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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Remind Yourself To Appreciate Everything

by Jessie

I have fallen in love with the world all over again, probably because I have learned that each person is responsible for the creation of their own atmosphere.
I live in my own little world lately, but I am careful when deciding who I should allow to enter. I surround myself with the beauty of other humans who have hearts so big and minds so overwhelmingly creative. Sorry, I’ve left the toxic behind, come find me when you find yourself.
Jessie - Appreciate everything

I am learning how to appreciate everything…there once was a time when Pina-Colada slurpee’s and a freshly rolled cigarette made my entire day. Each vibe you give-out is just as important as the ones that are taken-in from others.
Have you ever noticed how a simple smile, a random compliment, or friendly “hello” from a complete stranger can take a day from being pretty shitty to one of the best days ever? I’ve noticed because I have chosen to open my eyes.

I want to run-away as often as possible, I want to read every book that exists, I want to take a small piece of everyones heart, I want to hold on to every moment I spend loving another human, I want to continuously feel every emotion that exists, so that I don’t accidentally forget just how wonderful it feels each time I get to experience happiness.
Take nothing for granted, and be grateful for the breath in your lungs…

[Rob's Note:] That was a small taste of the post Jessie just entered called Unafraid. Jessie's writing and passion for taking action on her weight loss journey inspired me enough that I asked her to write full time for my blog so that she may inspire you and connect with you to do the same. Jessie's is a 27 year old mother of 4 and is on a mission to lose 100 pounds. She's a regular part of the forum as well as the Sunday morning fitness camp I'm putting on in the river valley here in Edmonton. You can read her posts and follow along with her by visiting her personal author page here: Jessie's Author page. I'll tell you right up front, she's a passionate women and speaks her truth. She's not only going to drop the 100 pounds, she's going to kick your ass into doing the same. Read her story and follow along by subscribing to the blog posts when you get there.

Take a moment now and have a read of her complete post on and create a stir.

In Jessie's own words:
Speak your mind and nevermind the neverminds…from time to time we just need to remind ourselves to just not give a fuck...


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