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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Natural Cure For High Blood Pressure

The Silent Killer Exposed by Frank Mangano
My latest article to have posted on my website is about Natural Ways to Reduce High Blood pressure.

Tom Venuto interviews Frank Mangano, who is the author of The Silent Killer Exposed, which is the best selling e-book on the net on the subject of natural ways to reduce your blood pressure.

Tom says this is a subject he’s passionate about for a couple reasons. First, because the issue goes hand in hand with the obesity issue, which is his primary area of research and expertise and second, because he’s not only an advocate of losing fat and developing your body without drugs, but also an advocate of improving your health in natural ways without drugs, whenever that is possible.

I’m in the same category. My approach to health has always been natural right from my humble beginnings of food combining and juicing.

Tom says "Your health is absolutely your greatest wealth because everything else in your life is meaningless if you don’t have your health. You have to put your own health at the very top of your life priority list. You can’t spend quality time with your family or advance your career, or enjoy anything else in life if you’re laid up in a hospital bed… or worse."

As a natural bodybuilder and fat loss coach, Tom is interested not only in being muscular and having six pack abs and so on, but also feeling great and enjoying great health. What good is it to look great on the outside when you’re a mess on the inside, right? So when he says the word natural, he’s referring not only to saying no to steroids and weight loss drugs, but also staying away from other drugs, if those drugs are being used as a means of treating symptoms and not addressing causes, and if there’s an alternative.

In this three part series with Frank Mangano, what Tom and Frank discuss is about is purely intended as reference material and as a way to open the door to a discussion between patients and their doctors about alternative ways to manage blood pressure. If someone is currently taking medication for high blood pressure then they should continue to do so unless they are advised by their doctor to do otherwise.

Frank’s research started when his mom was diagnosed with high cholesterol. She was afraid of taking statin drugs, and with good reason. She came to him for help and asked what he thought she could do to avoid taking prescription medications. And so his research began.

They discuss statin drugs, hypertension, smoking as it’s related to high blood pressure, cholesterol solutions, exercise and how important it is to help reduce high blood pressure by removing a few pounds from our frames.

I’m glad I read this article and I’m very happy to have it on my website as a source of information for others.

Start with part one of the series on Natural Cures For High Blood Pressure

Two other articles I’ve added recently are "10 pounds to lose" and "how do I diet". They’re beginning points for anyone wanting to take steps towards their weight loss which both help in reducing high blood pressure.

Two great websites on Hypertension are and a

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At 12:15 PM, Anonymous mike said...

Kiwi fruit can help and support blood pressure and circulation.
Kiwi fruit is an outstanding source of vitamin c which cleanses the body and helps resistance to disease, it is also rich in potassium making it suitable for people with high blood pressure or oedema

At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

Thanks Mike.

and so is Chia seeds. Drinking chia gel is awesome for lowering blood pressure. I recently asked my subscribers to do a 30 day chia challenge drinking chia gel all day with meals for 30 days and reporting back with results.

one said that she went in to have her blood pressure medication refilled but had her doctor take her pressure first.

her doctor backed away from the reading, looked at her and said "what have you been doing?"

the doctor had to reduce her medications.

all she did was add chia gel to her meals and drink between meals all day.

have a look at the full report on chia gel


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