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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Benefits Of Being Vegetarian Number 2

benefits of being vegetarian
This week is the week, I'm doing a series of Benefits Of Being Vegetarian.

Number 2 on my list:
You're The Freak At The Party


Normally something you would want to avoid, in this case, your eating habits and choice of food groups (or lack of food groups) is always reason for starting a conversation.

Kinda shy? Want to meet that hot chick or guy over by the snack table? Easy, just go up and say "I'm vegetarian - what kind of vegetables do they have here?"

One of two things will occur. You'll either get a smile from him or her or suddenly become outcast and kicked out of the party.

Either way, you started a conversation and are getting a lot of attention.

carrie underwood sexiest vegetarian
Now imagine a party with Carrie Underwood at that same snack table. Imagine saying the same thing again "I'm vegetarian - what kind of vegetables do they have here?" and you'll probably get a different response. Carrie was voted sexiest vegetarian in 2005 and again this year 2007. She may very well say to you "lets blow this party and go back to my place".

Slightly different response. Never be afraid to open your mouth and ask where the veggies are, you may meet the perfect woman.


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At 10:05 AM, Blogger onesmartcookie said...

I just posted on my blog about my Vegetarian Challenge and how some of my friends think I'm crazy, weird or as you called it -- a freak and I come here to read. Yep, I'm not the freak at the party but at the office, I'm the Tupperware Queen and often asked, "What is that?" It's ok. We get to talk about other things other then work. Fine by me!

At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Rajeev Edmonds said...

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