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Monday, March 10, 2008

Lemon In Your Tea? Maybe Not

Got this little tidbit about all the little baddies that are on our lemon slices at restaurants from Mercola. Imagine the cook or staff going to the toilet, taking a shit, and then finishing the next order of hot water with lemon with their bare hands!

Pardon me - Bowel movement I mean.

Two out of every three restaurant lemon wedges tested in a study were covered in disease-causing bacteria -- including fecal bacteria. A total of 25 different, and potentially dangerous, microorganisms were discovered on the wedges.

Microbial flora on lemon wedges served in restaurants

The Journal of Environmental Health offers sources for the contamination:

It is not possible to definitively identify the origins of the microorganisms. While the Enterobacteriaceae and nonfermentative Gramnegative bacilli could have come from the fingertips of a restaurant employee via human fecal or raw-meat or poultry contamination, they might have contaminated the lemons before they even arrived at the restaurant.

When I'm out, I order hot water and lemon, and then steep my own Sunrider Calli tea. I'm going to skip the lemon from here on out.



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At 9:10 PM, Blogger laurenmetzger said...

I saw this same video and was extremely appalled. I wonder what else can be found in restaurants!


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Sean said...

Wow Rob,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

I really like adding lemon to my water, in fact I usually just get those lemon juice extract bottles from the grocery store.

I find that they're a great way to get virtually calorie-free naturally flavored water. (Great for weight loss.)

But now I'm going to have this in the back of my head whenever I order food from my restaurants.

I like my lemon water so much... I just might chance it...

OR just bring my own lemon squirter :)




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