21, 2008

Speed Linking - Weight Loss Blogs

A few weight loss blog's that I've come across lately or interacted with.

Fat Man Unleashed

Israel was always a gym rat, and in his best shape weighed in around the 220 pound to 235 pound mark. For one reason or another, Israel lost touch with the gym and didn't train for a good number of years and reached his maximum weight of 348 pounds, 120 pounds heavier than he wants to be.

Israel is also interested in promoting health related stories, through his latest venture Health Ranker where members can vote on stories they like giving them more exposure. check it out.

As of this writing, Israel is down 44 pounds on his quest to regain his lean mean physique.

No More Fat Dad

Steve, a former Navy man, woke up one day to realize that his weight was affecting his family life. A 38 year old father of 2 boys, Steve realized that he wasn't being as active with his boys and when his kids’ friends told him he was fat - that was part of the beginning. Steve's highest weight was 208 pounds and at 5'11", he feels that he's about 18 pounds heavier than he wants to be. His goal is 180 and he's doing it with a simple and sensible eating program, along with .

Discipline or Regret

Andrew Scott is a 29 year old Scottsman living in Indonesia who’s starting weight was 302 but he's down 17 over 6 weigh ins. His blog isn’t clear when he decided to start his little project, nor how far apart his weigh ins occur (I’d guess weekly), but it’s nice to see a daily food journal on his website.

Andrew came to the realization

It’s time to think for myself, it’s time to educate myself about my body and the foods that I eat and how exercise affects it. And that’s what I did, for months I read and asked people and read some more. Then the time comes when all that knowledge has to be turned into actions to be come wisdom. I had to initiate all the information I had, and I am.

He continues "I am embracing the pain of discipline because I don’t want to suffer the pain of regret!", hence the name of his blog Discipline or Regret!

Andrew is a subscriber to my newsletter, and when I put out the request for beta testers of my 12 Week Course to better health and better eating, he responded quickly.

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Rob Coopers Fat burning tips In 1990 Rob weighed 475 pounds and was able to burn almost 300 lbs of fat in just two and a half years. Rob does weight management coaching from his office in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Rob's diet is based on a "System Specific Organic Whole Food" line of foods along with various fat burning, muscle building tips from Tom Venuto. Tom's Philosophy is very similar to Rob's and he's happy to recommend them

Rob is currently using the Seven Minute Muscle Workout program.


At 12:57 AM, Anonymous Andrew said...

Hi Rob, Thanks for the review.

I started my journey of discipline on January 11th 2008.

And my weigh-ins are fortnightly.

Take care,

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Liana said...

This is a good weight loss read...

I was overweight and needed a boost in my weight loss goals. The three main things I focused on which corresponded pretty well together were the following.

Diet pills

The correct dose of those 3 items will work together side by side to lose weight. I lose 40 pounds in almost 2 months. I am using a great appetite suppressant called Proactol which is also a fat blocker which blocks up to 28% of fat you eat. It works so well with my diet so I don't over eat and if I do the fat blocker kicks in. Then it gives me plenty energy to hit the gym and do some cardio. Nothing works better. I saved money on Proactol at TheWeightLossPlace.com along with other great info to lose weight.

Good luck to any one whose over weight and needs to lose weight. You will succeed!

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

I neither recommend or endorse any diet pills.

Diet pills are most certainly NOT required for weight loss.

The only appetite suppressant which I would ever suggest is Hoodia, because it's from a plant. Even then, you'd still have to make sure you get a good quality hoodia.

I NEVER recommend pharmaceuticals, and would do everything in my power to discourage anyone from ingesting any man made pills.

we have to DO AWAY with pharmaceuticals, not support them.

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous No More Fat Dad said...

Two things...

1) Thanks for the shout out, I really appreciate it. You're site is one of the original weight loss sites I came across when I first tried to lose the weight a few years back. It's really cool to have you mention my little site when I consider you a "Rock Star" of weight loss on the internet. I returned the link love and posted on NMFD about your site.

2) I love the way you handled the comment about diet pills. You could have just deleted it because you don't believe in that method. Instead, you used it as an opportunity to share your belief (one that's worked obviously). I agree, we need to stop giving money to the weight loss/pharmaceuticals companies because it's not working for a majority of people. Education, hard work and perseverance are the key to success.

At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

Thanks Steve, I'd like to do a little interview with you if you've got a moment.

I'll email you

ya, Liana gets a link, but I think I can do more good by leaving the comment and then putting in my two cents worth.

I did the same thing here about Miracle muffins (ha), and here, then told him I would allow no further comments from him

At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Steve Erickson said...

Thanks, that's pretty good list of blogs. Here's one on equipment reviews. http://obsessionfitness.com

At 5:59 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

wow, really doing nice work here rob. Giving people one-to-one consultation in comments...I'd be honored if you could check out my magazine style college fitness blog, http://www.studentfitness.org and send me an email with some tips! please!

At 1:45 AM, Blogger Will Phillips said...

Hey Rob,

Cool to see you are helping some fellow weight loss & health bloggers get some exposure (and encouragement in the weight loss battle).

I've been blogging my adventure towards health and wholeness at 4xlt.willphillips.org for the past few months - feel free to drop by!


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