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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Naturopath Expectations - Latest From The Weight Loss Forum

My new was launched a week or ten days ago and is slowly building up members and are being quite active.

this recent question comes from Michele.

Naturopath expectations?

I am considering going to a naturopath...have never been to one and don't know what to expect...

What happens when you visit one? Do they take blood? Do they do some sort of physical check (eyes, tongue, ears, hands, other)? Or do you just say, "Hey, this hurts or needs improvement...what can I do?" Do they only deal with one issue at a time (like Canadian docs in our health care system) or should you bring a list of areas you want to work on (ex. low energy, migraines, skin rash, neck pain)...what sort of things can they help with?

Anyone who has seen one, how was your experience? Would you go again? Did you follow their advice? Did it work?

What things should I be looking for when selecting a naturopath? Are they accredited?

As you can probably tell by my questions, I know very little on this topic. Any advice is very much appreciated.

If you have an answer for this question, please visit the thread.


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