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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Rule - No More Celebrating Gastric Bypass

via Josh Streeters New Life Fitness,

From Bill Maher, August 29th, 2003's show Real Time, during his "New Rules" segment:

All right, New Rule: No more celebrating gastric bypass. Carny Wilson, Al Roker and now Starr Jones are all being heralded by the media for stapling their stomachs shut. They shouldn't be. They're not making a brave choice to change. They're giving money to doctors to reroute their ability to turn food into crap. It's like kicking cocaine by crazy gluing your nostrils shut.

I understand that for some, Gastric Bypass surgery may seem like the only option or the final option in some cases. I get it.

What I would like to say is that, to me, in my opinion, it's simply a lack of knowledge about how the body works, how the body uses food, other options for emotional eating such as Emotional Freedom Technique or the SP6 patch that has an incredible effect of ending cravings.

Gastric Bypass does not educate the patient about food, about how the body uses food, about ending emotional eating.

It's a band aid.

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