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Friday, August 31, 2007

Homeopathy For Weight Loss Success

The Truth About Homeopathy is that it definitely works, even if the internet is full of falsified information about it - it is the highest form of medicine, nothing can make you feel better, and those who are in good homeopathic hands say it is nothing short of miraculous… that is The Truth About Homeopathy...

roay family homeopathy
...I bet you didn’t know that Homeopathy is the only medicine used by the British Royal family.

...I bet you didn’t know that Homeopathy is the only medicine that reverses genetic decline.

...I bet you didn’t know even simple homeopathy has had amazing results during epidemics.

...I bet you didn’t know that every generation experiences genetic decline in North America.

Truth is that in most of the cases above it was Ultrahomeopathy that was used, not homeopathy.

I had been following a vegetarian diet for 12 years and became Vegan for 2 years. I had been eating the Sunrider line of foods since 1991 and consider it the foundation of my health and fitness. I added animal protein back into my diet in 2002 and by 2004 just wanted to know more about what was going on inside me from a holistic point of view.. a cellular point of view.

I have heard all the shit about vegetarians and protein, then about how animal protein is considered acidic and will destroy the kidneys and weaken bones and that to be truly healthy, I had to be alkaline, and by eating a meat diet and using Whey protein, I must be so acidic that my bones will be turning to mush soon.

Geesh, give me a break.

I believe that the best source of trusted information is your own bodies signals to yourself. How do you feel?

I tell people to try things, take a step, read, educate and then TRY something.

Don’t come to me saying I don’t know what I'm talking about until you know what's going on in my body at the cellular level.

Not all diets work for everyone

What works for me might not work for you and vice versa, so if you're feeling worse following the "healthy" program of fruit, fruit and lots more fruit, it may very well be that you're a fat burner and are taking yourself farther out of balance. As well, if you're following a protein rich diet with lots of good fats and NOT getting the results you want, it's not that the diet is flawed, it might be because it just doesn't support your cellular biochemistry.

Getting interested yet?

Can you relate?

Lets go on.

How Do You End The Weight Loss Struggle?

The critical thing you need to know about following any diet program when you're trying to lose weight, is to eat according to YOUR own personal metabolic type. You're either a Sugar Burner or a Fat Burner and eating for a fat burner will NOT get you results if you're a sugar burner. In fact, it will turn your health to shit and you'll feel it.

My girlfriend is a sugar burner and she's lost over 35 pounds eating fruit, while I'm doing the same eating protein and fat.

In the first month after we met, she tweaked her diet based on my recommendations and went from 23% body fat down to 18.2% measured via bio-impedance at her fitness facility.

Eating for your metabolic type can be done quite easily if your spouse or partner is the other type. No problem. We're providing the information, and the recipes on a weekly basis so that you can eat for your metabolic type based on what my homeopath explains.

You know those little intuitive signals that are telling you that

even though you think you should be eating fruit because it's healthy, you feel like crap when you do?

That's your body telling you something. Your intuition is speaking to you

:Kristine:Earl is my homeopathic physician and she will be writing about the science behind your inner biochemistry and providing you with the information you need to make an educated decision.

Stop the struggle

Learn to eat for YOUR body, not the latest fad or what OTHERS consider to be healthy.

I asked :Kristine to explain more about what a homeopathy is as well as what she's calling Ultra Homeopathy. She will be writing exclusively for my weight loss blog and will teach you exactly what the difference is between Sugar Burners and Fat Burners, the simple test you can use to determine your type, and then I will show you how to put together a way of eating to support your weight loss goals.

:Kristine begins to explain homeopathy below:

So what is simple homeopathy? And what is Ultrahomeopathy? It is a system of medicine founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, who lived between 1755 and 1843 in Germany. It is based on a new principal that “like cures like”. What does this mean? A medicine capable of producing certain effects when taken by a healthy human being is capable of curing any illness that displays similar effect… This is known as the “law of Similimum.”

For example, if a healthy person takes a dose of arsenic, he will develop vomiting, diarrhea, a rapid pulse and prostration. His skin will become cold, and he will grow very anxious. If he continues using arsenic, his nose will be running, he will have a heavy head, cough, and bronchial catarrh. Later he will develop even more specific disturbances of the skin and nervous system. He will have a burning sensation all over, which is relieved by warmth. He will have frequent thirst for sips of water; he will have fear of death, restlessness, and the worsening of symptoms at noon and midnight.

Now if any of these symptoms are experienced by a sick person, they can be treated by Arsenicum…. Because you can see that the original substance has attacked the physical level (runny nose, catarrh, cough, etc.) The emotional level (restlessness) and the mental level (fear of death, and prostration)

Now - follow me carefully here - because this part is hard for most people to understand: So what is “Arsenicum”. It is arsenic diluted in a special way, take one part arsenic to 99 parts water and mix and shake well ( succussing is extremely rigorous shaking )

… Then take one part of this mixture and mix it again with 99 parts of water - and repeat…

This is called dilution and potentization. When you repeat this process 12 times you have *not one atom* of the original substance left in the new mixture.

According to the law/constant of Avogadro:

homeopathy Avogadro

To give you some idea how small these doses are - consider a concept of chemistry known as Avagadro’s number: This number is an extremely large number that becomes a negative number, it’s “602″ with twenty one 0’s after that! That represents the number of particles present in any given quantity of substance. It is also known as a “mole”.

When you dilute more than 12 times there can’t be any atom left of the original substance.

Potencies used commonly today, are 6C, 30C, 200C, 1000C, 10000C and 50000C.

To give the reader some idea of how extremely diluted, let’s take for example a dilution of 100000C. Let’s describe it in terms of a numerical fraction. Avogadro’s number would correspond roughly to a dilution represented by 1/1000… to a total of 24 zeroes. A potency of 100000C would be represented by a dilution of 1/100000…to a total of 100,000 ZEROES! Inconceivably far beyond the point at which not one atom of original substance is left.

Therefore, it has been said that “poison is the remedy for poison…” Hahnemann postulated this principle as “Similia Similibus Curentur” meaning roughly “like is cured by likes.”

Ultrahomeopathy is the only medicine where the remedies are tested on human volunteers, or “provers”, to illicit the symptoms they will produce.

I know, I know, somewhere in the middle of that you probably tuned out. That's why myself and :Kristine's husband :Michael are here to interpret the science and bring you real world results that you can understand. You see, :Kristine is a multi faceted scientist and speaks that way. I get her advice and put it into real world applications.

You do not have to know or figure out what homeopathy is, just follow her advice and her plans and you will get results, once and for all.

:Kristine goes on in depth in her article The Truth About Homeopathy and shows you how to improve sleep or insomnia and how coffee might be used for sleep disorders.

by the way, and for the record, when I was tested by :Kristine using her Inner Biochemistry tests, she found me to be off the chart Alkaline. I was TOO alkaline and she had to prescribe pickles and other acidic foods to lower my alkalinity. Proof to me at least that eating a protein rich diet, for my metabolic type was supporting my blood chemistry. I was just not balancing it out with acidic foods enough.

She's a wealth of information because of her homeopath experience, her diverse training and her passion to creating health for all people. Check out all posts by :Kristine on her author page

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At 11:13 AM, Anonymous alex c said...

Hi there,

I am curious to find out a bit more on homeopathy and what worked and didn't work for you.

I can be reached here: http://www.strive-magazine.com or achowd( at) hotmail .


At 4:21 AM, Anonymous Techno Groove said...

Even from ancient days british royal people have been using homeopathic medicine which has got no side effects.

It is a miracle that it could cure diabetis completely on continuous treatment.

At 5:31 AM, Blogger vrushali said...


How do I find out if I am a fat-burner or sugar burner. I am 32
& weigh 70 kgs I have tried every thing but endedup adding more weight than before.

Vrushali N


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