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Monday, October 01, 2007

Fighting Age With Muscle

fighting age with muscle
I've been training since I was 23 and I'm turning 40 this year, so building muscle and keeping my muscle are two of my favorite past times. I have long touted the benefits of muscle mass at improving energy levels, burning fat and it's effects on anti-aging.

The human body is the only machine that gets stronger the more you use it

This special report by Mens Health - Fight Age With Muscle shows us that weight training as we age helps us in many areas of our life and health, from osteoperosis to erectile dysfunction, to improving sleep and lowering stress.

From the comments that I overhear from seniors, most complain about fitness and weight training and are cautious about injury not realizing that the opposite is actually true. Begin weight training, increase bone density, increase flexability and reduce sickness to name but a few benefits.

My friend Jon Benson has a fabulous book of inspiration which includes success stories of athletes over the age of 40. This indepth look at who, how and why these aging athletes are getting better with age. Jon wanted me in the book but I wasn't old enough, lol. I highly suggest you check out Fit Over 40 - Role Models Of Excellence At Any Age.

via Scott Bird of Straight To The Bar.

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At 3:36 PM, Blogger LifeofEgypt said...

As a 45 year old former FAT guy, i can relate. Weight training is the best way to maintain your health along with proper nutrition.


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