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Friday, June 01, 2007

Weight Loss Testimonials

I received a fantastic testimonial from Lucie in Quebec Canada today and wanted to post it. Then I decided to post a few more that I've collected over the past months, so here goes.

Holy Crap Rob! I NEEDED to let youknow how your messages help me through my journey to a better health. SO far, I've lost 75 pounds out of the 215 I plan to lose. I am already " thin" in my mind lol lol...but one thing is sure : I am in better shape I ever been. I train 90 minutes a day and I LOVE it. I eat good...VERY good things and I am just totally thrilled !

and...I thank you...deeply...you do not know it but you and your past and your present MEAN a LOT, a huge lot to me.

Have a nice weekend


Thank you, you don't know how much your email help me in the course of the week to keep me focused. I like the fact your not all about trying to find a quick fix like other people, but you believe in old fashion common sense and hard work and proper diet. Thanks again.

Look forward to your newletter.


Mr. Cooper,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the informative mailings you send out regularly. It's nice to read motivational words from people who have transformed weight management from a chore into an art. Reading it helps me stay on track to create a story much like yours.



If ever I doubted there is a God, this evening I have no more room to doubt much of anything. By some minor miracle today, I found Tom Venuto's website, printed what seemed germaine and actually read it. A dear friend had told me about a weight loss discovery this last weekend having to do with red beans, etc., etc., etc. Well, before I was about to go off and spend money I don't have, I went online and throughout the day have been surfing, trying to find validation of what I'd been told. I could not.

In the meantime, I sort of puttered and then decided to do a search on extreme weight loss. Well, after awhile of a lot of stops and starts and farts and coughs, I found burnthefat.com and THEN I found your story. Well, good golly. As I said, some angel is leading me today. I just turned 58 this summer, have been lugging around this god-awful weight for far too long, having lost 140 pounds several years ago and then having regained all of it back, mostly within a six month period and now I hobble around like an old woman. Well, dammit, I do not feel old in spirit, but my body has grown weary of my infernal nonsense.

Today I made a commitment to myself to take control of my life after reading what Tom had to say and the, as I said, I found your story.

Today I am committed to changing all that I can to become the fit, svelte woman I feel in spirit. Thanks for being out there and willing to share your story with those like me who've just about given up hope (but not quite--thank heavens). I look forward to what will unfold over this next phase of my life and feel eternally grateful to have hooked up with people who are fighting the good fight and learning to live life fully and with joy.


They're not all good testimonials that I receive. I certainly do promote certain products to my subscribers and I like to think that they're of real value. I wouldn't offer them if I didn't think so. I like to think that I cut through the crap for you and bring up the best.

I get emails from my newsletter subscribers as well as web surfers asking many questions on various topics and from these emails realize what it is that concerns people. Subjects range from Natural Health and Bodybuilding right through to what to do about loose skin. I'm asked to review a lot of products and books, and give them an honest review. Some products just don't fit the bill, so I don't bother.

I realize that I can't please everybody and that certainly shows in the testimonial I'm about to share with you. This is from Shane who I've spoken with by email on a number of occasions. Then I got this and it really affected me. I stopped sending out newsletters or recommending anything to my subscribers. I fell silent. It's affected me in many ways.

Dear Rob...

I really like you as a person, but of late the "advertising path" that you have been promoting is getting a bit much.

It's like there appears to exist a "online approach to advertising" via email that an arsehole who I recently encountered called Frank Rambucus (?) was keen on employing.

And these kind of "spammy" tactics that you have been employing of late, are getting into the same arena.

The "You have only 20 days before the greatest offer in the world is gone for ever" bullshit email...

And then "You have only 10 days before the greatest offer in the world is gone for ever" bullshit email...

"You have only 5 days..."

3 days..

1 day....

And it's like this... I don't know about all people, but after one has seen a heap of fucking arseholes employ the very same tactics a heap of times....

They tend to shift from a genuine offer or not, in exchange for $$$.. to that of just being more tirades of shit getting shoved down my throat from stupid arseholes.... who do not respect my integrity or time.

The only difference between "these spammy arseholes" and the "real spammers" is that their opt out links usually work.

So I am going to give you some good advice, based upon my own experiences and observations.

I applaud the fact that you have given up the drugs, decided to clean up your act and start to make a go of life instead of believing that the only option that you had was to hide out from it.

But I also get the feeling that people are not coming to your site, in the number or volume, to enable you to generate the revenue you want, to make a living or income from it.

I might be wrong about this but anyway.

I also get the feeling that your starting to grab at straws, to get revenue, by starting to do these kinds of advertising "rackets".

I think the "fat people getting thin" market is a thickly populated and quickly evolving consumer item.

And by evolving I don't mean innovative, I mean rehasing the same shit in different packages.

"This celebrity, that celebrity, this diet, that diet, this machine, that machine, this formula, that formula, this additive, that additive"....

It's my belief or observation that the only way to get "healthy" is to change ones belief systems, to change ones eating habits and to change ones exercise habits".

And to get an interesting and liveable "life" and then just to do the old "stick to the formula that works" and to just keep on doing it....

Unfortunately we tend to live in a society that pumps us full of the shit that we have to be jumping from one fad to the next and while not sexy, and razzle dazzle, to be having a steadfast marketing reigeme, with some variation of some parts, appears to be the best way.

I feel that if you continue down the path of short cuts and cheap money grabs, that your going to ende up cutting up your genuine revenue stream and your going to end up as one more "cheap whore" along a street of cheap thrills...

I'd be thinking to eliminate all the crap and devote yourself to three things.

a) A great product. (the lose weight / get your shit together concept)

b) A great product line... (Your own books, tapes / CD's motivational material, genuinely useful dietary supplements and recipie books)

c) A good customer support back up. (Do, Do, Do, Do, Do)

d) and promote the LONG TERM viability of your product as a life style (improvment of self)

This is just bullshit "fast money grabbing crap".

Fuck off the idiots, the scam artist friends and affiliates and get and keep YOUR OWN solid product on the market.

Become reputable, trustworthy and a proven performer with a quality product.

And DO NOT send out this shit to people ever again.

And the final thought, is that if you start taking the cheap shots, the quick fixes and the short cuts, this will start in the way you think and act, this will flow through to how you live and what you give out, and this will determine how your life pans out......

Your ONLY prospect for a viable and dynamic future, is to reverse out of the "street hustling" online, and to plug away at the "real credibility" marketing.

I think if you keep up the "street hustling" online bullshit, your going to slide back into the crap fest that your life once was.



As for his points A, B and C, I did them all

A) great product - I launched my Fat Loss Insider Secrets

B) coved that in A)

C) Launched a for support, motivation and support

What's interesting is that the email Shane is referring to was not about health, weight loss, fitness, exercise or motivational. It was on a subject that I've been asked about. If a subscriber asks me a question, most likely someone else wants to know the answer as well. The question was about internet marketing and having realized that this was not what my newsletter was about, I put a disclaimer in the top 2 paragraphs of the email that said:

this email is for anyone who has a website or a product and wants to receive more inbound traffic to their product or website.

if this isn't you, then DO NOT read any further.

I thought that would have taken care of it, but it did not seem to. Shane was the only one I heard from though, so I guess the first two paragraphs got missed. I decided then and there that I would NEVER do that again and I haven't.

To finish things up here, I wanted to leave it on a positive note, so here's something I got from Lilia:

Dear Rob.
First time in my entire life I met a man who does something without expecting a thing back...

Thats you.

I met you first time at Millionaires Mind course at Calgary a few month ago.
Now I remember you mentioned about your own web site.. I did not pay attention than... As it was too owerwhelming for me anyways.

I love life..I love people.. I love to learn and help people any way I can... no matter whether its my time .. my skills I use for....My knowladge...

Thats why I admire you for what kind of man you are..

You are wonderful man Rob...

Very glad that have a chance to learn from you... from your life experiences...You are doing such a great job. Wish you and your loved ones a healthy and prosperouse year... and look forward to chat with you in future.


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Rob Coopers Fat burning tips In 1990 Rob weighed 475 pounds and was able to burn almost 300 lbs of fat in just two and a half years. Rob does weight management coaching from his office in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Rob's diet is based on a "System Specific Organic Whole Food" line of foods along with various fat burning, muscle building tips from Tom Venuto. Tom's Philosophy is very similar to Rob's and he's happy to recommend them

Rob is currently using the Seven Minute Muscle Workout program.


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