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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Weight Loss Week In Review

This has been an amazing week with lots of great information. Here is a small round up of weight loss information posted on my blogs this week.

: A personal trainer from California, Joshua Carter brought up a very good point about not all calories being equal. Foods have an impact on your hormonal response and your primary concern for weight loss should be to manage them. The quality of your calories is the critical point.

: An idea spurred by my friend Chris Brogan had me sit down and post four things you may not know about me. Somewhat interesting I guess if you want to a bit more.

Shawn's weekly Start Strong Monday Podcast to get you going for the week was about . A great listen. All of are archived for ease of listening. Listen to each of his 2 to 4 minute talks to learn more about metabolism and fat burning.

: One of my favorite members posted her answer to my question "What Does It Feel Like To Have Lost 100 Pounds?". She's working on her next 100 pounds now by adding in boxing. Yes, she's boxing at 385 pounds which makes me ask "?"

: Anything marked as a "diet food" is designed to keep the company in business. Their products get you addicted, keep you fat and then market it back to you based on emotions. The "Diet Food" is designed to keep you fat and keep them in business. If you want to help them make money then keep drinking the sugar free soda's and diet foods. Personally, I'd rather not. I'd rather make choices for me than for them. I'll be writing more about this in the future so you're better informed.

: A very inspirational message regarding acknowledging your success for achieving little milestones and how important it is.

: The first in a series of Swiss Ball Exercises that I've got coming out. This one features the Dumbbell Bench Press done on a Swiss Ball. Make sure you subscribe to the posts using the form in the upper right hand corner so that you don't miss the future exercise tips. Each Tuesday features a new .

: I answered a reader's question in regards to "How To Deal With Temptation And Cravings". Keep the questions coming, the answer may help many people. If you don't ask, I can't answer the question right? I have an entire section regarding .

: I just began a new feature in regards to weight loss tips and anything that will help you take action by adding in one new habit each week. I'm calling it . No sense waiting until Monday to start, so begin on Fridays. This gives you a 3 day jump on your friends who choose NOT to act until later. Take action, there's power in it.

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