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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Saved A Lost Dog - Advantages To Walking

As you may or may not know, I started the 10000 steps a day walking program earlier this week. I've been heading out my door and into the river valley walking trails here in Edmonton.

Well, as you DO know, walking is a great way to get and stay in shape. It's a low impact method of exercise that improves all area's of you life, gives you time to reflect on the day, or create your day. I listen to self help and motivational audios on my mp3 player, spending my time wisely for learning and motivation. Right now I'm listening to the unstoppable fat loss audio series from Scott Tousignant, otherwise known as the "fit bastard".

So yesterday I was out for my walk and I caught a glimpse of a "lost dog" poster on the edge of the trail. I had a look and sure enough, I recognized the dog. I called the number and spoke with Sonja and told her where I'd seen her dog Jazz, a few days earlier. Sonja lives about 12 blocks down the road from me as it turns out, so having her lost dog show up near me was not out of the question.

As I work from home, I take short breaks out on my back porch and a few days earlier, I had noticed a dog walk up to the garbage container, have a sniff and then proceed onwards. I watched the dog the whole time. Nice enough looking dog, kinda looking a bit like a fox.

So I continued on with my walk which was another 45 minutes, then spent 10 minutes on the back porch sipping a Fortune Delight to re-hydrate and then went in for a shower. I was then sitting at my desk working a bit when I heard a dog collar rattle coming from outside my window. I jumped up to have a look and sure enough, it was Jazz again.

I called up Sonja and then put on my shoes to race out to catch her. Sonja told me that she was pretty much right outside my door and I guided her toward the direction Jazz ran off. I called Jazz by name and she stopped to look at me kinda funny and then a thunder clap scared her off.

As I ran over to the neighboring street through the back alley, I saw a lady taking shelter from the rain under a car park and I asked her if she saw a dog run through here. She said yes, and that it looked a little "like a fox". That was her!

I kept on going, crossing the street and calling out to Jazz when my phone rang. It was Sonja. She had found Jazz based on the directions I had given her as she was coming up the street. Jazz had been missing for about 4 days, so was happy to be back with her owner. We had a hug and then I headed home to get out of the rain.

How many things played into finding this dog. I had looked directly at her when I first saw her and watched her the whole time she was in the back area of where I live. I walked the path where the posters were put up. I actually NOTICED the poster and had a look at it. I took the initiative to call the owner and give directions to where I had seen her. I was sitting at my desk and "heard" the collar rattle. Sonja had put out the posters and had the "intention" of finding her dog again and held that belief that she would find her. Sonja was in her car and less than 100 feet from where I saw the dog when I phoned her again so was able to be close and meet her on the road, and on and on. So many intentions, beliefs and focus and it all manifested itself.

You've gotta love the power of intention and belief. It was also no accident that I had been listening to the Joe Vitale interview from Unstoppable Fat Loss either, listening to Joe talk about Manifesting the body of your dreams and manifestation in all parts of your life. Nope... no accident at all.

So walking is not just about getting fit, clearing the mind, feeling better, improving lung capacity and bone density, but it's also about helping another find their dog. I love my life.

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