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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dont Let Another Day Pass Without Taking Action

We think about what we should do, we read about how to do it, we surf the internet for others who are doing it and we talk about it in forums looking for answers and support.

My mentor T. Harv Eker has a saying "Ready…. Fire …. Aim"

His point is to get off your ass and get doing it, then make the corrections as you go along the journey. We spend so much time learning about what to do and getting ready to do it rather than just taking action.

There is so much power in that one little decision, to do something and to do it now.

You should not let another day go by without taking action. You know what to do, and even if you don’t, or you're not sure, get off your ass and get doing it. This may apply to just about anything. Picking up the phone to call someone that you've been meaning to call or asking out that girl or guy you're interested in, or finally doing the taxes, or in this specific situation, doing something about your weight or physique.

There is so much power in making the decision to take action.

I wrote an entire post about this called "" on my other blog and wanted to nudge your attention over there.

I decided to write this because I just keep hearing it so often from friends and associates who talk about what they're going to do, but never do.

My motto when I first started my whole weight loss journey was "think it, do it". If it popped into my mind, I'd take action on it. There's power in that. Very much akin to being accountable to yourself. After all, it was your mind who thought it up, so you should respect that thought and take action on it.

Do not wait any longer

Do that which you think you should do.

Get out, go for a walk. Go to the gym.. Tell your kids you love them instead of telling yourself that you should say it more often. I met a fellow at Mind of Steel, Heart of Gold last year who's most important thing he took home with him was to tell his wife every day that he loved her. That's what he decided. That's what he's been putting of, or that's what he's been hesitating on.

Make the best of your day tomorrow. If you think it, do it.

"Life is not a dress rehearsal. Quit practicing what you're going to do, and just do it. In one bold stroke you can transform today"

I believe in you

Expect Miracles

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