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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vegetarian Fitness

Being a vegetarian requires a full understanding of the role nutrition plays in achieving your fitness goals.

There is a direct relationship between nutrition and physical performance in workouts or sports. Hard physical activity requires an increase in nutritionally dense calories and also due to sweating a higher fluid intake. Threfore you need to carefully plan what you eat and drink.

Your calorie intake needs to be balanced with your energy output and goals. If you want to lose you need to cut back on calories, if you want to gain you will need to increase calories. If your going in the wrong direction, adjust your calorie intake and/or activity levels, so you are moving towards your goals.

An important point for vegetarians to realize that they digest their foods more quickly than non vegetarians. This means you need to eat more often to compensate for the higher energy needs.

When engaging in fitness training workouts you do need to increase your protein intake, but remember excess protein that is not burned for energy will be turned into fat.

Best Vegetarian Protein Sources

It's easier than you might imagine to get plenty of protein from vegetarian foods. If you include dairy products and eggs in your regimen, look no further. These are good sources of protein. Stick to low fat dairy products to avoid excess saturated fats.

If you want to be certain that you are getting all eight essential amino acids, you should eat learn to combine foods to form complete proteins, such as:

Beans on toast
Cereal/muesli with milk
Corn and beans
Granola with yogurt
Hummus and pita bread
Nut butter with milk or whole grain bread Pasta with beans Pasta with cheese (e.g., lasagne, macaroni and cheese) Rice and beans, peas, or lentils Rice with milk (rice pudding) Split pea soup with whole grain or seeded crackers or bread Tortillas with refried beans Veggie burgers on bread

Note that these combinations don't necessarily have to be eaten at the same time; you can eat one several hours after the other and still benefit from the complete protein.

Complete protein can be gotten from eating soy based foods like tofu tempeh or sprouted legumes, and meat substitutes made from soy protein.

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At 6:21 AM, Blogger Dr. Todd Narson said...


You are truly an inspiration.

Congrats on the incredible success!!!

I wrote about it on my blog this week and would love your comments. My goal wasn't to lose weight, although I did. My goal was to reduce my cholesterol and triglycerides. The weight came off as a natural consequence of the healthy changes I made to my life.

I feel the mindset of someone trying to become healthy versus someone trying to lose weight are totally different.

One will begin to change their life-style by adding exercise and eating good fresh whole foods to become healthy.

To lose weight, people will resort to any number of tactics that for the most part are not necessarily healthy at all. The end result is a thin-unhealthy person.

My ultimate goal was to reduce my cholesterol and my triglycerides. I recently accompished my goal and would love your comments and thoughts about it. I even included a link to the "guidelines" I used for my nutrition.

Read more about it at: Http://NaturalSportsMedicine.blogspot.com.

Keep up the great work, and please comment.

I'm adding you to my Favorite Blogs list and will check your posts regularly.

Thanks for the inspiration!


At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Lose Weight With Me said...

Great article. I usually have one meat free day a week, so I really appreciated the information on combining foods.

At 8:30 AM, Blogger Weight Master said...

Informative. I eat meat, but it's still great to know the protein, nutrients, etc. that's in veggies. You're linked to;


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