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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Salad For Breakfast For Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control

salad for breakfast
I've been reading about what people eat for breakfast around the world and it's amazing to see the diversity. Obviously various parts of the world eat meals that include traditional fare from their country like the Chinese eating soup with Tofu, the Dutch eating a lot of cheese, Mexicans and other central American countries eating tortilla's and the Australians including Vegemite spread on their toast.

I was surprised to see that very few if any include any sort of vegetables with their breakfast. There's a lot of sweet things like jam's and preserves to spread on bread or toast and certainly a lot of coffee and juices, but no veggies.

What happened to eating veggies for breakfast?

Do you have a salad or vegetables with your breakfast? And if not, why not?

Why is it that eggs are considered fine for breakfast, but then never later in the day? Weird. Eggs are a great source of protein with little or no fat, depending on how you're preparing them, egg whites or whole eggs. Do you avoid them because of the egg cholesterol myth? Yes, it's a myth. I've been promoting eggs for a long time and in a book I'm reading by Dr John Corso called "" John agrees with me stating
"the fallout from that era [the 60's] is that eggs still have a bad rap, even though it turns out they're not bad for you"
. My mom will not hear it any other way.

I eat a lot of egg whites. A lot! When I'm training very heavy, I have been known to eat in the range of 40 egg whites a day, but I almost always have either 8 to 16 egg whites for breakfast…. Plus a salad and raw veggies.

Vegetables have a large amount of fiber, slow the absorption of carbohydrates and make you feel full. My buddy Dirk has always said
"there's nothing like a good crap in the morning to start your day"
, and veggies certainly help you stay regular.

Vegetables are your friend and should be eaten with each and every meal, but which veggies?

There really are no "better than the other" vegetables when it comes right down to it, but there are some circumstances where you can optimize the veggies in accordance to the . For instance, Parsnips are much higher on the GI than say celery or peppers. Parsnips fall into the 70 to 100 range and should be avoided, while peppers are low on the GI at 20 to 49 and are your ally. I typically add red and green peppers to my morning eggs for example, but avoid baked potatoes.

However, the GI scale was introduced in 1979 and
"is a system of ranking the quality of carbohydrate in a food according to the immediate effect it has on blood glucose"
The tests were done with just the food in question, but not tested when combined with other foods. For example, eating some chicken or other lean protein, and then a high GI vegetable would have less of an impact on your blood glucose because the protein slows down the absorption. If you're not eating your protein first, you should be. Always begin your meal with the protein portion, then the veggies and then the starch if you're having a starch with the meal. Food combiners would never do this. They would eat a protein and veggies, or a starch and veggies, but never a protein and a starch. Read more about here and discuss food combining here.

Having the traditional breakfast of cereal, juice and coffee will raise your blood sugar quite fast as those foods are easily broken down and converted to sugar. Then you'd have a crash a few hours later and begin searching for other non nutritional foods or more coffee.

Having eggs and a salad or veggies would create long lasting energy and little or no effect on blood sugar, avoid the blood sugar crash and cut down on cravings.

So when do you begin? Let me and others know by posting your thoughts on salad for breakfast in my


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