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Friday, January 12, 2007

Shoulder Exercise - Dumbell Press

We all have issues. I am talking physical issues and psychological issues. You have a few, right? I know I do. Okay, scratch the psychological part. I don't think I have any of these yet. But, as far as the physical side is concerned, I have a few. Take my biceps for example. Currently they're only 15 inches. Now, that's not terrible, I guess, but I would like more. If you're not aware, the average man's bicep is 13 inches. I would like to get to 16. This is a personal goal of mine. Then there is my shoulders and back. I just started a new shoulder exercise to try and beef them up. The back is also a work in progress. So, what are your physical issues? Chances are the solution is close by.

shoulder exerciseDo you currently have an exercise regime? Please tell me your answer is yes! It doesn't have to be a super-duper Hulk Hogan workout, or something Denise Austin does daily. It does however; have to be something that offers your body some benefits. As I was discussing with my routines, I do these training exercises to grow stronger and be healthy. So what about that shoulder exercise I mentioned? Let me give you the scoop. You take two dumbbells, which both must be according to your physique and strength. If you can barely lift 25 pound dumbbells once over your head, then this is clearly too heavy. Remember, a shoulder exercise should strengthen your shoulder muscles; not squash them. Once you've found the weight that's right for you, take a seat on a chair or weight bench. Grip the dumbbells tightly and hold them on either sides of your body. Your arms should form right angles pointing up with the dumbbells just above your head. Now, push that right dumbbell toward the ceiling. When you're lowering it, raise the left dumbbell. Repeat this process several times. You should be able to accomplish eight reps with each arm. Also, be sure to do at least three sets. If you're trying to tone, you should focus more on high reps, and three sets. If you're working to gain mass, then you should increase weight, lower reps and increase sets. Now remember, this is but one great shoulder exercise. There are more to choose from.

Need weight lifting advice? Get online and take your pick. There are plenty of weight training regimes posted on the net. A great one is this Bodybuilding and Exercise site, and there's even a Bodybuilding Supplements Blog too. And don't forget to try that shoulder exercise I told you about. It will do wonders for your triceps and deltoids.

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At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Goran said...

Good exercises i must addmit.


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