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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cold Weather Workouts - Stay Fit In The Holidays

Staying Fit During the Holiday Season

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Exercise outside If you live in Florida or another warm climate, you
probably won't have any problem taking a walk or run outside in the
winter months. But, if you live anywhere else, weather will be a
factor in how your workouts turn out or whether you even exercise
at all.

The most important thing about exercising in cold weather is staying
warm. Yes, this must come as a complete surprise to you. There are at
least two simple ways to stay warm (besides not leaving your house):

1. Dress in layers. In his article, Cold Weather Clothing, Bicycling
Guide Kevin Weiss, reminds us that: "The best way to prepare yourself
for the weather is to wear it all in layers. You can peel off layers
as the weather (or yourself) warms up...It's best to keep your skin
as dry as possible in the cold, or you'll get clammy and miserably

2. Avoid the wind. Some tips are to start your walk into the wind so
you will finish with it at your back." Other things that will make
your outside journey better are selecting routes that are "sheltered
from the wind where possible" and "that are cleared of snow or ice or
do not have standing puddles or mud slicks." It's hard to leave your
warm, snug bed, I know, but just think how good you'll feel! Not
working for you? Okay, if you absolutely refuse to leave the indoors,
try indoor workouts:

If the weather gets bad, or why not workout at your local health
club where it's warm, dry and full of the latest in fitness equipment
and pretty people? Many people hate moving their training indoors
when it gets to be too chilly for a morning run, but it doesn't have
to be mind-numbing. Take the treadmill, for example. You could hop
on the belt, set the speed at 4.0 mph and go for a 30-minute walk
to nowhere. Or you can be creative and make your treadmill workout
just a little more interesting.

Pick a machine you've haven't dared to try and get busy. Another
idea is to try group exercise classes like spinning, step aerobics
or kickboxing. Not only will you burn some calories and fend off
the winter blubber, you actually might even have a little fun.
Fitness classes are also a great place to meet other exercisers
to help keep you motivated. A bonus of working out in the gym is
having everything at your disposal. Once you're done with your
cardio, you can saunter over to the strength training machines
and work your individual muscle groups. You can also stretch
and work your abs before heading to the showers for a quick
clean up.

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