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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

3 Day Diet - Is It Right For You

There are many occasions that make women want to lose weight quickly. Maybe there is a wedding or a class reunion that is right around the corner. We want to look our best for such occasions, especially if we haven’t seen some of the party goers for a long time. One weight loss option is the 3 day diet. This plan promises quick weight loss in only three days.

Of course, quick weight loss is very appealing to many of us, but it is not recommended by most of our doctors. Many nutritionists argue that the 3 day diet only leads to temporary weight reduction. Most of us who follow the plan will only find the weight creeping back on in just a few weeks.

However, we must consider the purpose for the 3 day diet before abandoning the eating plan entirely. If the goal is to lose about ten pounds in three days for a specific occasion, then this plan is perfect for you. If you want permanent weight loss and an eating plan that you can follow for the rest of your life, then the 3 day diet is definitely not for you.

The plan is very restrictive and it requires a lot of will power. Anyone following the 3 day diet is urged to follow the plan for only three days. This is why the plan is best for anyone who wants to slim down quickly for a special occasion and not for someone looking for a long-term diet plan. People who follow the 3 day diet are instructed to go off of the diet for at least two days before starting the regimen over again.

Just about every woman has experienced the urge to drop one or two dress sizes before a special event. Maybe it is that little black dress that is hanging in the back of the closet that you haven’t been able to zip up for a few years. The 3 day diet can be a great way to get you back into that dress in just a few days, or so the plan suggests.

Maybe you just need a kick start to your long term weight loss plan. Sometimes losing a lot of weight quickly can give a dieter the motivation required to get on a good diet and exercise plan. I have found that dropping significant weight in the beginning of a weight loss plan will insure that I am motivated to continue.

Even though the 3 day diet has many critics, remember to consider the purpose for the plan. This is not a long term diet and it definitely is not a way of life. The 3 Day Diet is a fad diet and I do not recommend it at all.

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