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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Natural Hormone Enhancement Carb Cycling Weight Loss Program

Raw Steak with No Carbs
After 7 days of eating nothing but protein and fat (zero carbs), I'm starting my first two days of my carb cycle.

I've followed Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle for a few years now and I've wanted to try this Natural Hormonal Enhancement program by Rob Faigin for about a year. Wanted to start it last year but due to my traveling, it was just impossible to begin.

The first 7 days on the NHE program require you to reset your system from sugar burner to fat burner. This is done by completely limiting carbs to less than 20g per day. I took the plunge and just did zero carbs. With the exception of some hidden carbs in say mustard and Franks Red Hot sauce, I think I got away with it. Franks Red Hot sauce says there is 0 carbs in a tablespoon, so I'm going with it.

For the past 7 days, I've eaten only egg whites, whole eggs, whey protein, Chicken, smokies, steak and Udo's Oil for good fats.

Now the carb cycling begins.

The idea is to have two cycles, one 4 day and one 3 day. During the cycles, I'm only eating protein and fat, and less that 60g of carbs. I'm going to see if I can get it as low as possible, say less than 20g of carbs per day. Then on the end day of the cycle, the last meal is comprised of minor amounts of protein and fat but HUGE amounts of carbs to restore glycogen levels. My plan is to use whole grain brown rice as my carb of choice. Rob says there is no need to count calories on this program however knowing grams of carbs, protein and fats would be a good idea.

Cruciferous vegetables are free and are not counted at all towards carbs because of their thermogenics impact and lack of an insulin response, so I'm sticking with Cauliflower as I just love it.. raw, steamed, however. Cauliflower also has the ability to lower estrogen levels thereby changing the Testosterone / Estrogen balance in favor of Testosterone.

After these past 7 days with no carbs, I have no cravings, but I do want an apple. I'm not craving the apple, but I would like to experience one again pretty soon. I love apples. Low GI, High Fiber, Thermogenic, taste good and they come in a convenient package.

I know that I'm a fat burner, but wanted to go through the process from start to finish as an example. I function better on protein and fat than I do on carbs anyway. I called a very famous friend of mine as I remember him telling me how he dropped all his weight eating protein, fat and saturated fat. He had told me that his cholesterol levels dropped to normal or better than normal range as well. We've decided to do a mutual interview on the subject which will be posted when the time comes. When I called him to ask him about what it was he did (as I had just my memory to go on), he agreed that my memory was correct. He gave me an example of what he had to eat today. He said that on his way home from the gym, he stopped at McDonalds for two Quarter Pounders with Cheese and two chicken sandwiches'. He removed the bun and the sauces and ate the veggies, meat and cheese. That was his food for the day.

According to Rob Faigen, his Natural Hormone Enhancement program is based on how we used to eat thousands of years ago before the "grain" movement (10,000 years ago) and before the industrial revolution which included the processing of foods.

Eat more like hunter gathers and our hormones will not only be stable, but we'll be in a hormonally enhanced state whereby ALWAYS burning fat for energy, having a great immune system, proper cholesterol levels and the ever elusive Anti- Aging miracle formula. I'm paraphrasing of course, but his book NHE lays out all the foundations for this sound science. With our hormones running at optimal levels, Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Glucagon and Insulin will all be maximizing muscle growth as well. Rob says that it's possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. He has two programs within his book, 1 for those who want to maximize fat loss and a 2nd for bodybuilders who want to maximize muscle growth.

For the record, this is not a "no carbs diet". It's inteligently cycling of carbs. How I do it as a bodybuilder may be differnt from the program outlines for the general public. I do eat carbs. I just eat them in a specific maner at a specific time. More on that in later posts here and on my other blog.

It makes sense to me and I'm going to try it. I'll let you know how it goes as I'll probably be sticking with this one for the rest of my life.

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