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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Benefits of Being Vegetarian - Part 3

benefits of being vegetarian
Part 3 in a series of "benefits of being vegetarian" in honor of this week of the Vegetarian Challenge put forth by Toronto vegetarian group to inspire non-vegetarians into trying the lifestyle and learning more about vegetarianism. Some benefits include reducing your carbon footprint, saving money, reducing cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improving sleep, reducing stress, reducing body fat etc. There are a lot of reasons to take on a vegetarian lifestyle.

Today's benefit of being a vegetarian:

You can snack all day long and never crack 1200 calories making weight loss easy and effortless

There are virtually NO calories in vegetarian foods and it’s impossible to eat too much or gain weight.It’s the same reason that there are no bodybuilders that can gain muscle being vegetarian and why vegetarians all look so scrawny.

Completely not true

It’s not only possible to gain muscle choosing a vegetarian lifestyle, it’s easy to keep it as well.

Toby Maquire gained enough muscle eating a vegetarian diet to get the physique Spider Man is known for. The director said “He had become a sledgehammer of an action star.”

Christian Bale weighed 220 pounds during the shooting of his movie “Batman Begins”. Oh ya, Christian is a vegetarian.

Vegetarian Bodybuilder Bill Pearl

vegetarian bodybuilder bill pearl

Most impressively, 5 Time Mr Universe Bill Pearl, who trains 5 days a week into his late 70’s, has been a vegetarian since he was 39.

In my interview with Bill Pearl, we discuss his vegetarian diet, how he trains and his history of being in 5 Mr Universe competitions. Bill pearl is probably the most famous vegetarian bodybuilder to date.

There is more than enough protein in a vegetarian lifestyle to provide amino acids for the building of muscle. Protein is abundant in all nuts, seeds and beans, as well as all vegetables and grains. I gained over 50 pounds of lean muscle on a vegetarian diet along with Sunrider whole foods.


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