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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Do I Do To Lose Weight

I get a lot of emails around the subject "what do I do to lose weight", and "what tips can you give me".

In the beginning, I'd respond with my thoughts and my advice or tips and we would start an email dialog about it. This would go on for a number of emails and I may or may not have heard back from them later. Some people give me regular updates as to their success on a monthly or yearly basis and it’s really nice to hear back from everyone with their results.

Then I decided to take another approach to the emails.

I now begin with by asking a question:

When someone asks me for tips or advice, I ask

"What are you doing now?"

Before I invest a lot of time answering their questions about what to do or what I recommend, I want to know what they’ve been doing so far. Originally I began to ask this question because I didn't want to duplicate what they were already doing, but rather improve on what they were doing, or look for their weak spots.

What does their program look like, what are they eating, what sort of exercise are they doing, how often etc.

Surprisingly, it’s cut way down on the rest of the emails and my time. I say surprisingly because I honestly expected a reply email with the details.

I could look at this in a number of ways :

1. People are not doing anything about their weight loss or their exercise right now
2. People don’t want to invest the time to write back
3. Unknown

Or they’re simply not doing anything about it and are looking to chat

There are some simple undeniable truths about losing weight.

You must eat less calories than you burn

You must exercise at least 3 times a week

Cardio and weight training must be part of your program

So what’s the deal? I’m curious. I’d like to have you post your comments about this here

The Question is: What are you currently doing in regards to your weight loss program?

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