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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Forget Calories Diet

forget calories dietHere's a diet that proposes that you forget calories and instead eat more food using their system of fat burning foods, self absorbing calories and foods that signal your brain that you're satisfied and not hungry any more.

the forget calories diet proposes that if you're currently eating less than 6 meals a day, you're losing a chance to burn more fat. When you eat a meal, your bodys metabolism turns on and you burn more calories. You burn more calories on a per meal basis rather than a per day calorie diet.

the forget calories diet combines foods into groups and then their diet schedule shows you which calorie groups to combine together at each meal to maximize your dieting results. The forget calories diet claims 10 pounds in 10 days. I think that's possible because I've done it myself.

The complete forget calories system shows you:

* what food groups to eat together to maximize diet results

* what foods to eat so that your brain signals your body that it's no longer hungry.

* what foods to eat to reduce blood glucose levels after your meal. With lower blood glucose, your body will seek out and destroy fat cells.

* what foods are self absorbing calories. The foods that require more digestion to burn them than they provide, hence self absorbing calories.

In theory, the forget calories diet seems technically sound. Eat 6 meals a day which maximize metabolism, eat negative calorie foods, eat foods that send satisfaction signals to the brain and drastically cut back on overeating because you never feel hungry.

sounds perfect actually.

Have a look at the Forget Calories Diet

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