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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shredded At Last

get shredded
By Dr Clay Hyght

The only thing harder than starting an exercise and nutrition plan is following through till the bitter end, without giving up or giving in to the "this is too hard" or "I'm just not meant to be lean" excuses.

Sometimes, however, even perseverance is not enough. It often takes something more high-tech to enable you to get rid of that last little bit of body fat that seems permanently affixed to your body.

You know the fat I'm talking about. The last few pounds that seem to defy physiology, calling your body home no matter what you do. For men, those pounds tend to linger at the belt-line, either in the front or on the lateral aspect of your lower back. Women tend to find those pesky last few pounds in the lower glute/upper hamstring region, or just out to the side on the widest part of the hips: the saddlebag region.

Regardless of your gender, where you find these pounds, or how long you've had them, they can be gotten rid of! That's right, you don't have to settle for accepting that they're always gonna be there, and you certainly don't have to resort to something invasive like liposuction to get rid of those unwanted fat cells.

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At 10:03 PM, Anonymous The tanning lotion directory said...

Rob, congrats. I have lost 240 lbs in 2 years by drinking nothing but water, going low fat, and watching my calories. I need to start an exercise program like you to tighten it up and lose another 60-80 pounds. I started out at 240+ lbs.


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