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Friday, February 08, 2008

Weight Watchers Core Program

I started a a few weeks ago and got very little response about it. I’m wondering, and if people are happy with the program. If you’ve been on weight watchers, I’d LOVE some help understanding it.

weight watchers

I have a small discussion going on in my weight loss forum about weight watchers as well.

I was on it in grade 5 but know very little about it because it was my mom who handled all the logistics around it.

I’ve since come to learn more about the program, mostly from television and hearing people talk about the weight watchers points system.

However, I’ve also recently come to learn about the core program.

Weight watchers describes it this way:

The Core Food List is based on the science of energy density. It contains foods that are low in energy density, meaning they contain a small number of calories per ounce. That means they’ll make you feel more satisfied while you are actually consuming fewer calories. You can mix and match these foods as much as you want, and you’ll learn to stay aware of hunger and fullness, so you won’t overeat.

Along with eating any Core Foods you want, you get a "Weekly Allowance" for foods that aren’t on the Core Plan. You can use them for daily treats, a night on the town, or a special occasion--so you can still indulge sometimes, without going off track.

I find this very interesting as my own understanding about food is that we must eat what I’m referring to as . If we eat more nutrient dense foods, we can nourish our bodies, reduce or eliminate cravings, feel fuller on less food and improve our health through the increase in fiber. Health improvements include lowering of cholesterol, reverse or eliminate heart disease and of course lose weight.

I’d like to know what sort of results you’ve gotten from the core program and if you’ve actually learned anything about healthy eating in the process.

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At 4:13 AM, Blogger Fat Loss said...

I haven't done the weight watchers thing. I was seriously considering promoting it on my blog because a friend of mine did WW and lost so much weight and looked good with it.

What stopped me?

Well she subsequently piled all the pounds back on and more.

I think promoting programs that help you attain sustained fat loss is the aim. Not a temporary diet. I don't think a program that requires a lifetime membership to keep working is viable

Fat Loss Guide

At 11:14 AM, OpenID emmwlr said...

I have done Weight Watchers, and at the time I was relatively happy with it. Since then, I have done more reading on alternative health. I read West A Price's book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration as well as Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions and Eat Fat, Loose Fat by I've Forgotten. I feel that Weight Watchers is in the mass market model - eat all those processed foods, just eat less of them. The attitude is more that, all food is good for you and that fruits and vegis will become part of your life because they have a lower point value and you will be too hungry otherwise. But I know feel that what you eat is almost more important that how much, and that you can eat more calories of really healthy food than you can of really crappy food.
Okay, maybe that was more info than you really wanted. I hope that helps.

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

Thank you for your input Emmwlr. I appreciate it.

I was actually hoping for the discussion on weight watchers to be held over at my other blog where I'm running the poll.

It's at my Weight Watchers Poll post

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous kaye dacus said...

I recently rejoined WW after many years away. When I did the flex plan years ago, I could take off fifteen or twenty pounds in a couple of months . . . but then, because I wasn't really learning new eating habits, but just "playing the game" as so many others have called it, I put the weight back on.

In 2004, for the three months before I had surgery for a ruptured L-4 disc, I followed Atkins and lost 40 pounds. I was never hungry, and once I got over the initial sugar cravings (I'm a sugar addict), I stayed satisfied all the time. But after surgery, I was never able to regain the willpower to stick to Atkins, and, you guessed it, I put all the weight back on, plus about another twenty pounds, topping out at 315 lbs. (I'm 5'9").

Last year, I tried to get back on Atkins. I lost about 15 pounds and managed to keep it off. This year, I made a commitment to myself that I wanted to be healthier. I started going to the gym after work almost every day. I went from barely being able to do a mile on the treadmill at 2.5 mph, to doing at least 3 miles at 3.2-3.5 mph. I could tell my body was reshaping itself slightly, but even though I was (sort of) following Atkins, after about ten pounds in three months, I wasn't losing weight.

So in April, a couple of friends and I joined WW. I chose the core program, because mentally, I am already mentally prepared to change my eating habits---to skip desserts, not come up with substitutes for them, to stay away from processed foods, and so on---and because I knew that counting points doesn't work for me.

Every Sunday afternoon, I plan out my meals for the week, and usually spend time cooking so that meals are quick and easy in the evenings after I get home from work/the gym.

Since late-April, I've lost an additional 12 pounds---and that's with allowing myself one "free" meal per week (fast food, something with dessert, etc.), or an average of about 1.5 lbs. per week. That's a total of almost 23 pounds I've lost this year.

Yet I do find myself sitting there in meetings listening to the "flexers" talking about the "six-point" pie they made (per piece), or the strawberry pie that's just one-point per 1/4 of the pie, knowing that there's no way I can make something like that at home, because that's a sure-fire way to disrupt the good eating habits I'm adopting.

For me, WW is more about accountability. With the Core plan, I can eat without having to constantly track points. I can make a last-minute decision to go out to eat with friends without having to worry about whether or not I'm going to blow my diet for the day, because all I have to do is choose a meal that's sensible: lower in fat, higher in protein, whole-grains, and veggies . . . the way we should ALL be eating.

Does WW teach health in addition to counting calories . . . tough question. I think for people who come in ready to learn new eating habits, who want to get HEALTHY and get into healthy eating habits, I think WW can be helpful. The weekly weigh-in is a measurement of how I personally am achieving my goal of healthy eating---if I'm eating right, then my weight will continue to go down, because I'm taking in fewer calories than I burn during the day. Will I keep going to the WW meetings for the entire length of time it takes me to lose the remaining 120 lbs. I need to lose to get to my "goal" weight? I don't know. But for now, it's working for me.

At 5:27 AM, Blogger Michele said...

I joined WW after my second baby. I lost 30 pounds. I followed the flex program. A year and a half later have put on 15 pounds. I think you are correct about the core program. It is definitely a heathier way to live. I spoke with a lot of the leaders and most of them do core. I would like to do this. Just need some guidance to get started.

At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've done WW in the past both flex and core. I think its a well balanced plan and just like any its all about the person. WW is a plan that you can for an eternity because its realistic. Just like with anything else if go from eating right to eating bad again, you are going to gain the weight back bottom line.

@Fat Loss your friend gained the weight back because she stopped eating properly. It has nothing to do with WW being a bad plan.

Also, I must agree that core is a healthier plan that promotes lean meats,veggies and whole grains. I lost the most on core and a year and a half later and 25lbs back, I'm ready to go back to eating right.


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