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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kettlebells At Target


I did my podcast yesterday and in it mentioned Scott Bird's article. Ryan left a comment that Target is selling kettlebells now on their shelves. I was stunned and said so in my reply. Now Scott Bird confirms on his blog that yes, Target is indeed selling Kettlebells.

Well holy shit!


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At 11:28 AM, Anonymous lacey said...

I'm looking into getting started with kettlebell training. Do you think there is a quality difference between the KB sold at Target vs. ordering them from Dragon Door? I'm wondering if there is a potential loss in manufacturing quality of the KB sold at mainstream chain retailers that may alter the physics of the KB and associated exercisers.

At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

No difference in quality as far as I'm concerned, however, from what I have heard, the sizes available at Target are not the best. What I mean is, I've heard that they're only selling the lighter ones. When you decide to move up, or outgrow the ones from Target, you'd have to find another source

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought my son a 10lbs kettlebell at Target. When we worked out he noticed a burr on the handle that was rubbing his hand. We returned the kettlebell and the next one was fine.

Best price in the country on kettlebells in New York Barbell. About 1/3 the price at target. And about 1/2 the price of Drangon's.

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

The quality is really quite a bit different at Dragon Door and that is why they are more expensive. The size of the grip has a huge impact on your overall training and some are way too small (see Target) and some are a bit big.(Power System) I have a whole bunch of bell sizes and the Dragon Door are the ones my client seem to go for before a workout. Keep in mind they have no idea how much they cost.


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