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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How Important Is Self Confidence?

By Zach Bashore
author of No BS Bodybuilding aka Bodybuilding for the Average Joe

Having high self-confidence is important because it gives you the mind set that what you are doing is the right way and nobody's negative opinion about you can change that. Most high levels of self confidence comes from past successes and also the ability to believe in oneself. In order to perform at your highest potential, high self confidence must be in place.

Every successful person has a plan, a plan to become better at whatever they do in the future. That is where high self-confidence comes in handy. You don't want to start the day not knowing what you want out of it. Instead, you should be controlling every minute, using that time as a means for improvement.

There is a downside to being successful and that is being expected to perform at that same great level at all times. This takes maturity on your part but you should use this as motivation. When great things are expected from you, expect more respect from others at work, home, and even social outings. People will start to trust you and come to you if they want positive advice. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world knowing that you are expected to be the best because if you fail, you at least have the ability to rebound and not make the same mistakes again.

Developing high self-confidence takes a lot of practice and the rate of improvement will depend on the individual. Anyone can increase their confidence levels by doing something small that they are good at. Just be careful not to jump the gun and try doing too much. This will leave you with nothing and the worst confidence killer you can think of.

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